OnBuy Sellers: 6 Ways To Prepare For Your Best Black Friday Yet

OnBuy Sellers: 6 Ways To Prepare For Your Best Black Friday Yet

Published: 25/11/2020
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Whew! It seems like just yesterday we were seeing out the old decade and creating a Black Friday blowout for 2019. Fast-forward nearly 12 months, and we’ve turned 2020’s twists and turns into triumphs, together with our sellers – from record-breaking growth and creating new jobs, to going global and supporting British businesses through lockdown.

With all that’s gone on this year, you might feel as though Black Friday is suddenly huge on the horizon. While it’s true it’s just as much Black November nowadays, making sure you’re set up to reap the rewards of the season is of pivotal importance.

Black Friday

As ever, OnBuy is at your side – together with a handy checklist so you can make the most of our biggest Black Friday ever!

List all of your products

If you’ve been holding back some inventory, hedging your bets on what to list on OnBuy as a new seller – or just playing coy thanks to how uncertain today’s world can feel – the time to be bold is now!

Whether you set up listings manually or import your inventory via OnBuy’s integrations partners, it’s all systems go – we’ll always do our bit to help you succeed, but we can’t help you sell what hasn’t been listed!

Cam Pods

Now’s the time to really nail your strategy when it comes to product copy and titles. Think effective product imagery with nice white backdrops, and informative product specifications that help customers to make confident buying choices.

Keep your product descriptions snappy-yet-descriptive, and offer potential buyers the feeling of being in a physical store, pondering your products in person. Capture that excitement, and you’ve won their hearts!

There’s almost no limit to what you can sell with OnBuy, so don’t be afraid to be daring. While consumer habits have shifted throughout 2020 – favouring cosy family activities, top entertainment to stay busy, and plenty of home office and exercise equipment – there’s every reason to feel confident in your Black Friday bargains-to-be.

Fair pricing will take you far


It’s no secret that a lot of us worry about the economy, both from the perspective of our businesses as much as our families and personal lives. As a seller with OnBuy, that means your customers are seeking decent pricing more than ever.

Classically, sellers have had every reason to fear the dreaded ‘race to the bottom’ pricing approach that’s made selling online elsewhere difficult in the past. Yet customers are wising up, and they can tell what’s a fair price and what’s not – expect them to vote with their wallets accordingly for reliable, trustworthy sellers.

Likewise, customers are just as fed up of price gouging and ‘scalping’ activities as the rest of us. What’s the better option – making up a high price for no good reason and hoping someone falls for it for a quick payday or creating trust and rapport with customers for consistent long-term growth and gains?


We’re happy and proud to say that fair pricing is pretty well-established as a best practice all over OnBuy. Yet taking advantage of our competitive fees and Transparent Fee Guarantee means that you can capture consumer interest with eye-catching price tags at Black Friday, too.

Remember, OnBuy doesn’t sell its own products, and never will – so you’re never competing against the marketplace you use. Likewise, cashflow is made that much easier by our official PayPal partnership – also handy if you’re selling Black Friday deals to buyers overseas, too!

Sort out your shipping and delivery


Let’s be honest – delivery, shipping and logistics companies have had plenty on their plate this year. While they’ve all proven instrumental in keeping everyone upbeat in a surprising 2020, these businesses have been firing on all cylinders since springtime.

How do you quantify a peak season for shipping when it’s been at a peak all year round? It’s only getting busier, too. The festive season, and Black Friday especially, will be seeing packages aplenty flowing through the system, whichever provider you’ve chosen. It’s best to be ready!

Shoppers today are looking to use Black Friday to grab gifts as well as deals, so ensuring your logistics and shipping partners are on top of their game is vital. Don’t be shy in putting out feelers or looking to see if you can broaden the scope of the delivery and fulfilment businesses you use to ensure customers get their goods.

JP Post

OnBuy’s on your side in helping you get your sold items from A to B, too. As part of our ongoing commitment to making sure sellers can leverage superb partnerships at every level of their business, we’re creating the OnBuy Fulfilment Network to ensure you can find the best shipping firms around, all in a one-stop-shop solution!

Getting ahead of the challenge before it becomes a complication will position you to enter 2021 strong, not to mention ensure smooth sailing and happy customers during the Black Friday season with OnBuy.

Master your Black Friday marketing

Customers get sent plenty of marketing about Black Friday, more or less as soon as the month of November begins. While much of this is useful in helping consumers find the best deals, the clever seller knows how to sidestep information overload too.

Marketing Book

You deserve better than to have your marketing and products get lost in the crowd. Take a compassionate, genuine approach in how you connect with customers when marketing on your social media or emailing out your newsletters.

Customers want to know that businesses are on their side – and because OnBuy supports independent businesses, giving them the limelight instead of big faceless corporations, it’s a win-win situation when you stick with us!

Listing with OnBuy can do plenty to boost your visibility to new customers anyway, not least since we’re advertising with ITV throughout Q4 – including for Black Friday. That’s going to draw plenty of eyes your way, but we’ve got lots of other methods to help you too…

Give your sales a Black Friday Boost


Competing for visibility on a busy marketplace like OnBuy needn’t be a game of chance. Whether it’s in the run-up to Black Friday, a big push on the day itself, or something to consider for all your products on OnBuy going forward, the power is in your hands with Boost!

Boost is OnBuy’s scalable, high-performance marketing system. With it, you can choose the tier of investment made in increasing your products’ visibility on OnBuy – but now, it’s better than ever.

Throughout 2020, OnBuy’s been improving Boost to really empower sellers and their products. Higher Boost tiers see products listed across and far beyond OnBuy, and you can now choose multiple items, an entire category or even an entire brand name to Boost through your Seller Control Panel.

Because the Boost fee’s only taken if the Boosted items sell, it’s a risk-free way to really ramp up your visibility and traffic as Black Friday approaches. Sellers are free to switch Boost on or off as they see fit too, meaning you have ultimate control.

Sale Patch

OnBuy’s sitewide events, such as Black Friday and our October Autumn Price Crash, see discounts on thousands of items across the marketplace. We make sure to cover the cost when making these discounts – we’d never leave sellers out of pocket out of the blue!

However, just in time for Q4 and Black Friday, OnBuy has launched its Sale Price feature. This new component of your Seller Control Panel lets you select one, many or even entire brands and categories of your products to receive a sale price that’s completely under your control.

Sellers can select the amount they’re discounting Sale Price products for, how long that discount applies, or even mark everything listed on OnBuy as on sale all at once. This gives you complete control over how you want to do Black Friday with us!

Sale Light

Not only do Sale Price products receive plenty of visibility and attention, but both your discounts and the sitewide discounts that OnBuy create will work in harmony together – with our marketplace covering our share just as always.

We're the only marketplace to cover the cost of our sales ourselves, rather than just pushing you to lower your prices. It’s all about giving sellers the resources, tools and opportunities they need to do their best business with us – especially for Black Friday!

Ready and raring to go

Monopoly Go

It’s definitely an exciting time to be selling with OnBuy – and both Black Friday and Cyber Monday will make things even more fantastic! With a range of tools, features and incentives helping you on your way, every seller can feel confident that OnBuy’s Black Friday is going to promise plenty of opportunities.

As we see 2020 out, there’s everything to play for, both for Black Friday and well into 2021 and beyond. OnBuy’s got big plans brewing – we can’t wait to see you there!

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