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Thoughtful Ways To Treat Your Mum This Mother's Day

Published 16th February 2021
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Mother’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to give back to our mums for every time she made us laugh, gave us advice or lent a shoulder for us to cry on - so it’s only natural that we all want to do something extra special to say thank you! If you’re feeling the pressure, don’t fret, as we’ve got you covered with our list of thoughtful ways to treat your mum this Mother’s Day.

In the UK, Mother’s Day is tied to Easter - which means its date changes every year - so it’s understandable that this wandering holiday can catch people out. Just in case you’re not sure, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, 14th March this year, so now is a great time to start planning out how best to surprise her!

Like last year, Mother’s Day 2021 is likely to be quite different from normal, and we may not be able to do everything we would like to. Luckily for you, we’ve got a few tips and tricks hidden up our sleeve to spark your imagination! From personalised gifts to simple acts of generosity, our Mother’s Day ideas are sure to make your mum feel appreciated on her special day, whether you’re able to be with her in person or not. Let’s get started!

Create a photo collage or scrapbook

scrapbook on table

Kicking off our list is a simple yet thoughtful idea that’s sure to delight your mum, whether you’re together or apart this year: creating a beautiful photo collage! Your mum will love being reminded of the experiences and laughs you’ve shared over the years, and these sorts of homemade, personalised Mothers Day gifts are easier to make than you might think. 

If you’re not sure which photos from your collection would be best, try mixing up photos of your family with photos of her by herself or with her close friends. Of course, if those photographs were taken on film - particularly on instant cameras like a Polaroid - it’s possible that your mum only has a single copy, so taking a pair of scissors to her photo albums might backfire horribly! In that case, carefully slip them from their frames and digitise them with a computer scanner and print them off with a photo printer. A photo printer will give you that high gloss finish, feel and quality of a traditional photograph and, when it comes to handmade gifts, the devil’s in the detail, so it’s definitely a worthwhile purchase! 

Once you’ve picked out the photos, stick them to a piece of high quality cardstock or a scrapbook with glue and finish it off with the decorations of your choice. If you’re celebrating a socially distanced Mother’s Day, you can wrap your finished collage in a layer of protective bubble wrap and post it to her in a large envelope. Alternatively, you can create it entirely on your computer with a program like Photoshop and send it to her via email or social media.

Bake her a delicious cake


If your mum has a sweet tooth, this idea is sure to go down a treat! A freshly baked cake is a traditional gift for Mother’s Day, so why not show how much you love your mum by baking one yourself? The customary cake to bake on Mother’s Day is a Simnel cake, a kind of fruitcake with an almond paste filling that’s topped with layers of moreish marzipan, but you can replace it with your mum’s personal favourite if you’d prefer.

Whether you’re whipping up a crunchy, melt in the mouth pavlova or a light and fluffy victoria sponge, you’ll need some essential baking appliances and accessories to make your mum the perfect cake. A decent stand mixer can save you a lot of time and effort in the kitchen, while a set of kitchen scales and measuring spoons will ensure you use precisely the right amount of ingredients. That’s the prep done, but what about the rest? Cake tins and baking trays will keep your cake supported as it bakes, and you can finish off your creation with dream-worthy decorations using a simple piping bag kit.

Unlike a photo collage, you won’t be able to send a cake in the post, but you can still have one delivered to your mum’s doorstep! Plenty of independent bakeries are ready to help you celebrate a safe Mother’s Day this year. Place an order with them and you can support a local business as you treat your mum - it’s a win-win! If there are no local stores around that can help, many supermarkets can send cakes as well, so it’s well worth taking a look around to see what options you have.

Get her the perfect Mother’s Day Card

hand made mothers day card

Mother’s Day cards are a hallmark of the holiday, so you’ll definitely want to find something special. You can rely on a card bought from a supermarket in a pinch, but doesn’t your mum deserve something truly exceptional?

The best way of getting hold of a truly unique Mother’s Day card is to make one from scratch. Grab a pair of scissors, a glue stick and other art supplies, and let your imagination run wild! What you create is up to you, so don’t be afraid to be really ambitious with your card design. Use drawings, colourful ribbons and bows, even photographs and different textures of cards. Even if your completed card is a little messy, your mum will love to see the effort you put in.

If you’re not confident with arts and crafts, don’t fret: there are still ways to get amazing Mother’s Day cards. For instance, you can personalise your card using an online card company’s website and request for special delivery on the actual day itself. These websites often offer an array of Mother’s Day card templates that you can customise with a variety of personal touches to make it really special. Add your mum’s name and play around with a few of the settings, and you’ll soon have a Mother’s Day card that's just as amazing and unique as her!

