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Fun Beach Games To Bring On Your Next Outing

Published 27th May 2021
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For many of us who live a fair distance away from the coast, a day trip to the beach is a real treat that doesn’t come around too often. It’s always exciting as you approach the seaside and you spot the blue sea in the distance, getting ever excited to arrive, then setting up your area and settling in for a long, relaxing day on the sand. 

Although some of you may be content with lying back and tanning yourself all day long, some of you will see the beach as a great opportunity to try some new activities and games that are exclusive to the sandy shores. This guide will enlighten you to some of the most unique and fun beach games that you should bring on your next big beach outing!

What to pack for a day at the beach

what to pack to go to beach

If you’re planning to head down to the beach for a sunny day out, you’ll need to first make sure you’ve packed all of the essentials to ensure a stress-free day at the seaside. Firstly, if it’s looking like a scorcher on the day you’re heading down to the beach, it’s imperative you bring lots of sun protection. You really don’t want to get caught out without it and end up with some dodgy (and painful!) ‘tan’ lines! Get yourself some sun cream, sun hats and, for the children, pack some protective clothing that’ll allow you to happily let them play away the day without the constant need to reapply sunscreen. 

Swimming gear is another essential to pack. Although you may think there’s little chance of you having a dip in the chilly sea, pack them anyway! Once you get there and you see the inviting crystal blue sea, you’ll regret not packing any - trust us on this one! Of course, the classic bucket and spades is a must, providing day-long fun for all the family. Plus, don’t forget a pop-up tent, beach umbrella, or windbreaker. These awesome additions provide protection from the elements (yes, even when the inevitable rain makes an appearance!) and offers some much-needed privacy on a packed beach. 

Of course, what’s a day on the beach without an al fresco feast to sink your teeth into? Don’t forget to pack a picnic blanket and a hamper full of all your favourite treats, snacks, and drinks. To keep your food fresh, throw in a couple of frozen ice blocks and pop any unpackaged food into some airtight containers. After all, the last thing you want is squashed and soggy sandwiches! 

Once you’ve packed all the essentials, you’ll be all set for a superb day at the seaside. But, before you go, there’s one last thing to remember… the games!

Beach activities

beach activities

There’s an endless list of exciting and unique activities that you can do while at the beach, and the best part is you’ll never get bored doing the same thing twice. From fully-loaded kits for large-scale activities to games you can play without anything - no matter the budget, you’ll have an excitement-filled day at the beach! 

Hiking or running is a great activity for the fitness fanatics out there. Many beaches will have trails that you can use, and the sights and sounds of the sea are simply breathtaking. If you’re looking to relax, why not pack your favourite book or pick up a few magazines to have a flick through while you’re sitting back and catching some rays on your deck chair? Conversely, games such as frisbee (or any throw and catch game, for that matter!), beach football or beach volleyball will all get the blood pumping and you won’t want to sit down!

Seaside sorted


With summer well and truly on the horizon, it’s time to start planning your seaside adventure! We’ve already covered the essentials and some fun things you can do, but if you’re looking for more specific ideas, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will outline some of the best beach games and toys you can bring with you to keep the whole family entertained all summer long. So, whether you’re wanting to get involved in the action or you’re simply looking for a way to keep the kids occupied while you catch a tan, we’ve got a whole host of ideas to inspire you right here. Let the games begin!

M.Y. Deluxe Rounders Set

rounders set

Pros: Great for a simple game of rounder at the beach, easily transportable with carry case

Cons: Short stumps more suited to children, tennis ball not of the best quality

For a game that gets the blood pumping and involves everyone, look no further than a game of rounders! Rounders is the perfect game for the beach as all you need to do is stick the stumps into the ground, separate into teams, and you’re ready to go. Coming with everything you need to get the fun started, including the four stakes, a bat, and a ball (all housed in a handy travel case), this deluxe rounders set is the ideal travel companion for fun-filled days outdoors. 

If you’re playing with little ones, don’t fret: the ball provided is made out of a soft, spongy material, so you won’t have to worry about any dodgy shots causing injury. In fact, this entire set is built with children in mind! This is a double-edged sword however, as the stumps and the bat included are on the small side. While this is great for family games, adults who are looking for a more serious game may want to invest in a more premium, adult-friendly kit. Overall though, at an extremely low price, this rounders set is great value for money, and you’ll no doubt have a fun time playing a light-hearted game of rounders at the beach!

Stainless Steel Boules Set


Pros: Great for a relaxing game at the beach, comes with a full set & handy travel case

Cons: Not an active game so children may find it boring, heavy so you won’t want to carry it around all day

Perfect as a relaxing game to play while chatting and sipping on an ice-cold drink, boules originates in France and can be played easily on sand. It’s especially good at improving coordination skills, so you’ll be having fun while also improving your skill set - bonus! This superb set comes with all the essentials: eight boules, a wooden jack, measuring string, and a smart travel case for effortless portability. 

