Update and enjoy your home by transforming it into your own patch of perfect with our selection of budget-friendly home DIY projects. Whether you’re looking for a DIY home improvement idea that’ll impress your guests, add value to your home or simply inject a new lease of life into a worn-out interior, we have the ideal home project for you!

Refresh your walls with a lick of paint

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Refresh your walls with a lick of paint

There’s nothing that a lick of paint can’t improve! Even if your walls are seemingly clean and white, you’ll be amazed at the difference that a fresh coat of white paint or a bright statement shade can make. Purchasing a tub of paint and donning some old clothes is a budget-friendly alternative to hiring a professional.

If your interior walls are torn, bumpy and peeling, or your garden shed and fence panels are crying out for some 3-in-1 woodcare, weather protection and vivid colour, applying a couple of coats of high-quality paint is an attainable goal for any DIY novice. For interior walls, prep is key!

Ensure the canvas you’re working with is smooth, clean and free from any leftover scraps of wallpaper for an even finish. Once the wall is suitably prepared and your furniture is covered, you can get stuck in. Simply follow the helpful painting tricks in the video underneath for an effortless transformation.

Welcome guests with a new look


Welcome guests with a new look

If your home is in dire need of a new look, an easy and budget-friendly way to refresh your home exterior is by updating your doorway. After all, this is the main entrance to your home and the first thing your guests will see as they approach.

Instead of throwing money at upgrading the whole exterior of your home, updating your front door alone DIY-style can make a huge difference. Whether you opt for a new colour, style or accessory, upgrading your front door needn’t be a drain on your wallet.

A relatively inexpensive way to freshen up your front door, popular paint shades for welcoming guests include deep and vibrant reds, dark greens and moody slate blues, all of which make a stylish home décor impression.

These contemporary statement colours are paired best with a homely doormat or wreath to finish off your brand new doorway style. Alternatively, adding some colour and greenery through affordable potted and hanging plants will rejuvenate any timeworn front door.

Spruce up your garden

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Spruce up your garden

While the weather is on your side, it’s always a brilliant idea to get out into the garden! There are plenty of gardening projects to get stuck into: from creating a self-sustaining veg patch to assembling a value-adding shed, these DIY garden improvements are fun for the whole family and just keep on giving.

One of the most affordable garden improvements you can make is creating your very own vegetable patch for an unlimited supply of fresh fruits and delicious veggies. Using nothing more than a trowel, plant fertiliser and seeds, you can cultivate a glorious garden of tasty treats with just a little bit of effort.

Start by picking out a sunny spot in your garden that’s also sheltered from the wind and nearby to a water source - a spot where your plants are sure to thrive! Then, dig out any perennial weeds that might inhibit their growth and prepare the soil for your seeds by doing a pH test.

Aim for neutral soil, adding soil-based compost, green waste and topsoil to balance out the quantities of alkaline and acid in the soil. Once the foundation is ready, start with the easy-to-grow veggies including courgettes, potatoes, strawberries and beetroots and work your way up from there. For more tips to get you started, take a look at the helpful clip below.

Light up your kitchen cabinets

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Light up your kitchen cabinets

Bring your kitchen to life by creating an attractive and practical glow that highlights your kitchen countertops. If your kitchen is already kitted out with under cabinet lighting, you can replace your old-fashioned and energy-draining fluorescent lighting tubes by switching them with the eco-friendly, LED version.

This easy and cost-effective switch will save you money on your electricity bill and provide a long-lasting source of light. Alternatively, if you currently don’t have any under cabinet lighting, opting for an LED strip lighting kit is an affordable and effortless tool for ambient lighting.

With options to cut and solder the strip lighting yourself or purchase ready-made plug-and-play kits, you get to decide on the level of DIY. Finished with a self-adhesive sticky backing, simply peel away the backing and press into place for a neat and mess-free finish.

You can even choose from a range of dazzling RGB or RGBW (colour changing) LED strip light kits to achieve a rainbow of stunning shades using a sleek remote control, perfect for hosting guests or creating a romantic atmosphere.

Protect your hardwood floors

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Protect your hardwood floors

In a bid to prevent worn-looking wooden floors spanning your home, a super-easy and affordable way to keep your hardwood floors looking stunning is to protect them before they suffer from daily wear and tear. This money-saving tip only requires felt pads and a little bit of time and muscle power!

Felt pads, also known as furniture pads, are dense pieces of protective felt with a self-adhesive on one side on the pad. These cushioning pads are incredibly easy to attach to the underside of chair and table legs to keep your floors free from unsightly scratches and marks despite using your furniture every day.

Large assorted packs of felt pads in all kinds of useful and customisable sizes can be purchased for just a few pounds and will pay for themselves in the long run when your wooden floor remains in prime condition for decades to come.

