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Peckish Bird Food

Encourage life into your garden with a beak-watering spread of Peckish bird food from OnBuy! Specifically formulated to provide your feathered friends with all the nutrition and energy they need to lead a healthy and happy life, all packed into delicious bite-sized treats, you're sure to attract a wealth of beautiful birds with an enticing assortment of Peckish bird food. Shop our selection now and give your garden guests an extra-special treat, sure to keep them coming back for more!  

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About Peckish Bird Food

Encourage all your favourite feathered friends to pay your garden a visit - and treat them to a flock-worthy five-star dining experience while you’re at it - with OnBuy’s selection of Peckish bird food, sure to keep them coming back for more! With everything from nyger seed to fat balls, sunflower seeds, mealworms and more, plus all the accessories you need to hang them out of reach of any unwanted guests, you’ll find all the tasty treats you need to entice a wealth of different birds into your gorgeous green space among our range of Peckish bird food. 

Why should you feed birds? 

One of the greatest benefits of feeding birds is simply the enjoyment of seeing your garden come alive with wildlife and hearing the glorious harmonies of birdsong echoing outside. While birds naturally pay our gardens a visit, a smorgasbord of bird feed will attract even more species to pop over, and much more frequently, too! From stunning summer swifts to red-breasted winter robins and everything in between, setting out a spread of bird feed is a wonderful way to catch a glimpse of all the best birds the UK has to offer, all from the comfort of your own home! 

Not only that but you’ll be doing your bit to help the environment, too! Food shortages can crop up at any time of the year and by keeping your garden topped up with lots of nutritional treats all year round, you’ll give your feathered friends a far better chance of surviving these difficult periods, whenever they may occur. Plus, birds naturally help with flower pollination and pest control, which means that you can sit back and relax and let nature do all the backbreaking work in the garden for you, perfect! 

Why choose Peckish? 

Peckish is dedicated to giving birds the best nutrition possible, allowing them to live healthy and happy lives and uplift us with their vibrant colours and beautiful birdsongs. Specifically formulated to be high in energy, Peckish bird food is packed with the perfect amount of calories to meet the high demands of their bodies, keeping them going all day long as they scavenge, fly and go through the finicky task of building their nests. 

In fact, they’re so passionate about providing birds with the best of the best, that each Peckish product is enriched with their specially developed supplement, Calvita. Calvita is a natural enrichment which has been developed to provide all the nutrients that garden birds need to keep in tip-top condition, including carotenoids to protect them from the harsh rays of the sun, calcium to promote healthy bones and egg production, and a variety of vitamins to help them grow big and strong. 

Peckish bird food for every feathered friend

No matter how big or small your winged garden visitor may be, Peckish has developed the perfect food to suit them. With a collection of different Peckish bird food, from oil-rich nyger seeds that are a favourite among smaller birds like goldfinches, pine siskins and redpolls, to protein-packed peanut seeds that are well-loved among great spotted woodpeckers, great tits and nuthatches, you can turn your garden into the place to be for a whole variety of different species, sure to make you the envy of all your neighbours! 

Even better, Peckish offer a whole range of different feeders for you to hang all your tasty treats high up on the tree and well out of reach of any unwanted scavengers. With everything from hardwearing plastic suet ball hangers all the way through to co-co fat feeders with a handy built-in hook, you’re sure to find the perfect partners to pair with your bird feed among our virtual shelves. Plus, keeping your feeders off the floor also protects your garden guests from any lurking predators such as cats and foxes, so they’re a well-worth investment! 

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