If leaving the house on a chilly February evening is not your idea of romance, you've hit the jackpot with our brilliant at-home Valentine's Day ideas!

With the most romantic day of the year around the corner, it's time to start thinking about how to show your partner that extra bit of love and care they deserve. Luckily for you, we have plenty of stay at home date ideas up our sleeves to help you plan the best Valentine's Day this year!

Treat yourselves to something that lasts beyond the evening or pick from one of our budget-friendly Valentine's date ideas - we've got plenty of perfect ways to reconnect from the comfort of your home. And don't worry if rose petals and love poems are not your thing: there's a whole array of non-clichés to choose from!


Valentine's Day At Home: A Focus On Food And Drink

This Valentine's Day let things get steamy - in the kitchen! Find date night dinner ideas and more to satisfy your stomach and heart...

1. Whip Up An Indoor Picnic

What could be more romantic than adorning your living room with pretty string lights and spending the evening lounging on a blanket?

Put together a spread of your favourite deli picks, light a few candles and enjoy this alfresco favourite in the warmth of your home. If you're feeling particularly enthused, you could try making your own mini sandwiches, salad and delicious dips!

Indoor Picnic

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2. Host A Home Cocktail Night For Two

Bring the bar home and set up your own happy hour in the lounge! From Piña Colada cocktail glasses to cocktail shakers, we have everything you need to mix up the perfect martini or get creative with yummy cocktails.

Whether you opt to turn your bar into a chic Parisian speakeasy or go snazzy with a tropical paradise theme, there's plenty to choose from at OnBuy...

Once you're stocked up with a few simple ingredients and some barware, those 2-for-1 cocktail deals at your local bar suddenly don't seem as great anymore!

Home Cocktail Night

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3. Melt Your Partner's Heart Over Fondue

Whether you opt for cheese or chocolate, a fondue night is guaranteed to be a warming way to spend Valentine's Day 2019.

Enjoy the delicious gooeyness of baked camembert served on a fancy cheese board set or go oh-so-sweet with strawberries and a chocolate fountain for comfort food with an elaborate twist!

Top tip: this is the perfect option to combine with one of our other ideas...


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4. Rice To The Challenge With Homemade Sushi

A delicacy straight from Japan, sushi has been taking over the world one sashimi dish after another - and this Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to take it one step further and try making your own!

Spend the evening with your partner creating your favourites using fresh ingredients: opt for simple but oh-so-lovely Maki with avocado and salmon or go all out with a Rainbow Roll.

Pick up a classic Japanese sushi set and Sushi recipe book to get you started - and don't forget that bottle of Sake to go with your delights!

Homemade Sushi

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5. Indulge With Breakfast In Bed

This one might seem obvious but it's a classic for a reason - and perfect for the Valentine's weekend...

Enjoy a slow morning together with absolutely no rush on the agenda: switch off your partner's alarm and wake up them up with the delicious, warming aroma of coffee instead - before treating them to a gourmet banquet in bed!

Take inspiration from a breakfast recipe book and effortlessly recreate those café vibes at home with a nifty coffee machine - complete with some sleek latté glasses for the full experience, of course!

Breakfast In Bed

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6. Become Wine Connoisseurs For The Night

Take an imaginary trip to the Loire Valley and sample some delicious wine at home - no passport required!

Do a little research beforehand with a wine tasting book before popping the cork on a bottle of red, white or rosé (or all three!) and taking in the notes and aromas.

Why not add a cheese board to complete this classic duo? If you're feeling fancy, opt for champagne to add a dash of sophistication that'll rival the Ritz and make it a Valentine's Day to remember - unless you have too much, that is!

Wine Night

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7. Bake Your Way To Love

Sprinkle a little love in the air with some homemade treats - lovingly baked by you and your beloved! Whether you opt for heart-shaped biscuits, an indulgent red velvet cake or something a little more extravagant, this couple's activity is perfect for a cosy evening tucked away from the chilly temperatures outside.

Get inspired with mouth-watering recipes from GBBO King Paul Hollywood's British Baking, pick up a sweet baking tin or dish and get creative with food colouring. If you're feeling a little competitive, why not challenge each other to your very own bake off?


