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Adult Games That Will Help You Get The Party Started!

Published 3rd June 2021
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Find yourself constantly whipping out the old classics at a dinner party? Looking for something different, unique, fun, and hilarious that’ll really kick your night up a notch? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here at OnBuy, we understand that evening entertainment can often be difficult to plan, let alone host, and though the years of classic party games have succeeded in filling the pre-pudding pause, it’s time to take things up a gear… and we’d love to tell you how!

Adult party games are great ways to include your guests in a shared experience, while gently encouraging them to bond with one another. They also provide a welcome respite from the predictable routine, and tend to coax people out of their shells in a non-competitive setting. In this helpful guide, we’ll introduce you to some of the best adult games on offer, from the laugh-out-loud to the seriously strategic. There truly is something for everyone in our comprehensive roundup, so whip out the wine, gather round, and get ready to have some fun!

What makes adult party games so distinctive?

adult card games

Unlike tame, family-orientated alternatives, party games for adults often involve a dare or drinking element, and are specifically designed for diverse and long-lasting gameplay. A great source of communication and connection between you and your dearest chums, they’re certainly worth exploring as a source of resounding fun and excitement.

All the games on our list also possess many benefits when it comes to portability and price tag. Compared to more bulky and expensive options, our selection can be played by anyone from students to seniors, and won’t cost the earth when replacements are required. Perfectly compact and easily stored in handbags and glad rags combined, they’re also wonderfully transportable and convenient when it comes to impromptu meet-ups and gatherings. Yes, no matter where the party may take you, these moveable models will always leave you with a trick up your sleeve!

Amusements of this variety are also incredibly popular with those who are, ahem, mildly intoxicated, as the rules are often easy to follow and understand. Even when you’re boozed and bevvied-up, there’ll be no chance of mid-play disputes and disagreements. So long as everyone has a drink in their hand, the party won’t have to stop! What’s more, these activities are typically intended for larger groups of people, so you’re free to invite as many (or as few) guests as you please.

How can I keep these adult card games fun?

playing card games

Gatherings are supposed to be entertaining, engaging and, most of all, fun, so they often take a lot of work, planning, and preparation. Everything from the date, venue, guest list, food, and drinks are usually scheduled to the letter, and adult party game ideas shouldn’t be any different. For advice on how to keep things perpetually playful and pleasurable, check out our tips below…

  1. Try a theme. A theme sets some direction for your party without demanding too much from your guests. Think popular TV shows, movies, or generic motifs like ‘evening wear’ as a great place to start, as these shouldn’t require expensive costumes or complicated catering. As well as providing a fantastic conversation starter, themes can also lighten the mood and relax everyone into a sense of belonging, even for those who may not know anyone else there. To keep your entertainment enjoyable, try linking it to your subject area. This way, you’ll achieve a fabulous sense of fluidity, and really impress your invitees. 
  2. Add some tunes. If the cards are starting to seem repetitive, or your beginning to become bored of the board game, it’s time to play your favourite toe-tappers, to truly ramp up the revelry! 
  3. Add an extra activity. We all know that parties tend to involve some sort of game or ‘interval’ from the fun festivities, but how can you make the mundane that tad bit more interesting? By introducing some alcohol, of course! No matter what your choice of entertainment, most get-togethers will be greatly improved by a spot of aqua vitae, so open up that liquor cabinet and drink to your heart’s content… responsibly though, of course.

OnBuy’s top six adult games that’ll truly start the party

getting party started

Let’s be honest, we’ve all played our existing collection of games to death. If you’ve often found yourself searching for the best adult party game to take your night from drab to undeniably fab, you certainly need look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the most enjoyable examples OnBuy has to offer, all of which are sure to stop the snooze fest and leave your guests simply laughing out loud in delight! Browse the options below to find your new game night gem.

For some timeless, traditional hilarity | Adult Charades


Pros: Familiar rules with no accessories required, unlimited number of players

Cons: Limit of 80 cards may be an issue in terms of longevity, gameplay itself may be considered dull

A novelty pastime for naughty individuals, Adult Charades is a grown-up-only version of the classic family party game, and is definitely worth having in your cupboard. Taking it in turns to guess as many performed descriptions as possible within one minute, players must encourage their teammates to determine the depiction before the timer runs out. Benefitting from a set of familiar rules and recognisable gameplay strategy, not to mention an unlimited number of players, it’s the simple, stimulating, and sophisticated sport that’s sure to leave your guests in stitches.

Unfortunately however, the 80 card limit may present an issue if you’re intending to play Adult Charades for a longer period of time. As one of the most traditional models on our list, it may also be seen as slightly dull in divergence from some of its competitors, as the play itself can tend to feel repetitive and monotonous after longer periods of time.

