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6 Great Card Games For Couples To Try This Year

Published 17th May 2021
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Although a competitive date night at home with your partner might not necessarily sound like the best way to spend a Saturday, with the right games in your amusement arsenal, you’ll both be in for a fun and flirty evening! Nope, this doesn’t mean dusting off your old Cluedo board or mouldering set of Monopoly from the upstairs cupboards - instead, think sexy, suggestive playing cards - and not the kind that you’re used to!

Though it might feel silly to buy a ‘romantic game’ to spice up your midweek date nights, don’t knock it ‘til you try it! If you’ve exhausted the Netflix reserves (and really, at this stage, who hasn’t?!), or are merely looking for something a little different to test and tease your significant other, there are tons of examples just waiting to be discovered. After all, you never know when a distinctive deck of cards might just come in handy.

In this helpful guide, we’ll introduce you to some of the best couple’s card games on offer, from spicy and seductive to fun and flirtatious, and everything in between. Whether you’re wanting to reignite that spark with your spouse, learn more about your lover, or simply chuckle with your companion, OnBuy certainly has you covered. All that’s left to remember is: for this variety, there’s only the one rule – definitely adults only!

What’s so special about card games?

card games with your couple

In contrast to your typical board and drinking alternatives, card games have a plethora of positive possibilities, and we’d love to tell you why! Browse the list below to discover how these cardboard creations can revive and rekindle your relationship.

  • Portability factor: Compared to their rivals, card games benefit from the advantage of adaptability and convenience, meaning they can be transported easily. Unlike bulky board games or awkwardly-sized alternatives, these models are often far more compact and lightweight, so can be enjoyed wherever or whenever the competitive mood strikes you.
  • Rare and one-off gameplay: Another important feature to consider when it comes to romantic revelry is the potential outcome, and how this could affect repetition in the future. If you’re looking for a long-term investment that’s likely to be played time and time again, there’s no beating card games when it comes to unique and different outcomes. Whatever the occasion or opportunity, it’ll certainly never be dull.
  • Mental health booster: Over the years, countless studies have shown that interactive card games are fantastic stimuli for improved brain health. Not only do they trigger the use of optimistic visualisation, they’re also great for enhanced memory and sequencing skills. When playing with your significant other, you’re also likely to experience an increase in confidence and verbal conviction.

What are the different kinds of card games on offer?

playing cards

Though it may sound hard to believe, there are actually many distinctive styles of card games that couples can enjoy and engage in together. Yes, move over standard deck, the rivalry is only just getting started! If you’re unsure which variety may be best suited to your vibe, or are simply in need of some advice on the types of duo diversions available, you’ve come to the right place. Explore the options below to determine which category is most fitting for your character(s).

  • Drinking games: Ideal for those who like to brave the booze, these classics are the perfect addition to any liquor-lover’s collection. 
  • Multi-genre games: Possessing a range of themes and topics, these flexible alternatives are fab for fans of varied gameplay and challenges. 
  • A cause for conversation: Card games based on communication are perhaps the best models for newer or less confident couples. Learning more about your partner in a safe and comfortable setting can make for an explorative evening of fact-finding fun and interaction.

OnBuy’s top six card games for couples

happy couple

Now that we’ve established the basics, let’s delve straight into OnBuy’s top selection of fun-filled card games for couples. Despite their reduced player number, these examples are sure to beat any burnout or boredom, so prepare for an entertaining evening… date night never looked so exciting!

For the keen-eyed detectives among you | Codenames Duet

Codenames Duet card game

Pros: Investigative style is unique and appealing, box includes a range of boards and cards

Cons: More exciting when played by four people at once, 15-30 minute play time is quite short

The uber-popular game made specifically for couples, this pleasing, pleasurable pack is all you’ll ever need when it comes to date night delight! To set the scene, you and your partner are on a secret mission in a crowded city (think James Bond, for inspiration). Your objective: to contact 15 agents while avoiding a band of emerging enemy assassins. By giving each other one-word clues that point to multiple expressions on the board, you must try to find all the undercover operatives before your time runs out. Simple, right?

As well as possessing an engaging and captivating style, this investigative game is unlike any other on the market. Jam-packed with a range of cards, extra embellishments, and accessories, it’s sure to leave you creating unique and exclusive scenarios every time you participate. In divergence from some of its opponents (no pun intended!), Codenames is also perfect for those who enjoy a challenge. Stimulating, thought-provoking, and always entertaining, it’s the gripping boredom buster you didn’t know you needed. Plus, it doesn’t even have to be competitive!

On the downside however, with an overall suggested capacity of up to four players, it may not be best suited to couples on their own. The average 15-30 minute game time might also present a problem if you’re looking for something with a little more longevity.

To learn more about your partner | Our Moments

Our Moments card game

Pros: Perfect for play in the early stages of a relationship, smaller box size means it’s great for travel

Cons: 100 card limit may not be suitable for multiple games, certain questions may be too intimate

Intended to spark conversations between you and your significant other, Our Moments centres around positive communication with your spouse or partner. Complete with 100 thought-provoking cards that are designed to bring you closer together, it offers the perfect opportunity to learn more about each other, connect, and spice up your average night in. After all, it’s often been proven that sharing intimate details and laughter can foster empathy, compassion, trust, and intimacy in a relationship, and specially-planned question cards are, perhaps, the best way to do this. 

Ideal for the early stages of romance, this game provides you with the chance to interrogate each other in a pleasant and non-invasive way. Complete with 300gsm cards, organised and shrink-wrapped into a custom box, Our Moments makes a gorgeous gift for yourself or friends combined. The case’s relatively smaller size, only 6.5cm wide, means that it’s great for travel purposes, too!