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8. Homemade Pizza = The Way To Your Partner's Heart

If your taste buds gravitate more towards savoury, then this one is perfect for you! Visit your local deli for fresh artisan ingredients and roll out your own dough for a homemade base - or pick up some ready-made mini pizza bases to save time!

If you're feeling a little adventurous, why not opt for homemade garlic bread or a tasty flatbread for a change? Finish with your favourite toppings, a drizzle of olive oil, and serve on a wooden pizza plate for an authentic Italian feel... Buon appetito!

Homemade Pizza

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Creative Ideas For Valentine's Day At Home

Couples who appreciate a handmade touch to celebrations will particularly love our crafty Valentine's Day date ideas - perfect for showing your partner just how much they mean to you!

9. Make A Cute DIY Date Night Idea Jar

Keep the romance afloat year-round with this oh-so-thoughtful surprise: simply fill a jar with cute date night ideas, top up with heart confetti and seal with a kiss - or a 'handmade with love' ribbon for an extra layer of love!

When it comes to the big day itself, present your partner with this thoughtful gift and let them pick one from the jar for a dash of spontaneity... Just make sure to have a few things prepared for each idea!

Idea Jar

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10. Channel Your Inner Picasso

For a splash of artistic amour, transport yourselves to the streets of Paris' Montmartre district and show off your watercolour skills with paintings of each other!

Get in the spirit with some mini wooden easels and watercolour pen set or opt for fail-safe coloured pencils.

Whether you portray your partner through heart-shaped glasses or go a little humorous with a caricature, it's bound to be a Valentine's at home to Rem-em-brandt!


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11. Get Nostalgic With A Scrapbook

Memories come and go but a scrapbook is forever... Make those too-good-to-forget occasions last with this simple but crafty idea - perfect for reminiscing over your favourite moments and reigniting the flame!

Flick through old albums (physical or digital!) together and collect photos to stick alongside cute quotes and in-jokes, pretty washi tape and a whole measure of love for a keepsake to proudly display on your bookshelf.


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12. Craft A Truly Unique Valentine's Gift: Candles Or Soap!

Take a homemade (with love) approach to your pamper night and have a go at making your own scented treats.

With a whole array of aromas and moulds to choose from among our candle and soap making supplies, you can both get a little inventive - whether you lean towards luxurious tropical notes or classic floral elements.

Believed to be the strongest sense that elicits memories, creating concoctions with your own unique scent is bound to make this Valentine's Day a future stroll through memory lane...

Homemade Candles And Soap

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13. Turn Your Love Story Into A Cartoon

Invent your very own colourful world together with an array of whimsical characters and storylines to rival your favourite animations.

Whether you choose to stick to old school paper and pens or pick up a tablet for endless creative fun, this is a sweet activity to enjoy together from the comfort of your sofa.


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14. Stamp Your Love Onto Handmade T-Shirts

Forget about sleeping in your old pyjamas - this Valentine's Day, it's all about handmade t-shirts!

Pick up a plain white cotton base and use our snazzy fabric painting and decoration supplies to create one-off designs for each other.

Opt for a colourful tie-dye kit for a touch of hippie chic or go metallic with mini fabric spray paints - with so many options, you can really let your imagination take over!

Handmade T-Shirts

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Relaxing Ways To Spend Valentine's Day At Home

Take a low-key, slow approach this year and let go of life's worries together with these cosy ways to spend Valentine's Day at home. Take a seat, technology...

15. Swap A Getaway For A Staycation At Home

Let's face it: those city breaks always add up, no matter how budget you attempt to go. So, why not recreate a hotel stay at home with all the frills of a swanky four-star boutique?

For an extra romantic way to celebrate Valentine's over the weekend, treat yourselves to some scented candles, luxury bedding and a super soft throw for a cosy (not costly!) way to unwind...


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16. Deepen Your Bond With A Yoga Night

A date night at home doesn't have to revolve around indulging, so light some candles and grab a yoga mat for a soothing way to spend the evening with your other half.

Heat things up with some Bikram or go gentle with classic Hatha moves - you'll both be floating on a cloud of relaxation when you're done!

