Nursery Furniture & Nursery Accessories

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Every baby deserves a great first bedroom and the cosier it is, the more likely they will get to sleep without any fuss. Find everything you need for the little one from cots, bedding and mattresses to furnishings and more when you shop at OnBuy for wonderful deals. Read More >

About Nursery Furniture & Nursery Accessories

Everything you need to decorate your nursery can be found in our online shop from a large range of cots to suit every budget right down to the bedding. You will find a huge variety of furnishings such as wardrobes right down to cot mobiles. 

Baby bedding & accessories

Every baby needs their sleep and making them as comfortable as possible will give you better night’s sleep too! We have a wonderful range of bedding and accessories that will get your baby straight off to the land of nod. 

You will find bedding, pillows, blankets and many more when you shop at OnBuy today. We also stock mattress protectors in case of little accidents during the night. 

Does your baby throw off the blankets during their sleep? Keep them warm at all times with our sleeping bags. Check out the BreathableBaby product range which have been specially designed to keep babies warm and cosy when they sleep. 

Cots & nursery beds

We have a fantastic selection of cots and nursery beds to match your nursery’s décor. Whatever the age of your baby or budget, you will find many great deals when you shop at OnBuy. 

From traditional pine cots to mesh cots, there won’t be a shortage of choice. We also stock classic rocking cots for rocking the little one gently to sleep. 

Baby mattresses, sleep positioners & nests 

Even babies need a good mattress to sleep well and there are mattresses to suit every cot size in our online shop. Sleep positioners are great for ensuring that your baby sleeps properly on their back.

Baby nests are a popular alternative amongst parents who want somewhere different to put their baby when they sleep. 

Nursery decor & furnishings

Before you welcome your new arrival, it is important to decorate and furnish your nursery. Whether you have painted your walls pink or blue, you will need to add the finishing touch with decorations. There’s a fantastic range of nursery decorations and furnishings for you to choose from such as:

  • Rugs
  • Stickers
  • Cot mobiles
  • Curtains and blinds
  • Lighting and more

Nursery furniture

Even babies need furniture and you will find all the furniture you need for your little one's nursery at OnBuy. From chairs, dressers and wardrobes to toddler furniture, we are your one-stop shop for unbeatable deals.