On a slightly more negative note, the card limit may cause issues if you’re keen to play the game regularly, as it’s likely to become repetitive after a couple of uses. Certain questions might also be seen as too personal, which is something to bear in mind if you’re more of a private person.

For brutal banter and drinking fun | In the Dog House

In the Dog House card game

Pros: Not solely reserved for couples - it can be played with friends too, multiple game modes

Cons: Unsuitable for those who don’t drink, lewd card topics may be appear tasteless and vulgar

One of the best card games for couples, In the Dog House really delivers on savage adult humour and hilarity combined. Test your relationship with some banter-filled, downright disturbing questions and truly let the good times roll. If you’re blessed with a witty sense of humour and aren’t easily offended by those you love most, this is certainly the game for you! 

With 100 revealing requests at your disposal, this unique and fun-filled amusement isn’t just reserved for couples… it’s fantastic for multiple players (though perhaps not your mum), too! What’s more, with its versatile capabilities and incredibly portable size, this game can be ideal for holidays, festivals, nights and weekends away! Simply read out the cards and hold up a paddle with ‘You’ or ‘Me’ attached. Tread carefully though… you certainly don’t want to end up in the doghouse! 

On the flip side however, the drinking aspect might not appeal to everyone’s tastes, and may cause issues if alcohol is a no-no. The card topics themselves are also often considered to be coarse, vulgar, and bawdy, so may be worth avoiding if tamer games are your forte.

For X-rated speed and spontaneity | Sex Snap

Sex Snap card game

Pros: Relatively cheaper price tag, simple gameplay rules are incredibly easy to understand

Cons: Explicit content might not appeal to everyone, not a particularly interesting or exciting concept

Perhaps the best traditional couples card game on our list (if, indeed, ‘traditional’ can even be used to describe it!), Sex Snap is the fast-paced X-rated phenomenon you simply must add to your amusement arsenal. With a relatively cheaper price tag than most of the competitors on this list, not to mention an age-old set of rules that are extremely easy to understand, you really can’t go wrong with this rude and raunchy pastime. 

Unfortunately though, as with the game shown above, Sex Snap’s more explicit content might not be appropriate for each and every couple. If you prefer sophisticated soirees with classy and cultured conversation, it might not be suited to your tastes. There’s also not much scope for versatility or adaptability here either, as the rules are firm and steadfast compared to some of its rivals.

For some classic conventional fun | Truth or Dare for Couples

Truth or Dare for Couples card game

Pros: Cheapest item on our list, fifty truth and fifty dare cards are diverse and thoroughly distinctive

Cons: Not as playful as some of its competitors, content may be seen as childish or immature

Though the game may seem simple, the sparked conversations certainly won’t be! Choosing from three ‘category’ cards in the deck (Talk, intended to stir up communication, Flirt, to raise the temperature, and Dare, to add a splash of risk), you’ll each have to complete a set of tasks based on your selection. Easy rules, with fun and nerve-wracking consequences!

As the cheapest item on our list, this option may be the best for you and your partner if budget is a concern. With 100 cards in total, made up of 50 truth and 50 dare alternatives, you certainly won’t be left feeling bored or disinterested by the choices on offer. What’s more, the incredibly lightweight tin carry case means that this game benefits from the huge advantage of portability. Whether you’re thinking of braving it at the beach or simply taking it to a party, there’s no end to the settings in which Truth or Dare can be enjoyed. 

On the other hand, it may not spark as much conversation as some of its competitors, as ‘dare’ cards often involve more action-based activities than intimate, stationary communication. The content itself might also be considered childish, as the general game itself is often associated with youngsters.

To spark deep and meaningful conversations | Intimacy Deck

Intimacy Deck card game

Pros: Perfect for reigniting the relationship spark, helps to teach you more about your partner 

Cons: Higher price point may be uninviting, limited card number not suitable for multiple games

Intimacy Deck is an extremely popular date night game for couples the country over. Containing 150 colour-coded cards divided into six separate categories (Past, Life, Intimacy, Relationship, About You, and Random), it is neatly packed into a striking presentation box, ideal for use at home or on the move. Learning more about your partner while sharing past experiences, family values, and sexual desires or preferences, it possesses a variety of varied, thought-provoking, and deep, personal questions. 

Not only fab for duos, it’s also great for family gatherings and friendly dinners, as the ‘intimate’ cards can easily be removed from the deck. Encouraging you to spend time with your significant other, it’s the fun-filled, honest game you didn’t know you needed.

On the downside however, at roughly double the price of other card packs on this list, it’s unfortunately the most expensive option to grace our guide. As with Our Moments, the limited card number may also cause an issue if durability or longer-intended gameplay is your preference.

Play away…

couple playing games

We hope you’ve enjoyed this foray into all things card game-related, and have garnered some ideas on how to ‘up-date’ (see what we did there?) your intimate nights in. With the promise of brighter days and longer evenings now conveniently on the horizon, these amusing little packs could be the lockdown-lifting lifesavers you didn’t know you needed!

Should you require more information on our fabulous selection of adult games and goodies or are simply in need of some intimate inspiration, why not check out our blog and buyer’s guide resources? Packed full of handy tips, tricks, and ideas on how to advance your ‘alone time’, there really is something for every couple and duo. If larger parties are your bag though, be sure to check out our blog on the best adult games to leave you boozing and blushing this summer. From modernised classics to amusing and active alternatives, your living room is set to become the ultimate entertainment ground this upcoming sunny season!

If you’re interested in learning more about OnBuy’s selection, both mature and family-oriented, explore our extensive range here. Whether you’re keen on backgammon or bingo, checkers or chess, there’s a pastime for every buyer and budget within our online collection. 

Please note: the information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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