Catering For Businesses Of Every Size

CedCommerce And OnBuy – Catering For Businesses Of Every Size

Published: 04/01/2021
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From inventory synchronisation and product category mapping through to bulk product uploads and order management, CedCommerce is a valued partner that has given OnBuy sellers tremendous freedom in multichannel selling, as well as managing their listings across OnBuy confidently.

Understanding the partnership

Partnership in Business

What started small is now serving thousands of businesses worldwide. CedCommerce has been proving its mettle in the multichannel domain for over a decade now. 

In simplifying eCommerce practices, CedCommerce has witnessed and initiated multiple fruitful partnerships, which are still going strong to this day. Our multichannel marketplace solutions have made the selling process much easier for businesses of all sizes worldwide.

The addition of multiple frameworks to the mix has also allowed us to upgrade these existing systems, giving rise to SEO services, mobile-based services, and much more.

Furthermore, our integration packages have been improved over time to assist the selling process to an even greater extent. Over the years, we have come to understand the multichannel domain thoroughly. No matter what a seller needs, we provide them with all the necessary tools that'll help them boost their profit margins.

Fast forward to today, and it’s been a big year for us all. CedCommerce shook hands with OnBuy in June 2020 – and since then, both parties have experienced astonishing growth rates. With over 600 sellers onboarded on average each month this year, OnBuy is set to break records in 2021, having already done so throughout 2020.

Curious about how CedCommerce can take your OnBuy sales to the next level? Get to know us better here.

Our solutions to sellers' challenges

We understand the hurdles sellers face in dealing with the multichannel marketing model. That’s why we provide you with robust solutions that'll help in the long run. Here are some examples of the challenges that a seller might face while getting their business up to speed on a marketplace like OnBuy:

  • Overselling and underselling: Focusing on multiple channels often creates a false sense of certainty that your inventory is in great shape. At times this can result in overselling and underselling, which will eventually affect your sales figures.
  • The solution: Our integration packages make sure that the seller's inventory remains updated with real-time information. You'll remain updated with the current status at all times, across all channels. 

  • Customer support: Creating a proudly loyal customer base is no mean feat. Miss out on the customer's smallest issue, and it'll create a bad reputation that could stick. Nobody wants that.
  • The solution: Our support team works around the clock, and provides valuable assistance that resolves issues within minutes. The solutions are instant and precise, which is just the thing every customer needs.

    We also provide custom integration packages to sellers who wish to go global with their business on major retailing platforms, including OnBuy. Here's a list of frameworks we're working with as of now:

    • Magento 2
    • Shopify
    • PrestaShop
    • WooCommerce
    • OpenCart
    • WordPress

    Our partnership with OnBuy has allowed us to expand our reach to multiple countries across the globe. Our integration packages provide sellers with a plethora of features to get the job done, including:

    • Profile-based product uploads
    • Product category mapping
    • Bulk product uploads
    • Rejected product notifications
    • Inventory synchronisation
    • Order management
    • Cron management
    • Notifications
    • API configuration settings

    Plus much more! You can reach CedCommerce through any of your preferred channels, from social media to our homesite.

    The opportunities ahead in eCommerce in 2021 – and how our partnership can help

    Understanding the partnership

    The year 2021 is a promising one for the eCommerce industry. After all, it’s building on a solid foundation – the growth expected to happen in the eCommerce industry across 10 years instead happened within just the first 90 days of the 2020 pandemic.

    This sudden shift in trends has enabled us to help sellers get their online stores up to speed with the world's fastest-growing marketplace, OnBuy. We are confident that we'll be catering to retailers' needs for a seamless multichannel selling experience in the year ahead through this partnership.

    The ongoing 140-country global expansion plan initiated by OnBuy is yet another opportunity for us to serve potential sellers worldwide.

    Our solutions to sellers' problems have been straightforward and to the point. This has been made possible by our development and support teams' 24-7 readiness. We make sure no glitch goes unnoticed.

    We are on par with the current trends in the industry, and we will strive towards making every sellers’ dream a reality. With the global eCommerce market now taking new strides, we're making sure our solutions encompass all the necessary elements that make a plugin worth using day-to-day.

    Our constant upgrades to our solutions have made sure that every issue gets resolved within minutes. The moment we come across a glitch, the next minute it's gone – and, going forward, we're going to decrease this minute-long window to mere seconds.

    CedCommerce’s commitment to the fast-moving world of eCommerce means it’s no wonder so many OnBuy sellers use this partnership to their advantage. With a big year ahead and opportunities across the world to explore together, CedCommerce and OnBuy look to enjoy a fantastic partnership moving forward – all while putting sellers in control of their own success.

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