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Father's Day is a time to show our Dads a little love and appreciation—so why do we insist on showering them with basic #mangifts they likely neither want nor need? From socks to downright silly, shopping for the old man can be tricky, to say the least.

One thing is for sure - if there were ever a time to break the mould, 2017 would be it. So, this year, save the seen-it-all-before, and instead, switch things up - because he truly deserves it.

Sunday 18th will be here before you know it, so we've put together the ultimate gift guide to help make your thought really count. Yes, we're sharing 5 picks pop will love — and some that you'll not so secretly covet, too.


SWITCH: A novelty mug

We're all for a punny phrase or a silly slogan on special occasions, (we're British, after all!) but how about leaving the light-hearted larks to the card this year? Although a novelty mug requires minimal effort and is guaranteed to score a polite chuckle or two, we're predicting it'll end up where they always do: in the back of the kitchen cupboard.

FOR: A fancy French press

French press

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If your old man likes his caffeine served rich and full-bodied, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee. Invest in a French Press (because, let's face it: he won't) and bring a barista-approved edge to his everyday. Easy to use and available in plenty of sizes, the nifty device is perfect for brewing away those Monday morning blues in style.


SWITCH: A third-year-in-a-row tie

The family gathers round to watch Dad unwrap his presents. He tries to smile as he pulls out bits of stitched fabric one by one. A red tie! A blue tie! A pink and purple paisley tie! It's an annual ritual at this point - straight to the bottom of the drawer they go. Moral of the story: avoid at all costs!

FOR: A sleek tablet portfolio


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As much as we love Dads, isn't it annoying to watch them as they stuff their essentials into pockets in a last-minute panic? Cue the stylish tablet portfolio - a new and improved way to carry everyday items. With a range of styles, colours and materials to choose from, this work-hard accessory will store Dad's tablet, notepad, pen, bank cards - the list is endless. Sorted! All you need now is wrapping paper and a card.


SWITCH: Classic cufflinks

Admittedly, we're not totally against cufflinks as a gift idea, but seeing as we're scrapping clichés in 2017, boycotting them is only fair. Unless your old man has specifically asked for a new pair, (highly doubtful) we're thinking he'll be just fine without adding to his decades-of-father's-days cufflinks collection this year.

FOR: A stylish smartwatch


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Jumping on the bandwagon at its best, a smart watch is an investment he'll thank you for. Designed to keep track of all aspects of his lifestyle, the sleek, easy-to-use accessory will step up your gifting by a mile. Why not get yourself one and throw a little competition into the mix? You just know he'll love it.


SWITCH: A generic foodie gift box

Sure, we love a good trip to the department store ahead of Father's Day, but what is the deal with the 'gourmet gifts' section? From fad favourites (think bacon chutney) to spice kits and 'man-friendly' marinades, foodie gifts seem like a good idea, until they wind up served face down (in the kitchen bin!) way past the expiry date. If you've made this rookie error before, don't do it again!

FOR: Personalised barbecue tools

BBQ tools

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Is your old man a seasoned chef? Perhaps he's more of an occasional barbeque-er? Either way, having his very own personalised barbecue tools will help them feel the part - that's for sure! If he is extra lucky, perhaps you can throw in some additional BBQ accessories. And the acclaimed 'King of the Grill' title goes to...


SWITCH: A bottle of whiskey

We've all been there - it's the day before Father's Day and you've yet to find the perfect gift. Whiskey to the rescue! Right? Yes, whiskey is an ideal option for both parties - convenient for you, enjoyable for Dad, but if you're serious about winning the acclaimed 'Son/Daughter of the Year' award in 2017, let's take things to the next level...

FOR: A whiskey tasting experience

Whiskey tasting

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Ah, yes. Our favourite of them all, an experience gift is a sure-fire winner - not only will Dad be chuffed, you might just get in on the action too! Not much of a whiskey fan? There are plenty of other options out there - think cheese and wine pairing, or even beer tasting! Cheers to that! For more ideas, check out our blogpost for Fathers Day 2018.