In a perfect world, you'd sign up to a marketplace and sales would instantly start flooding in with hardly any input from you. Unfortunately, it's often not as easy as that!

At OnBuy, we're always keen to welcome new sellers on board and help them succeed with us, so we've created this handy guide combining our favourite tips, tricks, and strategies to help you boost your sales. All that's left for you to do is sit back, relax, and watch the sales roll in...

1) Price Your Products Carefully

Price carefully

A fantastic way to get your products noticed is by pricing them competitively. Doing so will attract your soon-to-be-customers' attention (everyone loves a bargain!) and hopefully generate repeat business, so be sure to keep an eye on what other sellers are charging for similar products and stay ahead of the curve.

Luckily for you, there's actually no better time to start experimenting with this strategy than now! We offer our sellers low commission fees (just 5-9% compared to Amazon's 15% and eBay's 10%) and we're now offering you free subscription for the whole of 2018, so it's a no brainer to see how low you can go. The best bit? The savings you make can be passed onto your future customers, encouraging even more repeat business!

2) Aim To Get Positive Reviews

Positive reviews

Do you know how many people, on average, are influenced into buying something because of a positive review? 90%. That's right, 90%!

It might seem obvious, but getting positive reviews from your previous customers is a brilliant way to interest your potential customers, and in turn, help you boost your sales. On OnBuy, your customers can leave reviews for you as a seller, and for each product they've purchased.

Having plenty of positive reviews speaks to the credibility of your products and business, making people feel confident when they're buying from you. This is especially true if your customers' reviews have referenced things like how quickly you dealt with their query, or how much they loved the product. After all, any first time buyer will want to know that if there's a problem, they won't be left in the dark, and that your product has been 'tried and tested'.

3) Get Social!


A great way to give your products extra exposure on OnBuy is to let us know about any new, trending or bestselling products. Are you offering customers an amazing limited-time discount? Perhaps you simply want to give your products some extra love? Either way, let us know and we'd be happy to feature them on OnBuy's Facebook and Twitter platforms!

Whether you have a handful of standout products or a list of 50, we want to know about them! Once we receive your products, we'll ensure they have SEO friendly descriptions and high quality imagery, before giving them a good boost on our social media channels.

Our Social Media team are here to help:

With so many ways to get in touch with us, there's simply no excuse not to!

4) Optimise Your Listings


Did you know? Clear, accurate product names, summary points, product descriptions, and great images can drastically improve your sales on OnBuy. We advise you to include more than one image for each product (5-6 is ideal), so that customers can get a feel for your product from different angles. Images should have a white background, and contain no promotional text or watermarks - please refer to our image guidelines for full details.

When listing items, we'd also recommend making an extra effort to use the most appropriate category, and fill in any features. Customers use these features to browse items, so you'll want to make sure your products show up in every search possible.

5) Send Us Your Deals


We are always looking for new ways to help our sellers get their products selling. Our popular Daily Deals platform was launched for this exact reason, and the best part is, we do (nearly) all the hard work for you!

Daily Deals positions are open to any seller who has a deal they'd like to offer OnBuy - in return, our Content team will ensure the description is SEO friendly, and we'll place your product in a prominent position on the site.

We have plenty of Daily Deals positions up for grabs across the OnBuy homepage and specific departments alike - all you need to do is submit your deal through the seller control panel and we'll take care of the rest!

Please note: Daily Deals products must be new (used products are not eligible), and must show a RRP and a discounted price that offers a saving of at least 10%. Full terms for Daily Deals can be found on the seller panel.

If you found this blog post useful, be sure to let us know in the comments section - and remember to share it with your friends across social media!