Am I 'Cheugy'? We'll Tell You!

Published: 13/05/2021

For the TikTok-obsessed, a new and polarising trend is the stuff that dreams are made of. In the fabulous world of fast-moving fads, there’s always something fresh and exciting just around the corner, and the latest ‘cheugy’ craze is certainly no exception! Haven’t you heard?! Slogans, skinny jeans, Starbucks cups, and lasagne are OUT… or should we say in? If you’re often found sporting a pair of leggings or hanging a motivational quote in your kitchen, never fear – you’re probably a cheug, and that’s something to be proud of. It’s trendy to be off-trend, after all!

Here at OnBuy, we want to honour all you inspirational individuals and pay homage to the weird and wonderful items that make you so unique. Wide-brimmed floppy hats, Game of Thrones travel mugs, and poop emoji cushions aside, you’re the true influencers of the moment and, while others may be quick to criticise, we’re here to hail the proud nonconformers!

I didn’t choose the cheug life, the cheug life chose me!


Ever found yourself asking, ‘am I cheugy?’, or have you just stumbled upon this article and are in desperate need of a TikTok vocabulary lesson? We hear you! Coined in 2013 by a high school student in California, the term ‘cheugy’ (pronounced chew-gee) has recently made a resurgence on social media, becoming the ‘it’ expression when mocking millennials’ tastes and habits. Generally referring to clothing, accessories, and commodities that owners and wearers perceive to be personality-driven (when they are, in fact, sooo last decade, darling), it points to how ‘behind’ a cheug might be for following a certain trend long after its prime. 

Though often seen to be negative, we want to flip the coin on its head and commend these characters for their heroic disregard of current vogues. In any case, for something to be cheugy in the first place, it had to be the height of fashion at some point! Besides, UGG boots are comfy, right? And why should anyone have to eschew their favourite Comme des Garçon Chuck Taylors

In the spirit of supporting all things #CheugLife, we’ve broken down the various levels of cheug intensity to help you determine which stage you’re at. From novelty novice to uncool connoisseur, there are multiple phases of cheug just waiting to be filled, so… what are you waiting for? Block out the haters and delight in your distinctiveness today!

The Trainee Cheug

skinny jeans and trainers

The novelty avocado cushion may be seen as controversial on the cheug scale, but we think this entry-level item is just as cheug-tacular as some coordinated highlights on your Instagram profile. From French manicures to all things Disney, pink grapefruit cleansing wipes to raspberry-flavoured vodka, this beginner has owned or donned at least one of these elementary articles at some point in the last few months, partaking in one of the world’s most talked-about trends, without even realising it was popular. *Cue Michael Scott ‘no’ GIF*.

Leave the basic boys and girls alone! What’s wrong with liking Friends?! Trivia quizzes and sitcom-related games aside, this cheug apprentice has likely missed the memo on what’s mainstream, and is probably unaware of their currently vogue-worthy status. If you’re reading this and can recall quoting Monica Geller in the last 24 hours, guess what… you’re a cheug. A self-confessed iced coffee connoisseur? Check! Currently wearing a polo shirt and cargo pants?… well, need we say more?

The Intermediate Cheug

rose gold products

For this middling cheug, it’s all about being late-to-the-party, exclusively at home. Not quite ready to embrace the full-blown cheugadacious lifestyle just yet, you’re more of an internal influencer than a shameless, out-there slogan-lover, preferring the His and Hers wall art and cat mug combo to a GG Gucci belt and rose gold marble aesthetic. While your fascination with Apple products is more of a hobby than an obsession (all hail the iPod!), you find it much more comforting to suppress, rather than express, your eccentricities, keeping your succulents, Paperchase stationery, and ‘girl boss’ accessories safely locked away in the study. 

Despite your fear of striking out though, you mustn’t let it stop you from playing the game. Keep being a Gretchen Wieners in a world of Regina Georges, and finally make ‘fetch’ happen! The ‘cheug buff’ title is a mere charcuterie board away!

The Cheug Connoisseur

live laugh love letterbox

Just like these Touch of Vogue Crushed Diamond Jars, this cheug was born to shine. In a world of those who like to blend in, you are destined to stand out and, unlike Sharpay Evans, you just can’t stick to the status quo. In other words, we salute you! Yes, forget the haters and their condemnation of ‘unfashionable’ noughties trends… you love to celebrate individuality instead, and crystal-encrusted containers are the best place to start! 

Most importantly, you’ve made it to the highest rung of the ladder, where veteran cheugs aren’t just listening to Imagine Dragons on Spotify, they’re buying tickets to their next world tour. You’re ready to live, laugh, love your way out of lockdown, one onesie at a time. To you, the New Yorker tote is a staple summer statement, not a shoulder bag of shame, and the exposed lightbulbs in your home only illuminate your passion for by-gone trends. Good vibes only, please!

Which cheug are you?

girl with finger moustache

We hope you’ve enjoyed this foray into all things cheug-related, and don’t feel too disheartened at your positioning on the scale (never fear, there are far more Connoisseurs than you think!). To those who say you’re ‘slightly off trend’, ‘trying too hard’, or *gasp* ‘just plain basic’, we say, ‘take your Tumblr aesthetic and own it!’ – you’re trending, after all. 

If you require more information, or inspiration, should we say, on all the latest cheug trends and fashions, why not explore our extensive online reserves? Ready to fully embrace the cheug life? Then it’s time to dust off your Grey’s Anatomy collection, pull on the denim jacket, and accept that drinking prosecco is a personality trait. In honour of all the fellow influencers out there, it’s time to find your tribe… and pay no heed to the haters while you do it!