Let's face it: between high fees and even higher competition, marketplace selling can be complicated.

Whether you're tired of Amazon's tricks or exhausted by eBay (or both!), there's no need to fret - say hello to OnBuy, the ultimate place to sell online. Want to know why we're your marketplace match made in heaven? We'll tell you!

1. Save While You Sell

When you consider selling on a marketplace, the first thing on your list is undoubtedly the sales fees. After all, who wants to give a whopping 15% (à la Amazon) or 10% (looking at you, eBay) of their sale to the marketplace? That's what we thought, and why OnBuy's sales fees start at just 5%! Yes, you read that right: our fees are as low as 5-9%, depending on what you sell. Wow!

As though that wasn't exciting enough, you'll have the choice of two account packages to best suit your needs. Whether you'd prefer a budget-friendly Standard Seller account with our first-of-its-kind Sales Guarantee or a Partner Seller account complete with promotional perks, we're confident you'll have what you need to make the most of OnBuy.

Low fees

2. Simple, Streamlined & Stress-Free

Now we've dazzled you with our impressively low fees, it's time to showcase just how simple it is to sell on OnBuy. Between the inconvenience of eBay's non-product matching system and the complex Amazon sign-up process, you're undoubtedly wishing for an easier alternative - that's where we come in!

Whatever you sell, whichever country you'd like to sell it to; you'll handle it all from your intuitive Seller Control Panel, carefully designed to take the stress out of selling. From creating products in bulk with ease to customisable delivery templates at your fingertips, you'll soon wonder how you sold anywhere else!


"Tired of Amazon's tricks? Exhausted by eBay? Say hello to OnBuy, the ultimate place to sell online!"

3. We Won't Compete With You

You might wonder why we're mentioning that we don't compete with our sellers - a marketplace's purpose is connect you with customers, not take sales away from you! So why would Amazon start listing against your products with unmatchable prices, secretly compete with you under an array of different brand names and promote said own-brand alternatives over yours? Good question!

At OnBuy, we offer you more than a simple way to sell: we offer you security. You can rest assured that OnBuy won't compete with you - ever! Between our low fees, transparent approach and OnBuy Deals (explained below!), everything we do is to help you boost sales and make the most of our platform.


4. Deals For Days

While eBay's cluttered non-catalogue system is confusing customers - with your products getting lost in the melee - you're no doubt thinking 'there must be a better way...' Enter OnBuy! Not just satisfied with being easy-to-navigate, we've created our fantastic Deals platform to help you boast about your best offerings.

Simply submit a qualifying product and we'll work our sales-boosting magic across our social media channels, Google Shopping, and our affiliate and marketing networks! That's not all: we'll send roundups of our bestsellers, seasonal steals and on-trend products to our loyal customers through OnBuy Deals emails - giving you extra exposure without you having to lift a finger.


5. We're Partnered With PayPal

As (we hope!) you may have noticed by now, the team at OnBuy HQ are always working to make your experience selling with us as easy, secure and rewarding as possible. Our latest upgrade could be our most exciting yet... We've partnered with PayPal!

We chose to use the ultra-safe payment gateway to give you pure peace of mind (not to mention, the low fees...). Every transaction made is encrypted and monitored to prevent fraud, email phishing and identity theft - and if something goes wrong with an order? You could benefit from the PayPal Seller Protection scheme, designed so you can sell with confidence.


After that, we hope you're as confident as we are that OnBuy is the place to sell online! Decided you'd like to join the UK's fastest growing online marketplace where sales are soaring (with an 800% increase this summer alone)? Fantastic! Get in touch with our Onboarding Team via the Register Interest form. Already a satisfied OnBuy seller but have a question? Simply visit the 'Support Centre' in your Seller Control Panel and the team will be happy to help.