It has become clear that the UK is witnessing an arts and crafts boom with TV programmes, such as The Great British Bake Off, Sewing Bee and The Great Pottery Throw Down taking off on our screens and growing in popularity.

Small businesses and individuals, who specialise in hand-made and bespoke products are becoming increasingly prevalent as a result.

The arts and crafts boom can be partly attributed to the growing trend of self-employment which can be seen in the UK, with many people running such 'micro-businesses' alongside other jobs, combining their work with personal creative interests. The emergence of a 'gig economy'; whereby people work multiple jobs rather than just one is becoming more popular.

Such business owners tend to be students, stay-at-home parents, young creative professionals and those with unfulfilling day-jobs.

If you're one of these creative individuals, or if you simply love to purchase arts and crafts online, we've listed the top tips on how to sell your craft, and the best products to buy and sell online.

Arts and crafts

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Top tips for selling craft online

1. Be professional

You are competing with many other online craft sellers; so, ensure you maintain professionalism. Construct a well-presented website using simple site builders like WordPress or Wix, or create a selling page on a craft website. Ensure everything is spelt correctly, as well as providing enough information on each product and that you ship out on time.

2. Personalise

The reason many people choose to buy bespoke hand crafted gifts is that they are more personal, unlike mass produced items that can be bought in high street stores. Including information on each product, and a personalised note inside the product can really make a product that bit more special.

3. Uniqueness

You will be met with a lot of competition, so it's important to ensure you are offering something unique that doesn't already exist. Take a look at what similar sellers are producing and see where the demand lies. Make sure you work hard to produce a unique attractive design for your product and remain consistent.

4. Do the numbers

Any good business has worked out its figures. How much will the materials cost? How much will shipping cost? Make sure you take the time to understand how to price your goods, so you're not priced out or turn off customers.

5. Branding your goods

A good business has a well organised and effective branding strategy, and believe it or not, this is still very important for micro-businesses as it helps with brand loyalty and repeat. A logo and brand name is a good place to start. Choosing a uniform colour scheme and font for social media pages and websites also helps to cement your brand.


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Top craft items to sell online

1. Jewellery

Women's jewellery is one of the most popular items on craft site, Etsy, with handmade earrings, bracelets and necklaces, made from a variety of interesting materials (paper, wood, clay, recycled cardboard) with some quirky and attractive designs you're unlikely to find on the high street.

If you want a piece of jewellery that is unique in its design, or looking for the perfect gift for a friend then consider learning to make your own handmade jewellery, which can be customised to your taste.

Alternatively, if you've made your own jewellery and looking to sell it; consider online marketplaces and sites dedicated to craft.

At OnBuy, we stock a number of unique pairs of earrings. We also stock an array of men's and women's watches among other jewellery items!


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2. Knitwear, crochet & sewing

Google search terms for knitting have gone up 250% over the past few years, and more of us are picking up the knitting needles and learning this craft. If you're a knitwear or crochet seller, consequently, this is the best time to create and sell products!

The most common knitwear products on craft sites is for babies and toddlers, scarves, hats and jumpers. A plethora of such products exist, ranging from simple scarves, which can be created quickly at a higher rate, to more elaborate toys and jumpers.

When selling such items, it's important to be prepared for the upcoming busy season in winter when more people will be looking to buy such items, particularly around Christmas.

With these kinds of products, it's important to personalise each product. Provide information on the type of wool used, your reasons behind using it and practical instructions on how best to wash it.

High quality photographs will help convey the texture of the wool, which may be important for knitting enthusiasts. Furthermore, wrapping your products nicely will be the cherry on top - even consider including a label with information about the product inside the package.

As an online marketplace, we stock a number of knitting, sewing and crochet products. From a vast array of thread balls in any colour you could need, to pretty embroidered designs and knitting needles to get you started. See the sewing section of our site.


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3. Phone covers

68% of the UK population owns a smart phone - so a way to distinguish your phone from your friend, as well as protecting these costly devices, people are opting for interesting, accessorised designs on their phone covers.

They are simple to make, low cost to produce, can be bought in bulk and are easy to ship due to their small size. There is always a demand for phone covers, for anyone who gets a new phone every two years.

Clear cases can be drawn on, tattooed and painted with decorative paint (as well as nail varnish!) Go outside the box by using tape to make an interesting pattern, or even including press-dried flowers.

Phone cover

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4. Birthday cards

Whether it's Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas or another birthday; there's always a need to buy a card. Greetings cards in shops can be cliché, cheesy and overpriced for what they are.

With handmade cards, you can be sure the person you're sending a card to won't receive the same card twice - a common occurrence when there are just a few select shops to buy from. Packaging of your cards in a nice envelope can add another touch of class to the product.

Birthday card

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5. Stickers

Stickers are easy to create in bulk, as well as cheap to make and easy to ship.

Despite their simplicity, there is a lot to consider when selling such products. Will you use inkjet or laser print? Inkjet is better quality, but at a higher price.

Will you design your own graphics or use stock ones? Drawing your own graphics makes your stickers more unique, removes competition and any copyright difficulties.

Furthermore, there is a lot of competition out there, so developing an engaging brand is of upmost importance.

For scrapbook enthusiasts among us, check out our selection of scrapbook stickers. Includes World of Warcraft, Transformers, Minions, Football, Despicable Me, Frozen stickers and many more!


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