Black Friday originated in 1932 as the day that followed Thanksgiving in the United States. Black Friday has since become the symbolic start of the Christmas season and hundreds of retailers open extremely early and offer promotional sales that are unique to the beginning of the festive season.

Black Friday may extend its history to the US, but the United Kingdom very quickly adopted the term as retailers that originated in America introduced a retail Black Friday as it would be embraced by Americans living in the UK. This trans-Atlantic shopping day has since become the biggest day in the shopping calendar for British consumers who are trying to avoid the post-Christmas debt.

In 2015, figures suggest that nearly as much as £2billion was spent in shops and online in just 24 hours alone. Deals from retailers can extend up to 50%, but how long are you realistically willing to wait to snap up your bargain.

With just one month until Christmas Day, frantic shoppers will be looking to secure their bargain purchases over Black Friday on 25th November. Here at, as an online marketplace, we understand the demands of the online market. In 2015, Black Friday was the most successful day for online retailers in the UK alone, with Amazon reporting to have sold more than 7.4million items. And to top it all off, UK consumers spent £3.3billion between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To put this into perspective, £1.1billion was spent on Black Friday itself, compared to a significantly less figure of £810 million in 2014.

So in a bid to establish just how far or should we say how long consumers are willing to go when Black Friday comes around, we investigated just how long you are expected to wait when queuing on Black Friday. We surveyed 120 households in 19 cities and five major stores to ascertain just how long they tend to wait; whether this is waiting to go into the shop or queuing at the till to pay. The data was assessed according to last year's queue times.

UK Queuing Times

The research revealed that the best city in the UK for Black Friday queueing was Glasgow, with average queuing times of 16 minutes 49 seconds. In stark contrast, Southampton was the worst city in the UK for Black Friday queuing times, with an average of 58 minutes.

UK Queuing Times

Managing Director, Cas Paton, said: "The British love a good queue, and as a patient nation, most of us can cope with the long waits – especially the ones that end in a good bargain. This time of the year is the busiest for us retailers and Black Friday allows us to put on some great offers. The mad rush of the stores is part of the fun, but for those who don't have the patience, online shopping could be a better fit. We encourage everyone to shop safely and hope these average times can help with expectations so you can plan ahead."