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Child First Aid Kits & Guides

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A first aid kit is a home essential, and it is important to make sure that you are prepared for every possible emergency scenario. Curious little ones can be particularly accident-prone, so it is important to invest in our selection of child first aid kits and guides. Don’t be caught out - shop at OnBuy for superb deals today. Read More >
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About Child First Aid Kits & Guides

Kids’ first aid kits are vital as little ones are very susceptible to cuts, bruises and other injuries and treating these quickly is vital in avoiding further injury. First aid kits are a must-have for the home, although it's recommended that you have a child first aid kit in your car, too - this way you'll be prepared for every eventuality.

Child first aid guides are as essential as the first aid kit - they're simply packed with valuable insight on treating every incident from burns to cuts. We advise you store your guides with your child's first aid kit and keep both in a safe place away from prying hands.