Here to show you that getting married on a budget can be just as exciting and special, OnBuy's handy money-saving wedding tips await!

One of the best aspects of getting married (aside from spending the rest of your lives together, of course!) has to be the wedding planning process - but what to do when the budget doesn't stretch as far as you'd like?

Fret not: OnBuy's guide to planning a wedding on a budget is here to help you be frugal and still make it a memorable affair. Covering everything from flowers to invites and more, you'll be the savviest nearlywed around!

Make Your Own Budget Wedding Invites

1. Make Your Own Budget Wedding Invites

One of the easiest ways to save money on your wedding is to pass up bespoke paper goods and create your own wedding stationery instead. So, pick up a calligraphy set and some beautiful paper to unleash your creativity.

Getting crafty with your betrothed will not only save the pennies but it'll make a fun bonding activity together before the big day - proving that planning an inexpensive wedding can be a blessing in disguise!

Cut Down On Wedding Flowers

2. Cut Down On Wedding Flowers

A surprising cost that can spiral out of control is most often the floral decorations. As beautiful as blooming bouquets of peonies or seasonal table centrepieces can be, there's no denying it'll all feel a little wasteful at the end of the day.

So, skip the overpriced fresh flowers and head straight for artificial picks instead - not only will you be able to keep them after the ceremony as a lovely memento, but they'll save you from making a huge dent in your wallet!

Get Imaginative With Your Wedding Venue

3. Get Imaginative With Your Wedding Venue

You might be envisioning a beautiful country manor but with creative venue options in abundance, there's no need to splash out on a locale that'll take up most of your wedding budget.

Barn weddings are ever-so trendy and provide a rustic backdrop to add a dash of your own personality with pretty wedding decorations. Or, consider holding a charming garden ceremony with cosy string lights and candles for a frugal take on romance.

Select An Out-Of-Season Wedding Date

4. Select An Out-Of-Season Wedding Date

If you have your heart set on a venue, try an off-season date. No longer limited to the summer months, off-season weddings can be a nifty way to cut costs. Just imagine walking down the aisle with crisp orange leaves crunching beneath your feet or an oh-so cosy reception by a roaring fire...

The number one saving here will be the venue, so you might just be able to get your dream setting for a fraction of the usual price! If you can't bear the thought of temperamental weather on your big day, opt for a cheaper mid-week wedding instead.

Keep The Wedding Guestlist Small

5. Keep The Wedding Guestlist Small

Sharing the special day with just your loved ones is an ultra-easy way to host a wedding on a budget. Not only will it leave you with a few more pennies to spend on each guest (hello, more drinks and yummy food!), but it's guaranteed to feel more personal.

Opting for an intimate ceremony or small wedding reception is perfect for nearlyweds who'd prefer not to scrimp on the details. This way, you can hire a small venue (or even just part of a venue) and still have those magical touches - but on a smaller scale!

Create Your Own DIY Wedding Favours

6. Create Your Own DIY Wedding Favours

Roll your sleeves up and channel your inner Kirstie Allsopp because one of the simplest budget wedding ideas is to keep the wedding favours small and handmade. After all, your guests will already be treated to plenty of refreshments, entertainment and delicious fare.

It could be something as simple as some miniature dried flowers wrapped in string or a packet of wildflower seeds to remind your nearest and dearest of your ever-growing love after the big day!

Scale Back On Wedding Photography

7. Scale Back On Wedding Photography

As important as wedding photos can be, going with a professional will no doubt eat into your budget, so why not hire a photographer for just the official shoot? Ask if you could opt for a memory stick and print them off at a later date to make a lovely album as your paper anniversary gift.

If one of your friends is confident behind a camera, you could see if they'd be eager to snap those romantic moments as a thoughtful wedding gift. Alternatively, why not pick up a bunch of disposable cameras and pop one on each table? Just make sure not to do a Chandler and Monica and lose them afterwards!

Showing you how to get married on a budget without scrimping on the details, we hope our easy money-saving tips have inspired you to think outside the box! After all, the amount you spend on your invitations or flowers won't matter to anyone else - especially compared to the treasured memories you've created amid the laughter, flowing drinks and great company!