It's an exciting time for many university students across the UK as those final exams take place and dissertations are submitted with a sigh of relief. Perhaps you have been watching, supporting and cheering on a loved one throughout all the ups and downs of their degree. Now, with all their hard work complete, you would like to buy him or her a special something to mark this momentous achievement. Well, you've come to the right place. We've done the hard work for you and selected the best university graduation gift ideas!

Use this list of ideas to find a unique graduation gift idea suited specifically for your soon-to-be graduate:

8 Unique University Graduation Gift Ideas (For Him & Her)

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Best Graduation Gifts For Him

1. Graduation Gift Ideas For Male Friends

Depending on your relationship with the graduate-to-be, you might be looking for a smaller gift as a thoughtful token. Cufflinks are just that: not too big but just as special. You can choose a lighthearted option that relates to graduation (a graduate hat or scroll). Alternatively, select a sophisticated pair of cufflinks.

Want to take this up a notch? Buy him a tailored suit coupled with the classy cufflinks. After all, it's nearly time for the celebrant to start going to interviews. This gift will perfectly position him to land his first grad job! He'll definitely be thanking you for this unique grad gift.

2. Sentimental Graduation Gifts For Your Son

No matter whether you're buying a gift for a young graduate or a son who has returned to education later in life, purchasing a watch is a significant way to acknowledge his graduation. He'll treasure his unique graduation gift which will last for many years to come! Who knows, when the time comes maybe he'll pass it on to his future son as a graduation present.

Best Graduation Gifts For Him

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3. The Best Graduation Gift For Your Boyfriend

Have you ever smelled a certain fragrance and then suddenly had a special memory come flooding back? Well, that experience is the magic of perfumes and colognes. Why not preserve the memories of graduation by choosing an unforgettable fragrance to commemorate all the excitement, buzz and joy? After all, cologne is one of the best graduation gifts.

Are you still asking, "what should I get my boyfriend for his graduation?" We understand. Cologne is not for everyone, particularly if you only just started dating and don't know his taste yet. If you're unsure which fragrance to purchase, you could choose a gift set and let your boyfriend choose his dream graduation memento. Alternatively, check out the graduation gift ideas in the other sections.


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4. Excellent Graduation Gifts For A Brother

A wallet or cardholder can signify the transition from university life into the 'real world' and the aspiration of a prosperous career to come. That's why we think it's a great graduation gift idea. You can even turn the wallet or cardholder into a personalised graduation gift for a special touch!

When choosing a between a wallet and cardholder, consider whether your brother tends to carry cash. These days, many people go cash-free. Cardholders are obviously the best option if that is the case for your brother. If you're feeling extra generous, you could always put some money into the wallet. After all, a wallet or cardholder (with spending money) is one of the best graduation gifts out there!


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Best Graduation Gifts For Her

1. Graduation Gift Ideas For Female Friends

A passport cover is the perfect graduation gift for friends who are ready to say goodbye to education and explore the world in style! Whether your friend is elegant, arty or a lover of all things vintage, there are many designs that will reflect the grad-to-be.

What about graduation gifts for your best friend, you ask? Simply add a little extra! Buy the passport cover and book flights for the two of you to get away and celebrate abroad. Recovering from student costs yourself? Choose a cheaper destination - you don't have to book a trip to Hawaii or Thailand. There are plenty of options in Europe. For example, flights to Amsterdam from the UK.

Best Graduation Gifts For Her

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Check the following before booking any tickets:

  • Ensure your friend has an up-to-date passport
  • Arrangements can be made for any pets your friend may have
  • She can take time off work

If in doubt, add money to a gift card specifically for flights. That way she can pick the best time and place to suit her preferences and schedule.

2. Sentimental Graduation Gifts For Your Daughter

If you're trying to find the perfect graduation gift for your daughter, look no further. We suggest giving a grad gift with sentimental value, such as a pendant. The exact price tag will vary from family to family, dependent on budget. However, choose a necklace that goes beyond what your family would usually spend on jewellery. After all, you are honouring your daughter's hard work so it should feel a bit more valuable than purchases from your average shopping spree.


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3. Thoughtful Graduation Gift For Your Girlfriend

"What should I get my girlfriend for her graduation," you ask? Women love gifts that incorporate a thoughtful gesture, particularly from their significant other. As such, why not spoil your girlfriend by making a unique graduation gift hamper? It can be a recovery basket of sorts. Add her favourite tunes, a bath and body set, scented candles and don't forget to include a bottle of champagne! There are no limits with a personalised hamper - just make sure to add all her favourite goodies.

4. Best Graduation Gifts For Sister

A book on personal finance paired with shares in the market is the best graduation gift you can give your sister. You'll both have a laugh and she'll likely roll her eyes. However, your sister will certainly be thanking you in due time. After all, there is nothing better than investing in your sister's future. Why not include a digital photo frame and a heartfelt letter too?


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There are also plenty of fun and quirky ideas if you're looking for keepsakes and knickknacks specifically designed for graduation. Just do a quick search on OnBuy and you will be spoilt for choice.

We hope your loved one enjoys our unique graduation gift suggestions and has a superb time celebrating his or her special day!