With Easter Sunday fast approaching, we'll be looking forward to a different kind of celebration this year thanks to Coronavirus. But it's not all bad. Just in time for Easter, supermarkets have lifted item restrictions across all Easter treats, so at least we can all indulge on chocolatey goodness from the comfort of our own homes.

While it's not a matter of utmost importance, the number of calories in Easter eggs can be a concern for some. So, when it comes to buying Easter Eggs this year, knowing how calorific they are can help to determine which to select from the ever-growing selection on offer. (However, you should never feel guilty for indulging yourself!)

So, onto the million-pound question: which Easter egg is best?

OnBuy.com has scoured the websites of Britain's biggest supermarkets*, to identify which of the most popular medium-sized Easter eggs** contains the most calories – including chocolate and dairy-free alternatives – to reveal the most and least calorific treats!

How many calories does your favourite easter egg have?
Calories in Easter Eggs: The Results


Calories in Easter Eggs: The Results

OnBuy can reveal that the unhealthiest Easter egg goes to Ferrero Rocher, ranking in first place! At a whopping 1,320 calories per pack, the indulgent family favourites don't hold back with their seasonal produce. Staggeringly, that's more than half the recommended calorie intake for both men and women.

Ranking in second place is KitKat Chunky. The popular choice is not only chunky in size but in calories too, with KitKat Easter eggs containing 772 calories – that's 548 less than Ferrero Rocher!

Closely following KitKat in third, fourth and fifth place are Mars, Cadbury Bourneville and Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel. Each of these family favourites consist of 756, 748 and 723 calories each respectively.

Some other calorific Easter eggs on the market include the following:

  • Rolo – 720 calories
  • Cadbury Fry's Heritage – 715 calories
  • Cadbury Creme Egg – 713 calories
  • Aero Bubbles – 702 calories
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons – 696 calories
'Healthy' Easter Eggs: Which Have the Lowest Calories?


'Healthy' Easter Eggs: Which Have the Lowest Calories?

OnBuy were not only interested in the most calorific Easter eggs, they also wanted to find out whether there were any "low" calorie Easter Egg alternatives on the market this year too.

Our research found that the brand with the fewest calories was M&Ms. The M&M Choco egg contains only 493 calories per pack – a staggering 827 less than the most calorific Easter Egg: Ferrero Rocher.

Following M&Ms is Moo Free – a delicious dairy free alternative for vegans or those with dietary intolerances. Because of this, the Moo Free Easter egg is low in calories, containing only 578 per egg. While no chocolate eggs are particularly "healthy", this is the closest to a "healthy" Easter egg you can get!

Next up are Maltesers, Tesco Free From dairy alternative and Asda Free From dairy alternative, each having a total of 582, 625 and 630 calories respectively.

While the calories in Easter eggs aren't small in number, there are many "healthier" options to choose from. Anyone looking to buy Easter eggs (and other Easter-themed products) are spoilt for choice this Easter!

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* The most popular brands, plus some chocolate/dairy alternative products, were sourced through the main UK supermarkets' online stores: Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Waitrose. Data was collected on 08/04/20.

** Medium sized Easter eggs were only considered in this study. Where size isn't specified, research concludes that medium size is a product between 115g and 213g which includes one egg and one additional food item.

** Total calories include that of the Easter egg, plus one additional food item.