Make your special day run smoothly and look oh-so pretty with OnBuy's helpful list of wedding stationery.

Congratulations! Now that you and your betrothed are ready to tie the knot, it's time to start thinking about the main event and the wedding paper goods that will accompany it.

Not only a chance to establish your theme and get creative, wedding stationery is a key part of your big day and a way of keeping your guests in the loop from the start.

From the all-important wedding invites to RSVP cards and venue signage, our wedding stationery list is here to help you tick off each essential with ease.

Wedding Stationery

1. Wedding Save The Dates

When it comes to your nuptials, you'll naturally want your nearest and dearest there to share the day with you. A quick and easy way to ensure there'll be no clashes with your big day is to send out save the date cards as soon as possible.

At this stage, a simple date and location will be enough to remind your guests to keep the day (or days!) free - especially useful for those dreamy destination weddings or when inviting guests from afar.

Wedding Save the Dates

2. Wedding Invitations

Of course, the formal invitation will arrive later - once all (or most) of the details have been ironed out. You'll want to include key details like the date, time and location, as well as any food options and accommodation info for the big day (ideally on separate inserts).

Some couples choose to go all out with bespoke wedding invites but picking up a ready-made set of pretty ones will save the pennies; with so many beautiful designs out there, you can leave the splashing out for the big day itself!

Wedding Invitations

3. Wedding RSVP Cards

A simple way to keep track of your attendees is to slot in an RSVP card with each invitation. Just make sure to let your guests know when you need their replies by so you can avoid any last-minute seating changes and catering issues!

To make it ultra-easy for your recipients to respond, include self-addressed envelopes and stamps for your guests to pop their replies in; it's likely they'll get back to you much quicker this way.

Wedding RSVP Cards

4. Wedding Order of Service

Finally onto the big day itself, the order of service lets your guests know what to expect - from hymns, poems and readings to when the cake cutting will take place!

Doubling up as a lovely keepsake, you can add your own personal touch with quotes and even the lucky couple's love story for a truly sentimental approach.

Wedding Order of Service

5. Wedding Seating Chart

You're one step closer to the champagne - or prosecco! Pop a pretty and practical table plan at the entrance of your reception to help your guests find their seats with minimum fuss and get the celebrations off to a smooth start.

With a plethora of ways to present your seating plan, it's an opportunity to get truly creative. From beautifully framed ones to individual displays and even cute edible options, you can show off your artistic skills.

Wedding Seating Chart

6. Wedding Table Numbers

Hand in hand with the seating plan, table numbers make the organisation of your reception that little bit easier - all while adding a decorative touch to your table setting.

Some couples choose to name their tables after their favourite holiday destinations or dedicate them to the happy older couples in their family as a lovely personal touch. How you choose to display yours is up to you, of course!

Wedding Table Numbers

7. Wedding Place Cards

Once your guests have found their table, the process will be much smoother if you've assigned a seat for each one. Of course, it goes without saying to place rivals on separate tables to avoid any spats!

To keep the costs down, why not channel your inner artist and create your own seating place cards? Kraft paper is always a firm winner and if you're any good, you can even try your hand at calligraphy.

Wedding Place Cards

8. Wedding Menu Cards

Undoubtedly, a favourite of wedding guests is the food! When you've curated a delicious feast of the most delectable dishes with your chef, you'll want to show off your great taste and pop a menu card with each place setting.

It's also likely that guests will have forgotten what they've ordered, so it acts as a handy reminder for what their taste buds can expect on the day.

Wedding Menu Cards

9. Wedding Signage

A must-have for larger, spaced out venues, wedding signs not only help to direct your guests to all the key areas of the ceremony and reception, but they can add a fun, quirky accent to your d├ęcor.

Even with a small locale, wedding venue signage can be useful - especially as once everyone has had a drink or two, they'll likely forget their way around!

Wedding Signage

10. Wedding Guest Book

Everyone knows that weddings fly by in a blur, but the memories will hopefully last forever. Make sure you keep a record of your special day with some thoughtful messages from your favourite people.

There are now plenty of alternatives to a traditional guest book: from wishing trees to signed wine corks in a drop box and instant photo boards, you won't be stuck for ideas!

Wedding Guest Book

11. Wedding Thank You Cards (Most Important!)

At the end of it all, it's your loved ones who will have made the day the special celebration it was, so don't forget to give them a huge expression of gratitude for joining in the fun with you.

A lovely idea might be to include a photograph from the wedding for your guests to keep as a memento - especially welcome after the effort they made to dress up in their best!

Wedding Thank You Cards (Most Important!)

So, whether you opt for handcrafted creations or pre-made options that you can easily personalise, our wedding stationery checklist has hopefully inspired you to get creative with all the wedding stationery items you'll need.

Of course, the key thing to keep in mind is timing: make sure to give your guests plenty of notice, request your RSVPs a few weeks in advance for any vital changes, and don't leave the 'thank you' notes too long after the big day!