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Bird Food Mealworms

Provide a bounty of delicious and nutritious treats for a variety of garden birds to feast upon thanks to OnBuy's overflowing selection of mealworms! This natural source of food can be picked up both fresh and dried to feed you feathered friends from the likes of Natures Grub, Chubby, and Supa. Whether you're looking for mealworm suet pellets, a mealworm and calci worm mix, or straight-up dried mealworms to attract more birds to your backyard, our online selection is packed with various quantities to suit your purposes.

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Looking to buy Bird Food Mealworms?

While they may not look so appetising to us, mealworms are simply irresistible for many birds! Whether you pick them up fresh or dried, these tasty little treats make mouth-watering morsels for many of our feathered friends. Birds tend to eat a wide array of insects as part of their standard diet but adding a mound of mealworms to your bird feeder is sure to be appreciated by birds with a nest-full of hungry chicks to feed! So, what makes these wriggly little insects so attractive to our winged companions?

Why are mealworms good for birds to eat?

As the larvae of the mealworm beetle, mealworms (also referred to as yellow mealworms or golden grubs) don't feed on rotting flesh like maggots and choose to indulge on veggies instead. This natural diet of plants allows them to grow to sizes anywhere between 1-1.5-inches long while becoming an incredibly rich source of protein to help birds develop. Indeed, protein is an essential ingredient to support the development of muscles in our feathered friends. However, while mealworms are a fantastic and natural resource of protein, they lack sufficient calcium and therefore should only be incorporated into a wild bird's general diet.

When it comes to deciding between fresh and dried mealworms, both can be fed to birds however, they each come with their own benefits and disadvantages. By way of illustrating, mealworms that have either been dried-out via heating or freeze-drying aren't as nutritionally beneficial to birds, but they are incredibly easy and convenient to store and feed to birds. Filled with an abundance of essential protein, vitamins, and even high-grade edible oils, dried mealworms provide a much-needed source of energy for birds that can often struggle to find insects amongst manicured lawns and stone patios.

Which species of bird will eat mealworms?

Now you know why mealworms are so beneficial for birds, which birds will actually dig into them? Well, mealworms are often snapped up by any insectivorous birds (birds that eat insects) alongside other bugs and critters such as aquatic insects, flying insects, ants, spiders, grasshoppers, caterpillars, dragonflies, and even beautiful butterflies! As the protein in mealworms is vital for both muscle development and therefore chick growth, birds that you'll find diving into your bird feeder packed with mealworms includes Eastern and western bluebirds, Northern mockingbirds, American and European robins, and even Blue and great tits, to name just a few grateful species.

Other birds visiting your bird feeding station may also take their time to check out any remaining mealworms and have a little nibble, so it's always worth trying a handful in your garden and seeing how many more feathered visitors your garden acquires. 

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