Yoga Night

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17. Curl Up And Read Together

In a world of noise and bustle, sometimes the simplest ways to relax can be the most effective... One that doesn't require any planning in advance (only a well-stocked bookshelf!), this sweet activity is ideal for bookworms and their partners.

Browse our fabulous collections of fiction and non-fiction books to find the perfect complement to your quiet date night at home...

Read Together

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18. Bring The Spa To Your Bathroom

Take indulgence to a whole new level and plan the ultimate pamper night with your partner. From fizzing bath bombs to calming essential oils, we have an array of goodies to help you create the ultimate spa experience at home!

Once you're all relaxed and groomed from head to toe, why not enjoy a relaxing bath together to keep the tranquil atmosphere going?

Bathroom Spa

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19. Let Music Sweep You Both Away

There's no doubt that music and romance go hand in hand, which is why a night of jazz (or your preferred genre!) is guaranteed to add an extra dash of love in the air.

Pop on a CD and let George Michael serenade your partner with a whisper or make Michael Bublé your 'Funny Valentine'!

For those of you who own a record player, our classic vinyl records are perfect for eliciting nostalgia with the drop of a needle...


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Even More Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas

Still wondering what to do at home on Valentine's Day? No need to fret thanks to the rest of our fabulous ideas - that can also be enjoyed at any time of the year!

20. Bond Over A Board Game

Cosy up at home this Valentine's Day with your partner over a classic game of cards or make it a double date with a traditional board game and let your competitive streaks roam free!

Or, if you're feeling more harmonious, choose to complete a jigsaw puzzle together instead for the ultimate teamwork effort. Quality time spent together away from the screen is bound to up the romance on this night of the year...

Board Game Night

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21. Get Scavenging On A Treasure Hunt With Gifts

Add an element of surprise to your Valentine's Day at home and dot the house with small, thoughtful presents you've lovingly put together for your partner.

Sprinkle a trail of rose petals to help guide your partner or leave them to their own devices to find their gifts hidden around the house...

For additional romance points, you could even leave a short handwritten love note attached to each treat with a simple gift tag!

Treasure Hunt

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22. Lights, Camera, Love!

Skip the cinema with its sticky floor and overpriced snacks for your own film night at home.

Boss the basics with a blanket throw or take it to the next level with some awesome silver screen staples: take your pick of sweet or salty with a snazzy popcorn maker and pretend you're both kids again with a candy floss maker!

Between romantic classics that stand the test of time and modern picks alike, hosting an at-home movie night could not be easier.

Movie Night

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23. Visit A Country - Without Hopping On A Plane

Who said you have to be confined to your sofa when staying in on Valentine's Day? Not us... Leave your passport firmly in its drawer as this one requires only a short trip to the supermarket!

Simply pick a country you both love or have always wanted to visit together and let it guide the theme for the rest of the evening...

Whip up a national dish, experience the language through film and maybe start planning an actual visit for when another special occasion crops up!

Visit A Country

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24. Battle It Out With Video Games

For an abundance of competitive fun, head straight to your console! No matter your preferred game style, there's plenty of couple-friendly picks in our video games selection to choose from.

Whether you're searching for classic titles or modern, heart-racing action, you're bound to find one that ticks all the boxes here. Just don't forget to pick up a spare controller or a pair of Nintendo Switch Steering Wheels!

Video Games

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25. Snuggle Up With A Bonfire In The Garden

The weather may be frosty at this time of year but that doesn't mean you can't take your Valentine's date outdoors!

Make it ultra-cosy with marshmallows, cocoa and a warming fire for a night with your love under the stars...

Grab a blanket to stay super toasty as you celebrate another year together and watch the night sky - perfect for hopeless romantics!


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We hope our list of romantic things to do at home on Valentine's Day has encouraged you to skip the overpriced (and overdone) restaurant meal to make the most of a night in with your partner instead.

Between quirky takes on romance and delectable ways to make foodies' hearts melt, you won't be short of stay-at-home date ideas this year... Now that we've planted the seed in your mind, it's down to you to make your partner feel that extra bit special!