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10 Adult-only Twists On Classic Outdoor Games

Published 27th May 2021
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As summer approaches and lockdown restrictions ease, life is starting to feel somewhat normal again. For so long, we’ve been eagerly awaiting big events and meetups while reminiscing about good times with friends over an ice-cold pint - and now we can! All we need now is a scorching hot forecast and some outdoor games, and we’ve got ourselves the best summer on record!

Now, before you start to switch off at the prospect of the same old outdoor games that you’ve played over and over again, we’re here to switch it up! This blog will show you adult-only twists on some of the classic outdoor games we all know and love, as well as some fun ‘n fresh newbies to try. So, if you’re looking for exciting ways to spice up your al fresco activities, you’re in the right place! Ready to get your game face on? 

Drinking Jenga

giant jenga game

Drinking Jenga is almost exactly the same as the traditional toppling game but with a fiery, alcoholic twist that’s sure to up the ante! For this, you’ll need a giant Jenga set, a Sharpie pen, and an abundance of booze! Before setting up your precariously placed tower, separate the blocks into equal portions for the number of players and write each person’s name on their respective pile. During the game, when a block is taken out, whoever’s unlucky name is on that block has to take a drink - simples! 

Or, if you want to shake it up a little, you could ask each player to write their own set of rules on each block. This could be anything from your classic ‘Truth or Dare’ prompts to drinking rules, putting a peer in the firing line to take a shot - whatever you can think of! This’ll keep you entertained for ages and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the booze starts to drain! Finally, for the unlucky player who breaks the tower and knocks it down - the punishment is downing their drink! Drinking jenga is a simple game that’ll provide endless fun without having to splash out on a pricey games set.

However, if the DIY approach isn’t your bag, why not pick up a ready-made drinking Jenga set like this example here? This fun-filled game comes complete with 60 blocks, some with dares written underneath and others left blank, to really raise the stakes. From targeted attacks at the unsuspecting victim that pulls the wrong block to dares that impact each and every player, no one is safe in this game of twists, turns, and topples! It even comes with four shot glasses included in the set, so there’s no excuses not to take the forfeit. Smaller than the giant Jenga set we mentioned earlier, this is the perfect tabletop game to enjoy in the sun while your sausages sizzle away on the barbecue.

Giant beer pong

giant beer pong game

Now we all love the undeniable classic that is a game of beer pong, but how can it be made even better? By supersizing it, of course! Yes, that’s right, for this one we’ve thought big - literally! 

This simple spruce up of an old student favourite requires nothing more than a football, or any large ball, and 12 large containers (these will act as your giant ‘cups’). For the latter, you could use anything from empty storage boxes to bins, or even old cardboard boxes. Now, we don’t recommend filling the bins to the brim with booze as this’ll set you back a pretty penny, so set up a corresponding table nearby with cups filled with your tipple of choice. 

If you’ve never played beer pong before, or simply need a reminder of the rules, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is set up half of your ‘cups’ in a triangular formation, with three at the bottom, two in the midsection, and one at the top, and repeat for the opposing side. From there, you get to choose your rules! Will you have to throw the ball from one side into the opposing cups or kick it? Are there any rounds that require trick shots? Can you change the layout of your cup formation on the fly? Will you have defensive players trying to obstruct the ball before it enters your offensive line? The possibilities to shake up the gameplay are truly limitless - so don’t be afraid to get creative with it! 

This is a far more exciting way to play beer pong and puts a new and exciting twist on a certified classic.

Adult slip and slide

adult slip and slide

On a steamy summer's day, we’re always searching for ways to cool down - and there’s no better way to cool down while having some aquatic fun than a makeshift slip and slide! For this activity, you’ll need a large amount of outdoor space - otherwise it’ll be all slip and no slide - so ensure you can lay down a long enough mat. For an ultra-slippery surface, we recommend a large sheet of tarpaulin.

To make sure that the mat is wet enough to give lengthy slides and no nasty friction burns, grab a hose and pour on lashings of water until it’s sufficiently covered. You can also add some washing up liquid or shower gel to make it even slippier and foamier! If your garden is on a hill, this can add an extra level of fun - just be sure to put some sort of crash mat or inflatable blockade to cushion you at the end! 

Now, here comes the twist: Why not use the slip and slide as a way of propelling yourself into a set of giant inflatable bowling pins? This way, you won’t just be sliding aimlessly down the mat, and it adds a competitive edge that’s sure to keep you entertained all day long. For those who are drinkers, why not take it one step further and include some forfeits for those who don’t manage to knock over any pins? You could even sort out a boozy prize for the winner in advance! 

Boozy chess

giant chess set

Complex and strategic, chess is a game mastered by some of the finest minds this world has ever seen, but have they ever played boozy chess? For this one, you’ll want to think of it as less like The Queen’s Gambit; more like ‘The Queen’s Gauntlet’, if you will!

