With summer in full swing, what better way to enjoy the (sometimes) glorious weather than in your very own corner of paradise? Give it a quick spruce-up first with our five simple garden ideas for a perfectly polished outdoor space that’ll achieve approval from the RHS!

Tidy up your borders

Pexels/Felix Mittermeier

Tidy up your borders

Neatly trimmed borders make all the difference when it comes to your outdoor area, whether it’s a beautifully landscaped back garden or a petite patch by your front door. To prevent grass from creeping into your pretty flower beds, opt for some lawn edging that’ll keep your borders in check.

From rustic log rolls, to metal edging with clean lines and easy-peasy plastic solutions, sprucing up your garden borders will give maximum results with minimum effort. Depending on your garden design, you may want to create a feature out of your borders (in that case, you’ll love our more decorative options) or keep them subtle to let your botanicals do all the talking.

Not only will it instantly add curb appeal to your abode, but a well-trimmed garden also has the power to instantly increase the value of your house - perfect if you’re ever looking to sell and move on to greener pastures!

Paint your plant pots

Unsplash/Micheile Henderson

Paint your plant pots

Breathe new life into your trusty terracotta pots with a fresh coat of paint: opt for pretty pastels for a soothing effect (we love sage, seashell pink and duck egg shades!) or go all out with a bright hue for a splash of colour in your outdoor space.

Upcycling your old plant pots is not only friendlier to the environment but also saves you a few pennies in the process (one of our brilliant simple garden ideas on a budget!) - and provides an opportunity to test your creativity. So, throw on an apron, pick up a brush and see what you can achieve in an afternoon.

If your outdoor space is lacking in plant pots to start with, you can pick up a few plain ones and transform them into quick works of art that’ll add some instant character to your outside space. A selection of sizes will look particularly charming arranged in a cluster while a set of larger ones can be used for bushy plants to add some privacy to an exposed corner.

Adorn with ornaments

Unsplash/Vicky Sim

Adorn with ornaments

Recreating an enchanting cottage garden can be easily achieved with some pretty ornaments and sculptures. Think decorative flower stakes, quirky signs and adorable woodland creatures that’ll add charm to an otherwise empty space.

For a truly relaxing atmosphere, consider a garden water feature that’ll transform your space into a zen paradise: it’ll not only create a soothing ambience to enjoy a morning cuppa or your favourite book, but will also provide local wildlife with a clean watering hole!

Just as lovely around your front porch as on the lawn at the back, garden ornaments are a quick, easy way to inject some personality into your outdoor area. Available in metal, stone and wood alike, there are designs to suit every style.

Drape some lighting

Unsplash/Kari Shea

Drape some lighting

Create an enchanting atmosphere with some beautiful outdoor lighting that’ll coat your outside space in a warm glow. From rustic lanterns to tiki torches and oil lamps, there’s no easier way to make your garden feel cosy and inviting.

For A Midsummer Night’s Dream effect, look for a set of pretty string lights that’ll twinkle away come dusk. They can be easily hung from fence to fence across your patio or used to festoon the back of your abode.

If your taste is more practical, solar lights dotted around your garden path can double up as a decorative touch for the front lawn. With no wires or batteries to restrict, they can be placed just about anywhere that catches the sun in the day.

Create a feature wall

Pexels/Mark Neal

Create a feature wall

Easily hide a neighbour’s unsightly choice of fence by getting a little creative: a garden trellis can provide the perfect backdrop for climbing roses, wisteria or clematis, while decorative screens will make a sophisticated addition to detract from what’s behind.

If the less-than-appealing fence belongs to your property, why not hang some colourful flower pots to break up the monotony and add a playful aspect to your outdoor space? Perfect for brightly coloured geraniums, petunias and even cacti, hanging pots can be easily hooked over a fence, trellis or balcony railing.

Alternatively, stacking a few petite pots on a ladder plant stand is a lovely way of creating a mini herb garden while covering up any questionable fencing. Arrange two or three next to one another for a quick and easy solution.

Ready, steady, plant!

Now that you have a few simple garden ideas up your sleeve, it’s time to grab your gardening knee pads, stock up on plants and get started carving out your idyllic outdoor spot.

A garden makeover needn’t require deep pockets or acres of land, which is why our large and small garden ideas work for just about every type of green space - be it a quaint cottage haven or a formal English garden to rival Kew Gardens!