This quick and easy home DIY project can even be fun for the whole family by drafting in your kids to pop these pads onto the underside of any furniture they can get their hands on.

Rejuvenate your bathroom

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Rejuvenate your bathroom

If your current taps are rusty, old or simply crying out for a modern restoration, you don’t have to be a plumber to replace them. In just five simple steps you (yes, you!) can give your bathroom a contemporary upgrade with just a few twists to delight both you and your guests.

Switching your worn-out taps for a brand new set is a cinch when you have an easy-to-follow set of steps to guide you and a selection of affordable tap styles. To discover everything there is to know about replacing your taps without creating a watery mess, take a look at the helpful video below.

When it comes to choosing a style of tap, there are plenty of sleek, chrome taps that would complement any modern bathroom. Alternatively, if you’re really looking to treat yourself, the traditional, brass-look taps are also making a comeback and add a luxurious element to any elegant bathroom!

Create some statement curtains

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Create some statement curtains

A pair of curtains can be used for both design and practical reasons, from softening hard architectural features to muffling sound and, of course, blocking out light. Make your home beautiful without breaking the budget and splashing out on a pair of designer curtains by making them yourself.

You can pick up plenty of affordable and durable linen, silk or faux silk fabrics with an array of eye-catching designs from which you can construct your own unique curtains. The bolder the pattern and colours, the greater the impact!

If you’re already a skilled seamstress with a sewing machine, creating your very own curtains will be a cinch, but there are also plenty of no-sew hemming and hanging methods that anybody can try, such as double-stick fabric tape to hang your statement curtains.

For hassle-free curtain hanging and styling tips, check out the DIY video underneath that explains all the best tips and tricks to upgrade your home with some statement curtains.

Don’t dispose: deep clean!


Don’t dispose: deep clean!

Never underestimate the effectiveness of a good old-fashioned, DIY clean! When it comes to rejuvenating tired-looking carpets, a deep clean can accomplish wonders! Far more cost-efficient than ripping out the old ones and replacing them, why go to all this trouble and expenditure when a deep clean can make them look as good as new anyway?

Removing fine debris and trodden-in dirt through deep carpet cleaning can achieve incredible results, even changing the colour of decades-old carpets as the powerful suction and cleaning solution combo cleanses your carpets to leave them looking (and smelling!) fresher. This kind of deep cleaning also helps to preserve the carpet condition for years to come.

While purchasing your very own professional-standard carpet cleaner can set you back hundreds of pounds, hiring one for a day or two comes in at a fraction of the price if you’re working with a stricter budget. Deep cleaning carpets and rugs instead of replacing them does require effort, so we hope you’re willing to pull up your sleeves and get stuck in!

To give you a better idea of why carpet cleaners are so effective at treating carpets and how to use them, take a look at the Vax carpet cleaner clip underneath - not all carpet cleaners will be as advanced as this high-tech model, but the fundamental concept remains the same.

Put up those shelves, finally!

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Put up those shelves, finally!

Tackle that constant nagging DIY job that’s easy to put off by finally installing those shelves this summer. Not only do they provide a brilliant platform to display your trophies, treasured memories and pictures, but they're also useful organisational tools.

With plenty of stylish and multi-pack shelving options available for under £10, transforming your cosy bedroom, sleek office or homey living room is a cinch. Popular designs include the contemporary floating wall shelves that sit firmly against the wall without any visible fixtures or fittings.

When purchasing your shelves, also bear in mind the weight capacity! Stronger, heavy duty shelves are best if you plan to stack them with your favourite collection of novels, but if you’d rather adorn them with lightweight ornaments, low weight capacity floating shelves will be more than suitable.

While there are several ways of effectively installing a floating shelf including wooden cleats and figure-eight fasteners, the most reliable method is by using a hidden bracket as featured in the installation video below. Suitable for the more experienced DIY-er, always follow the included instructions!

Add some final touches

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Add some final touches

If you’ve just moved into a new home that feels like a blank canvas, why not inject some personality with a variety of ornaments that'll suit your unique personality? These final touches might seem quick and easy for a DIY home project, but achieving a balance of colour, texture and quantity can be tricky.

Whether that involves hanging pictures in edgy frames, adorning shelves and window sills with colourful bouquets of faux flowers and real plants, or adding a hint of luxury with some decadent ornaments, these special finishing touches make all the difference. Check out the video below for a greater insight into the dreamy world of interior design.

Ready to roll up your sleeves?

With ten DIY home projects ready and waiting for you to get stuck into, rejuvenating your home for an affordable price couldn’t be easier. While DIY will always require effort, you can make it easier for yourself by planning, prepping and researching the best ways to get your DIY home improvement over the line.

Whether you’re a DIY beginner or you love that satisfying feeling of completing yet another home project, our easy DIY projects designed to improve your home can be taken on by anyone!