Whether they bark, meow or squawk, Brits are spending a whopping £750 million on pet supplies over the holiday season.

We conducted a survey to ask pampered pet owners about their festive traditions with their four-legged friends. The results are now in, and they have revealed that a whopping 87% said they will be buying Christmas presents for pets this year!

What's more, over one quarter of respondents (27%) admitted to spending more on their furry friends than on their actual friends! The majority (35%) of those asked, admitted to spending anything between £20-30 on their pets. However, one dog owner, Victoria, said that her dog Bernie (pictured) gets "around £50's worth of presents". But Bernie isn't the only pampered pooch. In our survey, we found that 13% of the nation admitted to spending more than £40 on their beloved pets for Christmas.

The responses revealed that the average amount spent on our animal companions was £16, and with 47 million pets being bought gifts, Brits will be spending more than £750 million, which is certainly not a sum to be sniffed at. We can reveal that most of the cash goes on pet treats (35%), toys (34%) (especially dog toys!) and clothes (17%).


"Buddy is a big fan of Christmas, and we make it special for him by showering him with gifts, toys and treats..."

Scott, Staffordshire Bull Terrier Owner


Credit: dezy/ Shutterstock.com

5% of pet-loving participants even admitted to spending more on their pet than on their own father! 1% stated they spent more money on their animals than on their mother and over 1 in 10 (12%) spent decidedly less on a sibling than on a pampered pooch.

The Christmas experience doesn't end there for our four-legged friends. 83% stated that they wrap up their pet's gifts, 34% provide their companion with a stocking and 7% even write them a Christmas card! We don't forget our pets when it comes to food either, a massive 76% of animal-lovers state that their pet will be getting a Christmas dinner this year. This is certainly true of pet-owner Diana's border terrier who "is all about the food".

She told us that her dog, Archie, "probably prefers the big Christmas dinner he gets than all his presents combined. We still love to treat him to a few gifts to open on Christmas day. He gets presents from both my daughters and even friends too! He always returns the Christmas spirit though, as I give family members presents 'from' the dog."

" We still love to treat him to a few gifts to open on Christmas day..."

Diana, Border Terrier Owner


Although their spending is well-intended, 69% of pet owners felt that they went overboard last year on gifts for their furry companions.

Staffordshire bull terrier owner, Scott, certainly does not hold back when it comes to indulging his animal companion, Buddy.

"Every year before Christmas I take my dog, Buddy, to our local pet shop so that he can pick out his first gift- which is normally always the same red chew toy."

But the Christmas treats don't end there for Scott's 11-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier.

"Buddy is a big fan of Christmas, and we make it special for him by showering him with gifts, toys and treats. He always gets his own stocking, filled with things to eat and he gets a new Santa Claus pet costume to wear for the day too. After our Christmas walk, he always gets a share of the turkey and roast potatoes for dinner. Our dog indulges as much as we do at Christmas, and we treat Buddy to his very own doggy beer and mince pie (which he loves). He even gets to pull crackers with us!"