Nintendo 3DS Accessories

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Enhance the fun and games with our selection of 3DS accessories, ranging from fun to practical, and ensure you get the most out of your Nintendo 3DS. However you choose to use your console; we have you covered. Read More >
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About Nintendo 3DS Accessories

Don't be a plain Jane or an average Joe - switch up the way you play and style your 3DS your way. 

3DS cases

Our Nintendo 3DS cases provide protection for your console no matter where you take it - leaving you free to game on the go without the fear of dropping it! Add your own flair with our fun selection of cases, and protect your 3DS in style. You can also keep your games safe and in one place with a case, allowing you to play whatever you want, wherever you are. 

3DS chargers

When you invest in a portable console, you expect it to be just that - portable. However if you're an avid gamer your battery will die quickly and rather than leaving your 3DS at home to charge (or it dies when you're away from home and a charger!), why not try a car or USB charger to recharge on the go. Our range of Nintendo 3DS chargers has you covered whatever your needs. 

3DS adapters

The world is your playground with our range of Nintendo 3DS adapters that'll ensure you can continue playing wherever you are! The Nintendo 3DS comes with augmented reality games pre-installed, so why not spice up trips abroad with an adapter allowing you to take your Miis with you too? Why not try taking a photograph of the AR cards that come with the Nintendo 3DS so you can be sure they're always accessible - or simply pop the cards in your game case.