For fans of undoubtedly dark humour | Cards Against Disney

disney card gamer

Pros: Huge range of cards allows for diverse and versatile gameplay, can be enjoyed by 4-20+ players

Cons: Explicit content may be seen as coarse and crude, games only last a maximum of 90 minutes

If you haven’t already played this classic I-just-spat-my-drink-out-laughing card game, now is certainly the best time to see what all the fuss is about. The game is typically broken up into rounds, where one player asks a question from a red card, and the others all answer individually with their own most hilarious Disney-themed white card. The funniest response wins, so you’re guaranteed to succeed if your mind is, shall we say, geared toward darker, more cynical humour. The self-confessed ‘party game for horrible people’, it’s the raucous, raunchy amusement that’s sure to ruin all your favourite childhood movies… in the best way possible!

With a tremendously huge range of cards (260 red and 568 white, no less), your game is set to stay unique, surprising, and shocking every time it’s played. Where others may lack in adaptability and constant variation, Cards Against Disney really thrives. It can also be enjoyed by over 20 players, which is a massive bonus for larger groups or gatherings, when all-inclusive entertainment is required to keep the party popping. 

On the downside however, the vulgar content itself may be seen as too offensive or distasteful in certain settings, or with specific groups of friends (perhaps not one to be played with mum, if you follow our drift!). The maximum 90 minute timespan might also cause issues if you’re looking for a game with more longevity and endurance.

The game that’ll get you talking | Incohearent

incohearent card game

Pros: Works well as an ice-breaker for your more nervous guests, rules are easy to understand

Cons: Heavier box may be slightly harder to transport, one of the more expensive options on our list

If you’re looking for a game that truly and consistently creates a laugh a minute, Incohearent is the perfect choice. At the start of each round, you must pick one person as the designated ‘Judge’. This player must then flip the timer and hold up a card so that they (and only they) can see the answer, with everyone else (the ‘Translators’) seeing a scramble of gibberish which, when read aloud, makes a phrase. The Translators read the front of the card aloud, and whoever manages to decode the expression wins! If you’re having trouble, the Judge is allowed to reveal one hint per round before drawing the next card. Once the timer has run out and three cards have been decoded, the round is over, and another player assumes the role of Judge. 

A premium pack consisting of 500 thick, gloss-finished cards, a super high-tech sand timer, and instructions, all shrink-wrapped in a custom box, Incohearent is ideal for personal use, as well as a gift for friends and… suitable family members! Working well as an ice-breaker for slightly more reserved groups, it can also encourage guests out of their shells, and will certainly get you all talking. 

Unfortunately, the larger and heavier box may conversely present a problem, if you’re intending to take this game on holiday or to a party. As one of the more expensive options on our list too, it may not be suitable for those on a tighter budget. 

For tongue-tied titillation | 5 Second Rule Uncensored

five card game

Pros: Incredibly easy to learn and play, hilarious topics really lead to an exciting pace

Cons: Can feel somewhat repetitive after a few rounds, can feel like a spectator sport in larger groups

5 Second Rule Uncensored spins an adult twist on the popular original card game. Simple to set up, this hilarious game requires nothing more than the cards and some fast-paced thinking! To play, the guest to the left of the party host is in charge of choosing a card and reading it aloud. Immediately afterwards, the timer is flipped, and the first player has five seconds to name three of whatever the card calls for, whether that’s ‘disgusting things people eat’, ‘bodily fluids’, or something of a somewhat smutty nature! If the first participant can’t list three responses in the allotted time, the player to their right has the chance to answer.

Incredibly easy to learn and play, 5 Second Rule is a fantastic option for the slightly more boozy of get-togethers. It’s fast-paced nature is also exciting and unpredictable, which always leads to diverse gameplay and truly hilarious results. One of the only negatives we notice with this game, is the fact that it can seem repetitive after a few rounds, and may not be best suited to larger groups of people, as you’re often watching the ‘action’ take place.

Play away…

play card games

And there you have it - six of our favourite adult party games to try out with your pals! If you’re still unsure of which example to choose, or simply require more advice on the choice of alternatives out there, be sure to check out our expansive Adult & Drinking Game store. Packed full of every grown-up theme and entertainment you can think of, from shot roulette wheels to beer pong kits and bingo, you’ll never have to worry about dinner party dullness again! Hosting your next soiree is sure to be a cinch with any one of these classics in your amusement arsenal. 

If it’s recommendations you require, why not explore our informative blog and buyer’s guide resources? From hilarious house party suggestions to fiendishly funny card games, not to mention more in-depth guidance on the best drinking-inspired substitutions, we really do have something for every buyer and budget, so explore the selection today. All that’s left to say is… play away! Your mates will certainly thank you.

The information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of writing but may be subject to change.

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