Brighten up her day with some flowers

mothers day flowers

Just like Easter, Mother’s Day is a celebration that’s synonymous with the beginning of spring. As such, it’s no surprise that flowers and plants make such popular Mother’s Day gifts. You can pick Mother’s Day plants yourself if you have a garden or buy them directly from a florist. Wherever you pick - or pick up - your floral arrangement, make sure to keep them in a vase filled with fresh, clean water to keep them looking their best for longer.

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day flowers may seem quite tricky at first (especially if you can’t tell your peonies from your pansies!), but following a few simple tips will help you select the best bouquet. As this Mother’s Day is in mid-March, many early blooming flowers are already growing strong. Tulips are a fantastic place to start, as their delicate flute-shaped flower heads and wide choice of colours make them easy to pair with a variety of other flowers.

On the other hand, if you want your mum to enjoy her Mother’s Day plants for a long time, buying her an orchid or two is a brilliant choice. These flowering plants can last for years if they’re looked after properly, and a healthy orchid’s blooms are truly spectacular! Plant food, pruning shears and flower pots are great presents to accompany these long-lasting Mother’s Day plants.

As with baking a cake, you don’t have to deliver your bouquet to your mum yourself. If you’re unable to meet in person, plenty of florists can help you out with selecting, arranging and delivering a delightful garland of flowers.

Make her a gift from scratch

ceramic painting

Our next magnificent Mother’s Day idea encourages you to let your creativity off the leash and craft a Mother’s Day gift entirely from scratch! It’s perhaps the best way to give a truly personalised gift to your mum. 

This is our most open-ended suggestion for Mother’s Day, as you can choose whatever you’re skilled at and passionate about. Love to crochet? Grab your trusty hook and crochet cotton and weave together a bunch of colourful pouches to help organise your mum’s handbag.

If you like to paint, take a plain white plate and use ceramic paint to cover it with personal decorations. Looking to really challenge yourself? Why not make a whole new selection of jewellery for your mum to wear with an epoxy resin crafting kit? Pour the resin into a mould and create a colourful design with acrylic paints. Sure, it’s a lot of work, but you’ll end up with a Mother’s Day gift that you’ll both be truly proud of!

Alternatively, if the idea of creating personalised Mother’s Day gifts fills you with dread, you need not worry: there are tons of other options to take a look at! Like cards, cakes and flowers, many small crafting businesses can customise their products based on your instructions. From adding your mum’s initials to a pair of gardening gloves to creating personalised jewellery, you’ll find all sorts of personalised gift ideas out there.

Make her breakfast in bed

breakfast in bed

Our last suggestion has got to be up there with some of the most quintessential Mother’s Day ideas: breakfast in bed! Let your mum start her special day of relaxation off right with a selection of tasty treats that she can enjoy while staying tucked up nice and warm under the covers. 

Okay, so you’ll have to wake up pretty early for this one (time to invest in an alarm clock if you haven’t already), but once you’re in the kitchen, this idea couldn’t be simpler! The trick to making this Mother’s Day breakfast special is by going the extra mile on your mum’s favourite morning meal. 

Does your mum like to start the day with a bowl of granola or muesli? Mix in some fresh fruit like berries or sliced bananas to take it up a notch. If porridge or oatmeal is more her thing, transform this simple breakfast with a dash of honey, greek yogurt and a sprinkling of her favourite chopped nuts. Or if she loves scrambled eggs, mix in some crème fraîche for a lovely creamy texture and don’t forget to garnish them with chopped chives to brighten up the dish. You can also treat her to some gourmet loose leaf tea or coffee served in a teapot or cafetière. Finally, stack your creations on a serving tray with extendable legs for the perfect finishing touch to a blissfully lazy breakfast in bed!

If you don’t live with your mum, you may think that treating her to a delicious meal is off limits this year. Sure, breakfast in bed may be a tricky one, but you can still treat her taste buds - just at the other end of the day! Contact a restaurant that’s offering a delivery service near to your mum’s home and arrange for a scrumptious supper to arrive at her front door. For this one, you’ll want to make sure she hasn’t already got her dinner plans sorted, so work out a cunning plan well in advance to avoid any dinnertime disasters! 

We hope you’ve found the inspiration you need to give your mum the best treat you can with these Mother’s Day ideas. After you’ve made your mum feel loved, remember to come back to our blogs page come early June. We’re sure to have released a set of tips for Father’s Day, too!

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