Watching your favourite blockbuster film or TV series can be exciting at the best of times, but it's even more exciting when you find out that the place you see on TV actually exists and you can visit where your favourite character or actor once stood.

Curious to find out where our favourite Netflix shows are filmed, OnBuy's TV Cinema department investigated 11 Netflix shows and can reveal where their onscreen locations can be found around the world.

11 Netflix show locations you NEED to visit
Stranger Things

Netflix/Tina Rowden

1. Stranger Things

The American sci-fi horror Stranger Things attracted record viewership on Netflix and is still one of the sites most-watched shows. Therefore, thanks to its very active and international fan base, the show is one of the most popular Netflix show locations to visit, with a staggering 42,800 people searching for the location of Stranger Things each month.

We can reveal that the majority of the show's filming took place in Atlanta, Georgia, including the Stone Mountain Cherokee Loop Trail. This location was used for a number of memorable scenes in the show, including when the boys are first seen walking the tracks with Eleven. The location is said to be very easy to find following the coordinates 33.808399, -84139244 according to FilmQuest.

Location: Stone Mountain Cherokee Loop Trail
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Top Boy

Netflix/Chris Harris

2. Top Boy

The British crime drama, which made its debut in 2011, takes viewers into the housing estates of East London, where there is tension between drug gangs. The show found a new global audience when its third series aired on Netflix in 2019 and was executively produced by Canadian rapper, Drake. As a result, the show increased in popularity and is the second most popular Netflix show location for fans to visit, with almost 20,000 fans searching for the location of the series each month.

Those looking for the location of the British crime drama should head to East London and Hackney where most of the series was filmed. When the series relocated from Channel 4 to Netflix, the Summerhouse Estate changed from its original location at Heygate Estate to Samuda Estate after the original location had been demolished.

Location: East London and Hackney
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Sex Education

Netflix/Sam Taylor

3. Sex Education

The British comedy drama Sex Education proved to be a worldwide success when it hit the streaming platform in January of 2019: the show's debut series reached 40 million viewers and it was renewed for a second and third series. It's no surprise that the show is the third most popular Netflix show location for fans to visit, with 13,350 Google searches every month from fans asking where Sex Education is filmed.

Most of the key locations were filmed in Wales, specifically in Wye Valley, and the Forest of Dean. One of the most recognisable locations to visit is the University of South Wales, Caerleon campus, which was used as Moorland High School (the school the characters attended).

Did you know? The 100-year-old Norwegian wooden house, where Otis and his mother Jean live, will soon be available to rent as a holiday home!

Location: University of South Wales, Caerleon Campus
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Peaky Blinders

Shutterstock/Ysbrand Cosiin

4. Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders has been a hit since it started back in 2013, earning many awards including a BAFTA win for "Best Drama Series" in 2018. Peaky Blinders is the fourth most popular Netflix show location for fans to visit, with 6,900 fans asking Google where the TV series is filmed each month.

Despite the British period crime drama of the criminal gang being set in Birmingham in 1919, production actually took place in Liverpool. One of the most important set locations for the series is Powis Street - or as it's known on the show, Watery Lane - where the Shelby home, headquarters and illegal betting office are located.

Location: Liverpool - notably, Powis Street
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Netflix/Jackson Davis

5. Ozark

The American crime drama Ozark has received 14 Emmy Award nominations and is popular across the world, especially in America. So much so, fans of the show have Googled where the show is filmed over 6,000 times each month, making it the fifth most popular Netflix show location for fans to visit.

OnBuy's TV Cinema department can reveal that although the series is set at a waterfront resort at the Lake of the Ozarks, most of the shooting locations actually took place in Atlanta, specifically at Lake Allatoona and Lake Lanier.

Fans will be happy to know they can stay in the 3,500-acre home of drug lord Del Rio as it was filmed at the Chateau Elan Winery and Resort in Georgia.

