We can all agree that the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented and navigating these uncertain times feels strange. We're beginning to feel the effects across the whole country and there's no predicting how long this could last for - but this is why it's more important than ever that we all try and stay positive.

We acknowledge that this situation is frightening and overwhelming for many, but rest assured: as a society, we will adapt, we will improvise, and we will overcome. This is a time that, while uncertain, is ripe with opportunities to be better than we were before - this situation is shining a light on areas we can, and need to, improve on. Through this experience, we can foster better relationships with the people around us, and bolster our healthcare system and the economy against situations like this.

Now more than ever is a time to pull together with your community (while remaining at a safe distance, of course!). FaceTime your friends, call your parents, check in with your neighbours to see how they are. Letting those around you know that you're there for them and can offer support can be a light in the darkness.

As well as strengthening your relationships, take note of all the good things happening across the world. Scientists are working to find the cure, vaccines are being rapidly developed, people are actively supporting each other through this and freely sharing the supplies they have. Keeping sight of the good will certainly help you stay positive, and perhaps even encourage you to perform your own acts of kindness.

So, along with staying confident that we'll pull through this stronger and focusing on the good, what is OnBuy doing in the face of this situation?

As a company, we're all working diligently to ensure both our sellers and customers have what they need.

Our IT team are working around the clock on maintaining our website's infrastructure under the increased load to ensure that we remain available for people who need to order online and for businesses that can keep trading; our Product team are taking action regarding products that try to capitalise on the situation (for example, we're monitoring for any price gouging attempts or any misleading information on products); our Customer Care team are here to help answer any questions; our Support team are supporting sellers and helping them manage their accounts and we've also waived the usual monthly subscription fees for sellers who are unable to sell at this time.

As the team of people behind OnBuy, we urge you to be safe. We're all paying close attention to the advice given by the UK government and advise you to follow this guidance to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Rest assured that OnBuy isn't going anywhere, no matter how uncertain the current situation gets. We're in the fortunate position where, as people need to do more of their shopping online during this period, we as a company are still operating successfully. We aim to carry on giving the same reliable, trusted service we have always given, especially as this is more important than ever.

As the situation changes, we'll review our current strategy to look at anything we can do to further support you. We want to assure you that we're doing everything we can to look after our staff, our sellers and our customers, while continuing to offer all our users the dependable, excellent service they expect.

If you're a seller and want to get in touch, please submit a support ticket through your Seller Control Panel. If you're a customer and want to get in touch, use the Contact Us tab on our Contact page or contact the seller you ordered from through the Orders page in your OnBuy account.

Finally, keep in mind that as a country and as a community, we're incredibly strong and if we stand together and focus on what matters (supporting each other), we'll pull through this and come out stronger than ever.