Apathetic about Amazon? Exasperated by eBay? Introducing your soon-to-be favourite online marketplace: OnBuy!

If you haven't heard of us already, we're also known as your ultimate destination to shopping online - not convinced? Come with us, we'll tell you why OnBuy is the name to know...

1. We've Built a Better Marketplace

All of us at OnBuy HQ are eager to ensure you get the best shopping experience possible - that's why we're dedicated to building a better marketplace. How so, you might ask? For starters, we pay our fair share of taxes! This may not sound like much, as aren't companies supposed to pay their taxes?

Absolutely, but not all of them do - looking at your increasing profits and decreasing tax bill, Amazon! That's why we're upfront about the fact we do the right thing and pay our taxes, proudly supporting the British economy, to show you we're a marketplace worth your trust - and this is just the beginning...


2. Cheaper than the Competition? Check!

Speaking of being the better marketplace, did you know (with Amazon's staggering 15% sales fees in mind) we only charge our sellers 5-9% in fees? You may wonder how this is relevant, but the best deals for our sellers = the best prices for you! We keep their costs low so they make huge savings that get passed straight on to you - result!

In fact, as our sellers are so pleased they're getting the fairest deal, you'll spot them offering exclusive discounts and pushing their prices as low as they can go - often making OnBuy not just the cheapest out of the competition, but with the seller's own website in the mix too. Take a bow, OnBuy!


"OnBuy brings you the best products at the best prices... unearth hidden gems and steals you won't find anywhere else!"

3. An Eclectic Selection

Unlike cluttered eBay and over-saturated Amazon - where you'll notice a minefield of unvetted third party sellers with knockoffs and dodgy goods galore - OnBuy works closely with big brands and smaller sellers alike to bring you the best products at the best prices.

See for yourself: explore our easy-to-navigate categories and unearth hidden gems and steals you won't find anywhere else, or take a look at our ever-increasing list of bestselling brands. From Adidas and Apple to Vax and VTech, there's something to suit all tastes, ages and budgets at OnBuy.


4. Bag A Bargain With OnBuy Deals

While you're browsing through our brilliant range, you may notice how simple it is to compare the prices, reviews and delivery options of a product's sellers thanks to our clever, clutter-free catalogue system (take note, eBay!) - but have you spotted the special OnBuy Deals tag yet?

If not, we'll fill you in! Across the whole site, you'll spy hand-picked OnBuy Deals that highlight the steals for you to snap up. Worried you'll miss out? Don't fret: not only do our Deals stick around just long enough to catch your eye (unlike the panic-inducing Amazon Lightning deals) but we'll even deliver the best bargains to your inbox - what's not to love?


5. Pay Safely With PayPal

As part of our ongoing efforts to give you the best shopping experience, we've partnered with PayPal. Giving you plenty of ways to pay securely (from credit and debit cards to linked bank accounts and your PayPal balance), you can shop with confidence - and which other marketplace makes it so convenient?

Plus, every transaction you make on OnBuy will be protected with PayPal's advanced data encryption and subject to their thorough security checks to prevent fraud, email phishing and identity theft. And if there's a problem? You could take advantage of the PayPal Buyer Protection scheme to sort it out - phew!


After that, hopefully you'll see why OnBuy is your new favourite online marketplace - if it isn't already! As always, if you have any questions or issues (or you just fancy a chat!) give our friendly Customer Care Team a shout by visiting our Contact Us page, or through Facebook or Twitter - they're always happy to help you out. So, what are you waiting for? Shop On it!