Fireguards & Burn Protection

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Keeping your kids safe at home is easier than ever nowadays - and especially easy with our great range of products to protect your loved ones from home dangers, whether it's kitchen burns or open fireplaces. Read More >
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About Fireguards & Burn Protection

Make your kitchen a fun place to learn and play instead of a potential hazard for your little ones. We have a large range of products designed for all the areas of the kitchen that could burn a curious child. Safeguard your oven against little ones poking heads or fingers inside with an oven lock. If your child is at that age where they can reach the top of the oven, try knob covers - especially if you have gas burners! An oven knob cover prevents accidental injuries while easily opened by adults so you can cook as normal. 

Let your little ones roam free in your lounge without compromising on staying toasty and warm with one of our great choices of baby fire guards. Designed to keep your toddlers (and pets!) at a safe distance from the fire, you can relax and stay warm without worrying. We even have extenders for those of you with bigger than average fireplaces!