Ultimate Adult Game Night

How To Host The Ultimate Adult Game Night

Published 10th May 2021
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Are you ready to take your monthly (or even annual) adult game night to a whole new level? You’re in the right place! Prepare to throw out those paper plates and position your notepad by your side, it’s time to discover how you can host the ultimate adult game night by following our straightforward party planning steps. From picking the right kind of game night grub to choosing the perfect themed party, putting on a game night has never been easier. So, dim the lights, snap up some irresistibly moreish party snacks, and get ready to indulge, compete, and party the night away!

Think over the various game night themes

game nights

First and foremost, decide which party theme (if any) you want your guests to follow. While some chilled out games nights with just a few close friends tend to be a more casual affair, if you really want your night to stand out, you’ll need an exciting themed party to grab your guest’s attention. Regardless of whether you decide to go all-out with a glamorous, Vegas-inspired evening that calls upon your guests to suit up in their glitziest garments or a sophisticated black tie occasion that’ll get them reaching for their bow ties, choosing a dramatic theme can make your next adult game night feel like the biggest event of the year! Plus, it also gives your guests an excuse to purchase some new party outfits or fancy dress pieces to add to their collection.

Alternatively, why not relive some of those fond memories from your days in digs by hosting a classic drinking game night? Popular among students and older adults alike, a boozy evening filled with crowd-pleasing games such as beer pong and Ring of Fire can bring back treasured memories from your youth and help you and your stressed-out guests to loosen up a little. With so many different kinds of drinking games on the market, you can choose from convenient card creations and roulette-style games to find the perfect drinking combination. No matter which game night theme you decide to embrace, they all have a competitive edge that’ll make your get together one to remember!

Select the perfect adult game for your party

perfect adult game

Another important part of any party, you’ll need to choose the right adult game to suit your audience (and the weather!) to ensure your soirée’s success. Hosting an adult game night in summer? Why not consider putting on an outdoor extravaganza? From giant Jenga to classic garden games such as croquet and quoits, these go-to outdoor games are ideal if you have a large backyard with plenty of lawn space. Simply lay out picnic blankets and lashings of fruit punch to bring the relaxed outdoors theme together. Not to mention, if the weather is scheduled to turn slightly chilly towards the end of the evening, you could always consider warming up your friends and family with a patio heater strategically placed next to a more formal outdoor seating area. 

However, if the weather isn’t on your side and you require an indoor alternative, you still have an abundance of adult games to explore. This includes adult card games that can entertain tens of party guests (ideal for both stags and hen parties), as well as a range of brilliant board games for more intimate social gatherings. A combination of the classic snakes and ladders board game and an excuse to take shots, the Snakes And Bladdered Drinking Game isn’t for the faint of heart. Complete with six shot glasses, this adult board game is a brilliant boozy choice if you’re searching for simplistic gameplay that’ll get your guests (responsibly!) downing shots!

If you plan on indulging to a greater extent than normal, try to avoid anything too complicated that might bore your tipsy guests such as board games that require a lengthy setup process or card games with too many rules that can be difficult to remember while drinking. An example of the perfect drinking game is the Buzzed Drinking Card Game - it can be played by up to an impressive 20 participants, has a really simple set of rules, and is designed to retain everyone’s attention. If your heart's still set on playing a card game, why not check out our incredibly entertaining blog that’s unearthed some fiendishly funny adult card games to play with your pals?

Opt for fuss-free finger food

finger food

Before you consider putting on a ginormous buffet or sophisticated three course dinner for all your friends to gorge on, bear in mind that the focus of a game night is to have fun and entertain all your guests. So, instead of spending all your time in the kitchen, opt for small, easy party snacks that everyone can enjoy without sitting down for a formal dinner. Even if you want to put on a fancy affair, choosing platters of bite-sized party food is often a much better option and can drastically cut down your food preparation time, leaving you with much more time to host. Plus, these tasty morsels can be held with ease using one hand, allowing your guests to continue playing your chosen party game without having to put down their plate.

