Did you open any presents you didn't ask for this Christmas? You won't be the only one!

From dodgy food and low-quality bath products, to gift cards you'll never use, your gifts help make up an estimated 60 million to have been given in Christmas 2018 that were unwanted. And while it's tempting to just throw them away, why not put those unwanted Christmas gifts to better use and earn yourself a little something? This step-by-step guide will help you in selling unwanted gifts.

Selling Unwanted Gifts: 4 Steps To Success

1. Do Your Research

Researching your unwanted present first could be the difference between making a profit and not selling at all. It's in your best interest to find out exactly how and where is best to sell the product, and who to. More specifically, explore:

  • Whether or not it is an in-demand product - does this mug, the design of which you don't recognise, actually belong to a fandom/recently released movie? Or perhaps the makeup you won't wear is limited edition and completely sold out?
  • What its general worth/value is - simply searching online for the product is a good way to compare selling prices and establish the general price value of your gift.
  • Where you should sell it - is it best to sell it on a site exclusively for products related to yours? Which site would the target audience be using?

Selling undesirable items after a little research could increase your yield or the speed in which you sell dramatically.


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"In business, a successful sales pitch requires the language used to be concise but detailed, and truthful but persuasive. Selling products online is no different."

2. Choose The Right Time To Sell

It's well known that particular days of the week are better for selling online than others. But considering the time of year you're selling could also help you massively when trying to part with unwanted Secret Santa gifts.

For instance, it won't be much good selling swimwear in the winter months following Christmas and it would be difficult to sell scarves in the summer time. Timing your sales effectively will help you to sell unwanted gifts more easily and could earn you a higher price if several people want the same product.

Right time to sell

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3. Give Detailed Information On The Product

In business, a successful sales pitch requires the language used to be concise but detailed, and truthful but persuasive. Selling products online is no different. To attract as many potential buyers as possible you should aim to make your product appealing anywhere you can - from product descriptions to authentic images. So when listing a gift online, bear the following advice in mind:

  • Concisely describe your product - short and sweet product descriptions will keep buyers engaged but also disclose as much information as possible.
  • Don't lie - strike a balance between honesty and positivity, even though it may be tempting to bend the truth on the condition of an unwanted book you received (excuse the pun) in order to make a sale.
  • Don't use stock images - across eBay you probably recognise similar stock images for similar products. If you do the same, why would the customer choose you over another? Take an authentic picture of your product so the buyer can see what it really looks like, ensuring the lighting is good and the images show everything that needs to be seen of the product.
Detailed information

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4. Other Considerations

If you've followed this advice so far, you will be making good progress. But it's also important to consider general factors that could help you in selling your unwanted gifts quicker or affect their prices, which are:

  • Try to keep the tags on your items - this will prove your item is authentic and that you can be trusted as a seller.
  • Take good care of it - you might hate it, but this product will be adored by someone else. One man's trash as they say... Plus, the closer to new the product is the more it will likely sell for a higher price.
  • Think about fees - plan for any possible costs to you in the selling process and decide whether or not you would like to sell this time round. This includes monthly fees, percentage fees for sales, and more.
  • And finally, be stealthy! You don't want a colleague or aunt discovering your attempts to re-home a thoughtful gift from them via Facebook a couple of weeks after Christmas. News can travel around easily, so local sites may not be a good place to shift your unwanted Christmas gifts.

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We hope that after these 4 steps you're more prepared to successfully sell any of your gifts online. Go ahead and make back a bit of the money you spent over Christmas!