Of course, boules isn’t known for being the most thrilling game in the world, so if you’re heading to the beach with your children, this may not be the best choice to keep them entertained. Also, despite the carry case being helpful, the boules are still incredibly heavy, so you won’t really want to be lugging it around all day. You’ll also need to make sure you can secure a flat, clear part of sand as well, otherwise it will be an interesting game to say the least!

Flying Disc Target Game

flying disc frisbee

Pros: Fun for the whole family no matter the skill level, easy assembly and folds for transport

Cons: Game has one objective so may get boring, discs may get lost as it doesn’t come with a travel case

Calling all frisbee fanatics, this is the ultimate game for you to play at the beach with friends and family! The rules of the game are simple: you have three frisbees and three targets of varying difficulties - all you have to do is throw the frisbee in the target to score a point! Don’t be fooled by the easy instructions though, this game is trickier than it looks! 

The beauty of this game is you can tailor the rules to suit your players, so no matter the skill level, you can all have an equal opportunity to score points. If you’re playing with little ones, try standing them closer to the target to give them a helping hand. Or, if you’re playing with adults, stand as far back as you can or even employ defensive players to try to catch the frisbee before it gets in the target - the choice is yours! Even better, it's simple to set up and folds up small so it’s easily portable.

As the only objective of this game is to throw the frisbees into the targets, there’s a risk of it becoming somewhat one-dimensional and losing its appeal very quickly. That’s why it’s a great idea to change up the rules to add extra levels as you grow more confident.

Garden Games Limbo Set


Pros: Great fun for all the family, quality wooden design with colourful height markers

Cons: May become repetitive over time, those with mobility issues won’t be able to join in

How low can you go? Test it out with this limbo set! This fabulous set comes with absolutely everything you need to get the fun started, as well as a handy storage bag for effortless transport, making it perfect for a day at the beach. Crafted from quality wood and coming complete with colourful height markers, this set is durable, simple to set up, and promises barrels of laughter!

Like some of the other games mentioned in this guide, once you’ve had a couple of games of limbo, the novelty may begin to wear off and it may become a little boring. As such, you may want to bring some other games with you on your outing to keep the fun going! Also, this game isn’t inclusive to all, as those who have mobility issues will struggle to get involved. Therefore, if you’re searching for a game that everyone can play, we’d suggest you opt for one of the alternative options in this guide.

Ladder Toss Ball Game

ladder toss game

Pros: Unique game that will feel fresh and new, perfect for both adults and kids

Cons: Takes a little longer to put together than some of the other options, relatively expensive

Completely unique and vastly different to many other beach games, this ladder toss ball game is a great option for those who are bored of all the traditional outdoor activities and want to try something new. The rules are simple yet require a little skill: all you have to do is throw two balls connected by a piece of string over the rungs of the free-standing ladder and get them to hang in place. Sounds easy, right? Well… not quite - and that’s what keeps things exciting! This game certainly requires you to use your coordination and throwing skills, and promises a shed load of fun and laughter along the way. The ladder even includes a built-in score tracker, so there’ll be no room for confusion! What’s more, a portable carrying bag is included for easy transportation. 

The ladder set does require self assembly, and with many parts needed to create it, it may take a little longer to get it set up than some of the other games in this list. On the whole however, this is a unique game that should keep children and adults alike entertained for ages, and if you’re wanting to try out a new game while at the beach, you should definitely give it a try!

Oypla 5m Adjustable Sports Net | Volleyball & Tennis

volleyball net

Pros: Suitable for various sports such as tennis and volleyball, easy to assemble, carry bag included

Cons: Balls and other accessories not included, price is quite high, need a fair amount of beach space to utilise

This multi-sport adjustable sports net is perfect for a day at the beach. Regardless of whether you're a fan of volleyball, tennis, or enjoy a spot of badminton, this net from Oypla has got you covered - all you need to do is buy the extras for the game you want to play and you’re away! The net is simple to set up and also super easy to transport, thanks to the handy carry bag that’s included. The ability to adjust the net and play various different sports means you’ll have fun planned all day long, and you won’t become bored playing the same game all day. 

Unfortunately, balls, bats and other pieces of equipment needed to play these sports aren’t included, so you’ll need to spend a little extra for these. Also, to play these sports, you’ll need to bag yourself a generous area of sand on the beach, so if you’re heading down to a packed beach, this may not be the game to bring. However, if you get down there early enough and nab your spot, you’ll have a day of fun in the sun ready and waiting!

Beach trip ready

beach trip

And there you have it - a full day of fun in the sun sorted! Whether it’s beach volleyball, boules or limbo, there’s something to ensure everyone gets involved in the action. So, pack up your essentials, slather on that sun cream, and prepare for the best summer staycation on record! 

Interested in learning more about potential summer activities? Check out our range of blogs and buyers guides that’ll inspire you to try something new and get active this summer. If you’re planning to stay at home, why not check out our recent guide that’ll get you thinking about some of the best lawn games you can play? Alternatively, if you’re after even more ‘funspiration’, you can check out our extensive range of beach toys and games right here at OnBuy! Among our super selection, you’ll find a game for every outdoor occasion, budget, and skill level. So, what are you waiting for? A summer of fun awaits!

The information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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