Best of all, finger food requires no cutlery which can add to the amount of washing up at the end of the night and is typically gone in one bite, meaning less mess and no crumbs on the carpet. Unlike more formal evening meals, these popular types of canapés and party snacks can be snapped up from shelves across the country with minimal effort and they often cater to a range of palettes and diets, including vegan and vegetarian. One of the most popular party food creations is undeniably the miniature burger! Also available in vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian varieties, mini burgers are crowd-pleasers and are substantial enough to fill any grumbling tummies without feeling too heavy for an indulgent evening treat - yummy! Hungry for more? Check out our extensive selection of recipe books to discover a smorgasbord of sweets, treats, and moreish morsels to delight your guests.

Sort out a slamming party playlist

party playlist

Before you get carried away with bite-sized cakes and savoury snacks, we suggest taking some time out of your hectic party planning schedule to nail a premium playlist of party music for your exciting adults-only evening. There's a considerable range of both subscription-based and free music platforms to choose from when it comes to creating a superb soundtrack. From the hugely popular Spotify and YouTube applications to some of the lesser-known platforms, there’s a user-friendly app out there that can make finding all your favourite tunes effortless. Plus, many of these sites also boast ready-made party playlists featuring a range of genres and artists to suit all kinds of musical tastes.

To make sure your playlist gets a positive response from your guests, it’s important to hook it up to a quality sound system. Thankfully, there’s a huge range of Bluetooth speakers, speaker systems, and soundbars out there to suit every budget. Alternatively, you could dust down your vinyl records and the accompanying record player to experience outstanding audio that’s widely regarded as far superior to MP3 files. However, a modern, high-tech sound system gives your guests the freedom to choose their favourite tracks as they can easily add to your playlist or skip certain songs that don’t fit the game night atmosphere. Whichever audio setup you decide to use, it’s a good idea to keep the party music turned down low in the background so you can focus on gameplay while simultaneously creating an inviting atmosphere.

Pay attention to the finishing touches

finishing touches

As with any sensational soirée, it’s all about the attention to detail! By putting in the extra effort, you can transform your evening from plain and ordinary to utterly awe-inspiring. To achieve this wow-factor, we recommend opting for a plethora of party decorations that suit your chosen theme and adorning them throughout your entertaining space. Not only will they encourage your guests to embrace your particular party theme as soon as they step through the front door, but they’ll also create an incredible atmosphere to kick off your night with a bang! Start by creating a comprehensive list and working your way through both the essential décor, such as party lights and table covers, as well as the optional extras.

Take our Vegas game night theme, for example, you could decide to hire a racy roulette table, some incredible showgirl-style waitresses, or even a professional bartender to keep the mouth-watering martinis flowing all night. However, if you’re hosting a games night on a stricter budget, then you could always snap up a delicious cocktail kit and turn your own hand to the magical art of mixology. Alternatively, finishing touches needn’t break the bank and can be as simple as your choice of party tableware. From letter-shaped balloons and colourful bunting that looks fantastic strung up outdoors during garden party games to themed cups and handy straws that ensure every guest has a tasty tipple, the key to any ultimate adult game night is those special, finishing touches.

Remember to be a responsible host

responsible drinking

As with many adult game nights, alcohol often makes an appearance, so it’s important to ensure you’re a responsible host at all times. If your guests are planning on drinking alcoholic beverages, it’s a good idea to make sure they’re arranged for reliable transport home or you’ve got a few local taxi numbers on hand to ensure they arrive home safely. During an exciting adult game night, you can also often lose track of how many alcoholic drinks you’ve consumed, so alternating between glasses of water and your favourite alcoholic tipple can prevent you from feeling worse for wear the next day. While occasional drinking sessions are typically considered safe for most over-18’s, you should always contact your GP or a health professional if you have any concerns or queries regarding your alcohol intake.

As a host, you can also take active steps to help your guests monitor their alcohol intake throughout the night by suggesting they have a glass of water between drinks or purchasing bottled water and leaving these hydration hints around your entertaining space/next to your party snacks. Encouraging them to dine on some party snacks instead of another drink will also help to keep all your guests in a great mood without relying on alcohol. Once you’ve mastered the art of responsible hosting, you can relax and enjoy your ultimate game night alongside your treasured friends and family members!

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