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(7 Litre) GEEZY Stainless Steel Induction Stockpot Pressure Cooker

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  • High quality stainless steel pressure cooker, ideal for boiling veg, cooking stew & more
  • Versatile stockpot with three valve security to add an extra layer of safety to mealtimes
  • 4mm induction base allows heat to spread evenly in your pressure cooker every time
  • Dishwasher safe, so you can clean with ease to get your stockpot back in action fast
  • Designed to last hundreds of uses, for a cooking companion that'll switch up your dinners

(7 Litre) GEEZY Stainless Steel Induction Stockpot Pressure Cooker Description

Nothing can outdo a decent homecooked meal, but a good stockpot has become a secret weapon to plenty of have-a-go chefs looking to make family mealtimes that bit easier to sort out. This sturdy stainless steel pressure cooker boasts a three valve safety system on the lid to help make mealtimes effortless - all you need to do is decide what to put in your stockpot first!

Suitable for dishwasher cleaning and easy to wash by hand as well, this stainless steel pressure cooker has all the makings of a go-to cooking companion. With a generous capacity and a base that's four millimetres thick, designed to spread heat evenly during cooking, this stockpot makes wholesome food that much easier to cook.

What's more, this stainless steel pressure cooker is able to work alongside almost any kind of kitchen you can imagine. That's because this stockpot cooks well on induction hobs, modern glass ceramic cooking surfaces and standard gas or electric hobs too. Let this stockpot do all the hard work for you, and get ready to tuck in at dinnertime!

Manufacturer's description:

    Content and features:

    Kit out your kitchen with our Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker. Pressure cooking enables you to produce healthy meals in a fraction of the time normally taken.

    Modern: With a modern stainless steel finish, healthy cooking and meal preparation are now even quicker and simpler with its encapsulated base and durable locking system and unique curved lid that fits internally for a tight seal.

    Appliance: With its mirror-polished coating and made of reliable and high-quality materials - 18/10 stainless steel, this pressure cooker is a great appliance for every modern kitchen.

    Corrosion resistance: Thanks to its high Nickel content, the pressure cooker is protected from corrosion.

    Comfortable: Silicone sealant on the lid makes cooking safer and more comfortable, and the encapsulated bottom keeps the heat for longer. The pot is most comfortable because it is suitable for cooking on all types of hotplates - from standard electrical to gas, glass-ceramic and induction and is suitable for dishwasher cleaning.


    • Capacity/dimensions: 7 Litre - Diameter 22 cm
    • Lid: 3 valve security system pressure cooker lid
    • Base: Induction capsule base, 4.00 mm thickness
    • Quality: High grade stainless steel, 0.6 mm thickness


      • Capacity: 7L
      • Type: Electric Cooker
      • Material: Ceramic
      • Features: Gas Stovetop Compatible, Induction Suitable, Programmable, Auto Shut Off, Keep Warm Setting

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      Codes 5060621840657 (EAN)
      Rank #9 Pressure Cookers
      #32 Pots & Pans
      #368 Cooking, Dining & Barware
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      Stainless Steel Stockpot Pressure Cooker

      Product & Price History

      For more choices for your kitchen, you will unquestionably seek to scroll through OnBuy’s GEEZY selection! At this time, Stainless Steel Stockpot Pressure Cooker holds the number 9 place among the top-selling kitchen necessities within the entire Pressure Cookers department.

      You can discover this culinary product within the Pressure Cookers category.

      Unfortunately, this Stainless Steel Stockpot Pressure Cooker is awaiting a stock top up at present, but before this culinary listing became out of stock it had a price tag of £18.99. The price for this product has been altered 15 times since its creation to our site on 14 November 2018. Take a peek at the price chart to find in-depth detail.

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      Price history - lowest £18.99 (10/08/2022)

      Product price history A line chart showing the price history for (7 Litre) GEEZY Stainless Steel Induction Stockpot Pressure Cooker. £19.99 - 13/12/2020 £19.99 - 03/01/2021 £20.49 - 24/01/2021 £20.49 - 31/01/2021 £20.49 - 07/02/2021 £20.49 - 28/02/2021 £20.49 - 04/07/2021 £19.99 - 21/11/2021 £18.99 - 19/12/2021 £18.99 - 10/08/2022 1/01/2021 1/07/2021 1/01/2022 1/07/2022 £21.09 £20.59 £20.09 £19.59 £19.09 £18.59 £18.09 £17.59 £17.09
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      Product Reviews of (7 Litre) GEEZY Stainless Steel Induction Stockpot Pressure Cooker

      This eCommerce site benefits from the amateur chefs that write reviews and ratings for our sellers’ products. They’ve awarded 4 stars for Stainless Steel Stockpot Pressure Cooker.

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      5 Star
      36 Reviews
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      10 Reviews
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      Highest Rated Review
      M. Ilieva
      Posted 16/07/2022
      Best ever pressure cooker
      Had one of those for a decades, but moved in a new house with induction stove and my old one didn't work with it. Started looking for a new one on amazon - just super expensive pressure cookers with mixed reviews, even pictures of blown up ones!!... My husband found this one on… read more
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      M. Ilieva
      Posted 16/07/2022
      Capacity 9 Litre

      Best ever pressure cooker

      Had one of those for a decades, but moved in a new house with induction stove and my old one didn't work with it. Started looking for a new one on amazon - just super expensive pressure cookers with mixed reviews, even pictures of blown up ones!!...
      My husband found this one on Google and we didn't hesitate. Arrived very fast and is exactly the same as my old one, but works with induction. It's just perfect, holds the pressure really well and I don't think this one can blow up, as the lid gets locked on the inside of the pot. Very happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend!
      R. Holland
      Posted 23/06/2022
      Capacity 7 Litre

      A good buy

      This pressure cooker is simplicity itself ,good price, safe to use & does not require regular replacement of rubber gaskets.

