6 Best Beach Toys To Make the Most Of This Summer

Whether you live near the beach or you're planning a trip to a coastal region with sandy shores, you'll need some toys to keep your child occupied and entertained. We've already been through the reasons you and your child should be out in the sun more in our 11 Best Outdoor Toys to Brighten Your Child's Summer post. This is especially true if he or she is part of the approximately 1.3 million British children who haven't taken outdoor trips in the past year.

In the following post, we'll send a list of six best beach toys your way, helping you decide which your child would get the most enjoyment out of.

These toys will allow your kids to make the most of their summer at the beach. They'll incentivise children to stay out in the seaside's cool summer breeze and spend less time glued to whatever electronic devices they normally prefer.

6 Best Beach Toys

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1. Toy Boats and Ships

Toy boats and ships aren't quite the quintessential beach playthings; they are, however, growing in popularity as more kids ditch the classic sand toys which have now become somewhat old hat.

These toys will get kids to spend more time in the water without getting bored. They might even cause a change of heart in those children who don't normally enjoy swimming or paddling around. Here are a couple of recommendations:

The Radio Control 6653 4CH RC Speedboat Hovercraft is a pretty cool piece of kit. This amphibious vehicle works just as well on water as it does on sand, so it's guaranteed to be a hit even with kids who don't like splashing around in the water for too long.

For younger kids who can't quite get the hang of a remote controlled toy vehicle yet, a boat squeeze toy such as the Yo Gabba Gabba Brobee Boat will make a fine substitute.

Toy Boats and Ships

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2. Sand and Water Toys

Old-fashioned or not, there's certainly still a place for classic sand and water toys. Building various structures out of sand remains one of the best activities kids can enjoy while at the beach. It's guaranteed to entertain even the kids who prefer digital games and activities.

A simple sand playset such as the Green Toys Sand Play Set can delight your child for hours on end. You might even be able to enjoy some quiet time while they become engrossed in their sand building projects.

Inflatable water toys are also bound to be a success with the little ones. Buying them an inflatable version of their favourite animal might get them to spend more time floating or swimming alongside it. Something like the Intex Dolphin Inflatable Pool Ride-On could even prove to be a good tool for teaching your child to swim; youngsters can hold on to the inflatable toy while they practice swimming-specific leg movements.

Sand and Water Toys

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3. Racket Games

Racket games are some of the best beach toys for kids. Your little ones will get a full body aerobic workout while also improving their hand-eye coordination. The best part is they'll be outside enjoying the fresh summer air and reaping all the wonderful benefits of sun exposure.

Be warned though: once they get into a game of Swingball, it might be difficult to get them to stop, so don't forget to apply plenty of sunscreen!

Racket Games

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4. Bubble-Blowing Toys

One of the best toddler beach toys out there, a bubble-blowing toy doesn't require much getting used to and can deliver hours of fun even to the youngest of children. Your little ones will surely love blowing bubbles both on the beach and in the water.

This Children's Garden Bubble Lawnmower, for example, can be filled up and trotted alongside the seashore while you and your child enjoy a nice walk. Discretion is of course advised; some beachgoers might not appreciate a brief soap bubble assault, so maybe schedule your walks during times when the beach is less crowded.

Bubble-Blowing Toys

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5. Throw and Catch Toys

Teaching your child to stick to an active lifestyle is probably one of the best lessons you can impart. Engaging in all manners of physical activity will undoubtedly promote healthy development, both physical and mental.

Throw and catch toys are a great way to do this. They'll keep your son or daughter on their toes while at the beach and will also promote some of the same hand-eye coordination benefits which racket games bring.

A Gamecraft Flying Disc or Wham-O Frisbee Extreme Coaster will make for great fun both in and out of the water. They're equally brilliant for one-on-one bonding time with your kids as well as when they've got a group of friends they can play with.

Alternatively, you could opt for a Toyrific Children's Ring Toss Set. Your son or daughter will only be able to use this on land but it's perfect for some active fun in the sun!

Throw and Catch Toys

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6. Water Pistols and Water Blasters

Few things are more fun for kids than having a water gun fight at the beach. These are especially enjoyable if you've got more than one child or if you're taking a trip with friends who are also parents.

Alternatively, you can always buy an extra gun and play yourself or hope that other kids on the beach want to join in on the fun.

The deAO Toys Electric Super Soaker Water Blaster is an excellent choice if you want a classic water blaster. You could also opt for something a bit more unique, such as this Superhero Water Blaster, which kids are sure to be impressed by.

Water Pistols and Water Blasters

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Your Next Trip to the Beach:

Remember that it's vital to keep your child protected from the sun at all times, especially if you're spending most of the day at the beach. Keeping them hydrated and constantly covered in sunscreen will allow them to have great fun without jeopardising their health in any way. Covering your son or daughter's head will also protect them from heatstroke and ensure that they don't come back from the beach feeling ill.

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