Every year that you get to celebrate Mother's Day becomes more special - but your gifts probably don't. Clichés are boring! And your Mum isn't. Shake things up in 2017 with our guide to gift switch-ups. And the acclaimed 'Son/Daughter of the Year' award goes to...


SWITCH: A Generic Chocolate Box

As much as Mum loves delicious chocolate, (don't we all!) this age-old gift idea doesn't exactly scream well-thought-out, does it? There's a reason we dish them out to distant family members and the neighbours every Christmas...

FOR: Homemade Cookies

Homemade Cookies

Photo credit: MaxPixel/Creative Commons

Perfectly personal, homemade cookies are a great choice on Mother's Day, and can be mastered by baking beginners and GBBO-worthy contenders alike. With plenty of handy baking kits and fancy add-on ingredients out there, they are what you'll make of them.


SWITCH: A Piece Of Jewellery

Glamorous though it may seem, jewellery is a classic example of 'seen-it-all-before gifting'. From boring bracelets to play-it-safe studs, we have a much better idea on how to spoil her. Maybe all that glitters isn't gold after all...

FOR: A Stylish Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker

Photo credit: Pexels.com

Jumping on the bandwagon at its best, a smart watch is an investment she'll thank you for. Designed to keep track of all aspects of her lifestyle, the sleek, easy-to-use accessory will step up your gifting by a mile. Why not get yourself one and throw a little competition into the mix? She'll love it.


SWITCH: A Dead-In-Three-Days Bouquet

Okay, three days may be a slight exaggeration, and we know Mum's generally love traditions – but why not live by her good ol' motto ('out with the old, in with the new') this year and really impress her? Forget roses, lilies and tulips - think presents that'll last a lifetime.

FOR: A Floral Tea Set

Floral Tea

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Charming and oh-so cute, vintage-inspired tableware will make her feel every inch the Lady of the Hour this Mother's Day. Whether you opt for a matching teapot or go solo with a cup and saucer, afternoon tea has never looked so good...


SWITCH: A Cookbook

The Idiots Guide to Clean Eating. The Raw Food Chronicles. Whatever the 'food fad' of the moment is, you can rest assured there's a cookbook in its honour. Whether Mum appreciates being on-trend or not, we're predicting that this gift will be gathering dust faster than you can say 'Bon Appetit'...

FOR: A Monthly Magazine Subscription

Magazine subscription

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A great gift that just keeps on giving, a magazine subscription will act as the ultimate reminder of how much she means to you, month after month. Whether she's a fabulous fashionista, a culinary pro or a travel addict, there'll be a title to suit her – that's for sure.


SWITCH: A Fancy Restaurant

Because, fine dining is so last year. Well, we think so anyway. From the extortionate prices to the pretentious portion sizes, an exclusive restaurant may look the part, but how much fun can you really have when the waiting staff swoop in to clean up after each bite?

FOR: A Sweet Picnic Hamper

Picnic hamper

Photo credit: MaxPixel/Creative Commons

Quite the opposite, a picnic hamper is the ideal way to incorporate her favourite foods with the added bonus of enjoying the spring sunshine (fingers crossed!). Whether you choose to make it a family affair or keep it one-on-one, Mum will appreciate your efforts – yes, even if you can barely pull together a cheese sandwich.

And if all else fails, a hug and a home-cooked meal is a fail-safe formula. We're sure of it!