Baby Light Toys, Baby Sound Toys & Baby Music Toys

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Our collection of light, sound and music toys hits all the right notes! Designed to develop your child's sensory skills and guaranteed to keep them amused for hours, these innovative toys are a must-have. Read More >
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About Baby Light Toys, Baby Sound Toys & Baby Music Toys

Sound and music toys

Help your child learn about beat and rhythm with our selection of bestselling sound and musical toys. From jingling bells and novelty tunes to relaxing waterfalls and soothing heartbeats, these toys are great for all occasions.

Watch them become the star of the show with their very own music centre, or aid them back to sleep with an adorable music-making plush toy.

Light toys

With the ability to create both a stimulating and a calming environment depending on the time of day, our selection of sensory light toys will provide a visual point of focus for babies and toddlers alike.

Compare deals from our wide range of sellers, get them delivered directly to your front door and let the fun commence!