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Video Baby Monitors

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Showcasing modern technology at its best, video baby monitors are a fantastic investment for any new parents. Boasting a plethora of exciting features and discreet designs, these gadgets will give you total peace of mind while your baby sleeps. Read More >
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About Video Baby Monitors

Why buy a video monitor?
It is no secret that both audio and video monitors do a great job of allowing new parents to track their baby's sleep whilst getting on with other things around the house. However, if you're planning to invest in a video monitor, you may want to consider whether the added features will be useful to your particular lifestyle.

Obviously the biggest advantage of a video monitor is the ability to see your little one while they rest - a feature that many parents feel brings them closer to their baby, even when they're in different rooms. 

Along with the digital camera and LCD screen combination, there are plenty of other features on a video baby monitor that make it a worthy investment. From colour display to night vision modes, from ultra-wide lens range to Wi-Fi connectivity - there are an endless list of add-ons that come with the monitor.

Showcasing bestselling products from brands like Samsung, Motorola and Philips Avent, our catalogue is guaranteed to delight.