Location: Georgia, America
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The Haunting of Hill House

Netflix/Steve Dietl

6. The Haunting of Hill House

Since its premiere on Netflix in October 2018, the American supernatural horror has received critical acclaim for its directing, acting and production values. In fact, our research found that The Haunting of Hill House has 3,930 searches per month from fans asking where the show is filmed, ranking the series as the sixth most sought-after location to visit.

The series took place in Atlanta, Georgia, with the real location of Hill House at Bisham Manor in LaGrange. The English Tudor-style mansion was used for the exterior shots and is newer than it looks, having mostly been reconstructed in 2002. The manor was used in real life for wedding venues but is now privately owned.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia - notably, Bisham Manor
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7. YOU

The American psychological thriller You premiered on Netflix in 2018 and attracted over 43 million viewers on its first season debut. The show's worldwide appeal means You ranks as the seventh most popular Netflix show location for fans to visit, with 3,610 people searching for the show's filming location each month.

The infamous Mooney's bookstore, seen throughout the entire first series, used Logos Bookstore in New York City for filming. It's still a regular hotspot fans visit to take their You-inspired Instagram photos.

Did you know? According to research we conducted previously, it will take you 15 hours and 29 minutes to binge-watch the entire series of You.

Location: Logos Bookstore, New York City
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After Life

Netflix/Ray Burmiston

8. After Life

The British black comedy After Life follows the life of a man who loses his wife to cancer. The series proved a huge hit on the streaming service in March of 2019 and was renewed for a second and third series almost instantly. It proved popular with fans, with 3,310 people searching for the location of filming each month, ranking it as the eighth most Googled Netflix location fans want to visit.

OnBuy's TV Cinema department can reveal that the small town of Tambury doesn't actually exist - what's actually shown is a combination of locations in Hampstead, Beaconsfield, Hemel Hempstead and Camber Sands. The fictional office of the Tambury Gazette was filmed outside 48 High Street in the Hemel Hempstead old town.

Location: Hampstead, Beaconsfield, Hemel Hempstead and Camber Sands
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Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

Netflix/Graham Bartholomew

9. Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

The British dystopian sci-fi series Black Mirror was purchased by Netflix in December 2014 and has since received positive reception from critics, as well as winning 8 Emmy Awards. The popularity among fans worldwide increases with each episode, but the main question on every fan's lips is: where is Black Mirror filmed? With 1,380 people asking Google per month, the show is the ninth most popular Netflix show location to visit.

The filming location for Black Mirror varies episode to episode, and whilst this episode takes place in America, the £5.3M mansion that belonged to Ashley O was actually filmed in Constantia, Cape Town. Fans were quick to connect the dots and noticed the mansion was also used as the villa in the 2020 winter series of Love Island!

Location: Cape Town
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Orange is the New Black

Netflix/JoJo Whilden

10. Orange is the New Black

The American comedy drama Orange is the New Black has become Netflix's most watched original series and has garnered 12 Emmy Award nominations and 3 wins. It's unsurprising that it makes the top 10 most sought-after Netflix locations to visit, with just over 1,100 Google searches each month.

The series was set in Litchfield, in upstate New York, and was filmed at Rockland Children's Psychiatric Hospital, an abandoned asylum.

Location: Litchfield, upstate New York
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Money Heist

Shutterstock/Paolo Certo

11. Money Heist

The Spanish crime drama Money Heist follows the story of a criminal mastermind who has a plan to pull off the biggest heist recorded in history. Since Netflix acquired the global streaming rights in 2017, it became the most-watched non-English language series on the streaming site within four months of being added. What's more, we can reveal it's the eleventh most Googled Netflix location fans want to visit too, with 740 people searching for the location of Money Heist each month.

The show's first two seasons were primarily filmed in Madrid, including outside the Spanish National Research Council. The Royal Mint of Spain is where an 11-day robbery took place in the crime series, however, due to security reasoning, the filmmakers were not allowed to film outside the actual Royal Mint and they used the National Research Council's exterior instead. It wasn't until Netflix acquired the global streaming rights that the show began to shoot in various international locations for series 3 and 4.

Location: Madrid, Spain
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The average monthly search volume for the show and its location was found by using SEMrush.

*Data was extracted 9/7/2020