As online shopping becomes increasingly popular (we'll admit, it is pretty hard to resist the allure of shopping from your sofa), trying to choose where to splash the cash can be a nightmare - sometimes it feels like you're inundated with options!

Say hello to OnBuy: the British marketplace and your soon-to-be new favourite online shop. We're pleased to bring you a diverse range of products from a variety of sellers, meaning you'll find everything you need under one (virtual) roof - and score some bargains while you're at it!

We'll skip past the obvious plus sides about shopping at OnBuy - like the convenience and simplicity - and go into more detail about why we're different from the rest, and why that means you should shop with us.


We should be cheaper than competitors


Did you catch our debut advertising campaign with ITV2 earlier this year? If so, you'll have heard our central message - that customers should check OnBuy before ordering items elsewhere. We urge customers to do this because in many cases, OnBuy can offer the best deals on its varied and ever-growing product range.

Cas Paton, Managing Director at OnBuy, says: "We are Britain's best value for money online marketplace and the savings made by our sellers are already translating into some of the cheapest prices around for consumers."

OnBuy helps to keep prices low by charging sellers fees of just 5-9%, compared to an average of 15% on Amazon and 10% on eBay. This allows sellers to offer lower prices while still making healthier margins when compared to selling the same product on other marketplaces. So, it really is a win-win: savings for sellers equals savings for customers!


Our sellers are registered businesses, not individuals


Not only do we offer some of the best value commission rates on the market, we pride ourselves on partnering with quality businesses, ensuring our customers receive a first-class service from start to finish.

OnBuy sellers are professionals, so you know that you'll be buying from an established company or registered sole trader, rather than an individual. We're very selective with the sellers we partner with, and maintain regular audits to ensure everything is running as smoothly as possible.

We are proud to have partnered with the likes of World of Books Ltd - the largest Amazon bookseller in the UK and the fourth largest Amazon seller in Europe - and Chalky's, a major UK seller of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays - and look forward to getting plenty more quality sellers on board, to offer our customers an even greater range than we already have.


We're British


You might know us as being "the British marketplace" - but why is that important? For starters, we're a registered UK business, meaning we pay our fair share of taxes (including UK corporation tax and UK VAT) and we proudly contribute to the British economy.

Supporting a home grown marketplace like ourselves also helps create jobs in the UK - which is valuable as we face an uncertain future together post-Brexit. What's more, we're proud to uphold British values: we are strong and resilient, just like our country, so we'll keep working hard to bring you the best deals - no matter what the future holds.


Our reviews are verified

Verified reviews

Research shows that two-thirds of shoppers are more likely to buy online if product ratings and reviews are available. Getting broad feedback on a product is highly useful when shopping online, which is why here at OnBuy, we're happy to display both favourable and critical reviews on all our sellers and their products.

Not only is this a great way to help our customers to make an informed choice, we hope that it'll also build trust between our customers and OnBuy as a shopping platform.

What's more, all reviews you see on OnBuy are subject to a thorough verification process - we conduct these inspections to eliminate the risk of compensated reviews (or fake reviews) designed to inflate star ratings and skew the authenticity of products or sellers.


We're ethical


It can be tough to know which e-tailers are a good choice to buy from, especially when all you can see is a screen rather than a bricks and mortar shop. That's why we pride ourselves on being transparent and trustworthy - with OnBuy, what you see is what you get.

We want you to feel confident shopping with us, so we make sure we're responsible with your personal information; we use a secure payment gateway, so every time you shop, you'll have peace of mind that your details are kept safe.

You can rest assured that unlike some marketplaces, we do the right thing by our sellers and will never compete with them. We support lots of small British sellers that are simply looking for a fair deal when trading online - in part by charging them much lower commission, but also by giving them the reassurance that we won't try and rival them. This means happy sellers, lower prices, and savings for you!

Our dedication to transparency also means no tax avoidance - as we mentioned earlier, we proudly pay our fair share of taxes, and we're committed to supporting the British economy for the good of our country.

With OnBuy, you can shop with confidence: not only because you'll know that you're supporting a responsible, ethical business, but because you'll be supporting fairer deals for sellers.

So, now you've heard from us, there's only one thing left to do - put the kettle on, browse OnBuy's range and start saving today!