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Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot? Chill Out With These Heavenly Homemade Ice Lollies!

Published: 23/06/2021

At last, the summer sun seems to have arrived! Slather on the sunscreen, dig out the swimwear, and head on down to the beach. But the one thing missing from that image - a sweet treat to help keep you cool when the mercury rises. We know it’s hard to beat a classic 99 Flake, but unfortunately ice cream vans are becoming few and far between, especially when it comes to those vans that toured the streets blaring out their iconic, tinny tunes on long summer evenings - if you don’t know what we’re talking about, ask your parents!

So, perhaps it’s time to think about some homemade alternatives - sweet frozen treats tailored to your taste buds. Not sure where to start? No need to get hot and bothered about it, as this handy blog will give you all the inspiration you need, whether you’re looking for ideas on how to make easy summer desserts, fantastic fruit lollies, or perhaps some healthier alternatives. Right, now we’ve broken the ice, let's dive in!

Time to break the mould…

fruity ice lollies

Ice lolly moulds are the first place to start when it comes to creating your summer treats. They’re relatively cheap and a really easy way to make your first foray into the world of homemade ice lollies as effortless as possible. The great news is they’ve come a long way from a simple stick in a plastic tube, so if you’re looking to make something different or a way to wow the children, you’re in luck. It’s easy to get your hands on a mould in the shape of their favourite cartoon character, playful patterns, or perhaps even the latest animal interest. The next thing you know, your homemade ice lollies will be out of this world - especially with this space-themed ice lolly mould.

When it comes to far-out flavours, you have free reign to go full-Heston Blumenthal (he came up with some out-there ideas, as you’ll see in the video below). Okay, maybe that might be a step too far, but you get the picture. There’s nothing wrong with classics like orange, blackcurrant, or lemon and lime, but there are more options open to you: if you have a favourite squash or cordial, all you need to do is make a jug of it and pour it into your moulds to freeze. Fan of Mini Milks? Try mixing condensed milk with some blended fruit.

For adults looking to add a kick to their creations, fruit lollies with a dash of prosecco or perhaps some Pimms can be an easy summer dessert for after a BBQ or during the evening garden party. You have to be a bit more careful here as the alcohol can cause problems during the freezing process, but once you’ve bought your new moulds from OnBuy, a quick search for recipes will easily yield some tasty results. You could even replicate your favourite cocktails!

Are homemade ice lollies a healthy summer treat?

homemade fruit ice lollies

In general, homemade ice lollies are a healthier alternative to the summer treats you would get from the nearest Mr Whippy van, but it all depends on what you’re making them with - adding lots of high-sugar fruit juice or coating them in chocolate probably isn’t going to help the waistline! If you want healthy ice lollies, you’ll need to use a combination of healthy ingredients (we know OnBuy is a great place to shop, but unfortunately even we haven’t found moulds that remove the calories just yet!).

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still make easy summer desserts that taste great and won’t head straight to your waistline. All you need to do is make up a jug of your favourite low-sugar cordial or squash, add in some small chunks of fresh fruit, and you can make some deliciously sweet fruit ice treats that are a dieter’s best friend. You could even try frozen yogurt in your ice lollies to give you a great texture that’s a little bit different.

You could even go one step further and make a scrumptious frozen smoothie with all that fresh fruit. It’s another easy summer dessert that requires minimal effort, but delivers delicious results! Just pack all of your ingredients into a blender, wizz it up, and pour the mix into your moulds before freezing. You could even sneak in some veggies like kale or spinach and no one will be any the wiser! Flavour-packed and oh-so forgiving on your waistline, it’s the perfect treat for those swelteringly hot summer days.

Are there any other benefits?

children eating ice lollies

First and foremost, homemade is significantly cheaper than shop-bought, so it’s the perfect option for those on a tighter budget. Plus, fruit ice lollies are a great way to sneak more five a day goodies into your children’s diet. For the most part, they also fit within a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle - if you’re using yogurt, there are dairy-free alternatives that work just as well.

If you’re making them for someone with an allergy, you can be assured that what they are eating is safe. With many shop-bought items, they’re made in factories where they might have come into contact with nuts, gluten, and other allergens due to the number of products being made in one place. You can control that risk if you know what’s being put in your summer treats.

Ice lollies are great, but can I have homemade Magnums?

Magnums ice cream

As long as you can freeze it, you can make just about any frozen summer treat in ice lolly moulds. We know how pricey some of those ice creams can be, so what better way to save some cash and chill out the children during the summer holidays than getting them to help out in the kitchen before they quietly tuck into a tasty treat!

We all want a simple life, especially if you're a parent looking to placate excitable youngsters who somehow still have the energy to go crazy after an hour on the trampoline. That’s why we’d suggest getting a tub of vanilla ice cream, rather than making it from scratch (or you’re up for the challenge, OnBuy does have a handy range of ice cream makers). Pop the ice cream in a large bowl, and add in your favourite treats: go crazy with the chocolate chips, add some crunch with a tube of Smarties, break up some brownies, and squeeze in some caramel sauce. Mix it all up, and before you know it, you’ve got a creation to rival the boldest Ben & Jerry’s flavours! Pop that in your moulds and chill before dipping in melted chocolate and freezing again, and there you have it!

Now you’re feeling as cool as ice…

lady eating ice cream at beach

Hopefully, this handy blog has helped you with some inspiration for some easy summer desserts, whether ice lollies are what you need, or you’re looking for more healthy dessert ideas. Don’t forget to pick up your new ice lolly moulds from OnBuy first though, and while you’re there, you can also grab ice cubes moulds to keep those drinks ice-cold on sizzling summer afternoons while you’re tending to the BBQ!

While it might be great to share the new homemade ice lollies when the guests arrive, make sure you’re prepared so the rest of the garden party is equally as impressive! We’ve got you covered with BBQ blogs to ensure your grilling game is on point, guides on garden heaters to keep everyone cosy once the sun goes down, and even how to be the host the most when your friends turn up out of the blue. This summer looks set to be a scorcher, so let’s make the most of it with the help of OnBuy’s warm weather ranges!

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