Air Quality Control

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The air they breathe is often an overlooked factor in the health of your little one, whatever their age. Make sure you're providing your baby with the optimum environment to be happy and healthy with our fantastic selection of products to control the quality of the air in your home. Read More >
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About Air Quality Control

Babies aren't as well equipped to fight off colds and respiratory illnesses as adults are, making it extra vital to make sure the air in your house is good quality and the right temperature to ensure your baby's health. We have a great range of products to improve the air quality in your home; read on for a guide to help you make the right choice.


Choose a humidifier if your house has dry air - the dry air could be negatively impacting your baby's health more than you realise. Dry air is common in winter when we start heating our homes as this causes humidity inside the home to drop and moisture in the air to disappear. Dry air can cause dry skin, chapped lips, irritated sinuses, and itchy eyes - not ideal for a growing baby! Why not try a humidifier that produces mist to really ease nasal congestion and symptoms of colds and the flu.  A bonus to having a humidifier in your baby's room: helping your baby sleep. The white noise given off by humidifiers provides a soothing background to drown out other household noises and help baby drift off to sleep.


In contrast, if your house is moist or suffers from damp and mould, your baby's bedroom will benefit from a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier will reduce the amount of moisture in the air, making them excellent at warding off mould and mildew and a fabulous solution to keep baby happy on those sweltering summer nights. Similarly to a humidifier, the dehumidifier will emit white noise and help baby sleep easier as well as removing allergens like mould particles and dust mites from the air. 

Air purifiers

Invest in an air purifier to make sure your baby is in the safest environment possible. Air purifiers are engineered to remove most airborne pollutants from the air that could negatively affect your baby's health, such as dust, dirt, mould, and pet dander. Air purifiers freshen the air as well as getting rid of any nasty smells - all the better to help baby stay healthy and sleep through the night.