Baby Playmats & Baby Play Gyms

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We have a fantastic range of playmats and play gyms to entertain your baby, whatever their age! Provide comfort and fun simultaneously while your baby explores and discovers new things. Read More >
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About Baby Playmats & Baby Play Gyms

Once babies start getting curious about the world around them, it's a great time to introduce playmats and play gyms for a way to stimulate their senses and keep them entertained. Play mats and gyms are a great choice for babies of any age, and we have a range of different options ensuring you'll find something suitable for your tot. 

Playmats are a great way to provide young babies with a safe, soft space to play on - or just to lie there in comfort and watch what's going on around them! A playmat with different textures or toys attached to it will help your baby's motor skills and different senses develop as they explore and play. Up the fun and games with a play gym for a really hands on experience for your baby - they will be stimulated and entertained while discovering new things through touching and playing with the different shapes and textures involved.