Baby Home Safety Essentials

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Find the essential selection of everything you need to protect your little ones from common home dangers here. Thwart common dangers before they have a chance to become a problem, and relax knowing your home is safe for your tots. Read More >

About Baby Home Safety Essentials

Children are too young to spot potential dangers, and having excitable children that love to explore can often be a source of stress - will they hurt themselves when I'm not looking? Our great range of baby home safety essentials guarantees that you'll find something to give yourself peace of mind and keep the whole family safe. We've sorted our home safety essentials selection by category to help you find just what you need with ease. 

If you're unsure where to begin, look in our Home Safety Starter Packs section for handy kits containing the basics to get you started and cover the main areas that pose a risk.

Keep little fingers safe and stop your tots discovering things they shouldn't with the great products found in our Locks & Latches category - featuring cabinet locks, safety catches, and even locks for your microwave and oven for maximum safety. 

Let your kids be kids and enjoy themselves without risking bumped heads or bruises with our Edge Protectors & Corner Guards category. There you'll find essential products for any home with hard, sharp corners that could injure a small child - be it a glass table or a wooden chest of drawers.