      A satisfied customer.
      m. theeng
      Posted 05/05/2022
      Capacity 7 Litre

      7litre pressure cooker

      Very nice design but very slow. If you are cooking stew very slowly it’s ok but it doesn’t work if you’re cooking something faster. This is nowhere near the normal pressure cooker.
      D. Smith
      Posted 06/04/2022
      Capacity 3.5 Litre

      Only lasts 3 months

      Do not buy this product as after 3 months of use it becomes unusable as the inner seal bursts out and after that it won't come up to pressure.
      t. hicks
      Posted 29/03/2022
      Capacity 9 Litre

      it works

      onc i had worked out how to get the lid on and off it was a piece of cake. very easy to use on my induction hob.
      V. Hirling
      Posted 05/03/2022
      Capacity 3.5 Litre

      3,5 liters?Nop

      Well this should be 3,5 liters but it's barely 2.If you want really 3 liters don't buy this, otherwise its ok,does its job
      E. Margol-Nizio
      Posted 05/03/2022
      Capacity 5 Litre

      great product

      Good quality pot although it's not 5l. I would say it's rather 3.5l. I like it anyway
      Fast delivery.
      L. Dale
      Posted 17/02/2022
      Capacity 3.5 Litre

      Lovely Little Item

      I am very please with this small pressure cooker. It is perfect for use in our motorhome and the size is perfect.
      N. Wilson
      Posted 12/02/2022
      Capacity 9 Litre

      Great Pressure Cooker

      Good, safe pressure cooker. Soon as pressure builds turn heat to very low and you have great results. Reasonably priced too.
      G. Reid
      Posted 08/02/2022
      Capacity 9 Litre

      Exactly as described

      Great price and does everything it is supposed to. Delivery was fast aswell. I have seen the exact same cooker for sale elsewhere for at least double the price
      G. Dowse
      Posted 28/01/2022
      Capacity 9 Litre

      Nice one

      This pressure cooker is easy to use once you Google the instructions as the instruction document is all in foreign language having said that I would recommend this item
      For those that would like to know here is the simple instructions put your food in the pot and add water (you’ll have to judge how much water to use) put on heat until the pressure valve pops out leave for 5 minutes then take it off the heat and let it stand for 10 minutes and your done
      M. Mc Intyre
      Posted 28/01/2022
      Capacity 9 Litre

      Pressure cooker

      Instructions not in English kid was very tight took a while to release once up and running it was ok
      R. Hawkns
      Posted 21/01/2022
      Capacity 3.5 Litre

      Stainless Steel Induction Stockpot Pressure Cooker

      Product as described. Could not figure out how to open lid when I took it out the box as there were no instructions but found a video on YouTube which showed how.
      T. Mhunduru
      Posted 14/01/2022
      Capacity 5 Litre

      Pressure cooker

      Excellent seller, thank you for the pressure cooker. It was exactly as described and quite easy to use too. Thanks again.
      F. Rus
      Posted 28/12/2021
      Capacity 9 Litre


      I'm really happy with my purchase. This pressure stockpot is exactly what I expected! Is good material and looks really expensive.
      Posted 18/12/2021
      Capacity 9 Litre

      Pressure cooker

      L. Bryceland
      Posted 16/12/2021
      Capacity 9 Litre

      Pressure cooker

      This pot is the first time I have owned a pressure cooker and what a pot it is great for making a one pot dinner quick, I had to YouTube how to work it at the beginning as the instructions are on the side of the box and very small writing. The pot has a few safety features on which are great and the size of the pot was ideal for a big family . You just need to remember to turn your heat down to a simmer once you hear the noise of the safety valve . Would definitely recommend to friends and family It halves your cooking time so there's no going back to just pots.
      S. Mungai
      Posted 13/12/2021
      Capacity 9 Litre

      Pressure Cooker

      The 9 Liter pot is great. No leakages or small air gaps apart from the be necessary to de-pressurize the cooker prior to opening.

      Food does not stick, but would be careful making thick broths. Heats up well even at low stove settings.
      P. Maureso
      Posted 07/12/2021
      Capacity 3.5 Litre

      Pressure Cooker

      This product is diffiult to open and close, not suitable for anyone with hand problems,or the elderly. Poor quiality,
      T. La Mazza
      Posted 16/11/2021
      Capacity 9 Litre

      Excellent value for money pressure cooker

      been using for few months , so could test it before writing a review, this pressure cooker is excellent value for money, bought it because switched from electric to induction hob, works iust as well as my trusted 25 years old Aeternum, which still have but not compatible with my new induction cooker , recommend, very satisfied.
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      Sorry, this item is temporarily out of stock.

      (7 Litre) GEEZY Stainless Steel Induction Stockpot Pressure Cooker

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