To get the game underway, all you’ll need is a bog-standard chess board that comes complete with all the pieces. Once you’ve set it up, simply attach a sticky label to each piece with a drink written on it - that could be beer, wine, spirits - whatever you want! Then, split into two teams with each player taking it in turns for it to be their go. Whenever a piece is taken by the opposing team, a member of your team must drink whatever was written on that piece. Now, here's the kicker - the eventual losing team must drink all of the leftover drinks written on pieces left on the board! This is a spicy switch up on a classic game that you may think of as boring - until now!

You may want to try this one at the very start of the event however, as the rules of the game can be a little tricky to get your head around - and that’s before the influence of alcohol! It’s a great way to kick off an evening of adult-only boredom busters, and gives the more strategic among you a chance to divulge in some brain teasing fun.

Adult inflatable obstacle course

inflatable course

Who doesn’t love a bouncy castle? As kids, we all had bundles of fun in soft play areas and on bouncy castles at various birthday parties, so why not put an adult twist on a much-loved classic outdoor game? 

Get yourself a bouncy castle (preferably one with a slide), and add various inflatable accessories to create an obstacle course. To switch it up even further, why not include some drinking elements in and around the course? By setting up various challenges in advance, you could make use of the entire length and breadth of your garden - you could even incorporate the slip and slide or any one of the other games mentioned in this blog to add different levels to your course! When it comes to creating your own obstacle course, the limit really is your imagination, so go wild!

High Noon

high noon drinking game

Taking inspiration from the classic duels seen in the wild, wild west, High Noon is a fast-paced drinking game that tests your ability to act fast and drink quickly! Fair warning though, this game is not for the faint of heart… 

The rules of the game are simple yet require stealth. You start off back-to-back with another player, drink in hand and ready to start. From there, you both take 10 paces away from each other and, once the tenth is hit, you both turn around and chug your drink as quickly as you can! The victor is the one who is the first to finish off their beverage and places it on the ground. The loser? Well… that’s for you to decide. 

You can choose any sort of forfeit you’d like for the loser, whether that be drinking, dares, playing on to face another opponent, or completing a crazy challenge - the choice is yours! This is an adult twist on the classic game of ‘Splat’, and it’s certainly one to only play when there’s no children around! How fast are your reactions?


spikeball game

Spikeball is a fast-paced game that only involves three things: competitors, a mini trampoline, and a tennis ball! Players stand around a mini trampoline and the server plays the ball onto the trampoline, from which the opposition team has three touches before the ball must bounce on the trampoline again. Don’t be fooled by the simple rules though: What it lacks in difficulty, it more than makes up for in fun! 

This game is like a hybrid of handball and ping-pong, and it’ll keep you entertained for hours. Get in some beers and create some funky forfeits for the losing team, and you’ve got yourself a great outdoor party game for adults! What’s not to love?

Drinking relay

drinking relay game

Simple but most certainly effective, a drinking relay is a sure-fire way to get everyone involved in the action, and even the teetotal among you will be able to participate and join the fun! Also known as a ‘boat race’, this high-speed game is an absolute hit with uni students - and it’s not hard to see why!

For this game, you’ll need to divide your party into two teams, line up next to each other, and have your full cup ready to spring into action. Once the game begins, the people at the start of the line must down their drink and put their empty cup on top of their head before the next person can go. The game repeats, going down the line until each player has their cup proudly on their head. The first team to finish the relay wins - it’s as simple as that!

Speed is the name of the game here - but no cheating! Too easy for your liking? Give Flip Cup a go! The rules of the game are almost identical, except you have to place your empty cup rim-down on a flat surface and use one hand to flip it so it’s facing the right way up. This doesn’t mean simply picking up the cup and placing it upright - when we say ‘flip’, we mean flip! Only then can the next player drink. With a competitive edge, this game is sure to result in shed loads of laughter, whooping, and hollering!

Get the (outdoor) party started

adults partying

There we have it, 10 adult-only twists on some classic (and some new) outdoor games to keep you and your friends entertained during the summer. Whether you're a boozy boss or completely teetotal, there’s loads of ways you can breathe new life into your al fresco activities. Even the ones on this list that are a little more drink-oriented can be tweaked to suit your specific needs. 

Plus, you’re not limited to these ideas only - why not check out our extensive selection of outdoor games here? With a little imagination, you can transform any conventional classic into a totally awesome, adult-only activity! 

Searching for some more inspiration about ways to put some adult only spins on nights with friends and family? Our latest blog will enlighten you on ways to host the ultimate adult game night. Have a crack at the games suggested in this blog, and you’ll ensure a fun-filled summer for all… well, at least for the adults… sorry kids!

As with all activities that involve some level of drinking, be sure to stick to your limits and enjoy responsibly. For the facts about alcohol, visit

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