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Heatwave? Don't Sweat It - Follow These Hacks To Beat The Heat This Summer

Published: 15/06/2021

Take back control when it comes to cooling yourself and your home with OnBuy! Regardless of whether it’s set to be scorcher or the rainy British weather lives up to its reputation this summer, we’ve hand-picked a selection of heatwave hacks to keep you care-free and comfortable. With attractive (and affordable!) options that go further than simply investing in a paddling pool, you’ll be even more excited to see the start of a sunshine-filled summer this year!

From swapping out your worn-out curtains for contemporary blackout blinds, to waving goodbye to your winter duvet set in exchange for airy summer bedding, we’ve got a host of top tips that won’t break the bank and give you a chance to update your interior. Alternatively, if you’re willing to spend a little more on your mission to beat the heat, we also explore portable air conditioners and cooling pads that actively lower your temperature. Eager to read on and cool off? So are we!

Ditch the dark duvet cover

light duvet cover colour

Cosy winter nights might seem all the more inviting when your bedspread is coloured a deep blue, moody grey, or sleek black, but summer nights call for a duvet revamp. Alongside swapping your warm, high-tog duvet for a lower tog summer option, you should also consider opting for light-coloured sheets and duvet covers that can reflect sunlight during the day to leave you bed cool and comfortable when night falls. Choosing light and bright colours like beige, cream, and white is the perfect way to make your boudoir feel airy and spacious, combatting the stifling feeling of a hot bedroom. 

When it comes to picking the perfect material for those summer nights, most cotton duvet covers are a great choice because they’re wonderfully light and breathable. This allows any heat to naturally dissipate instead of trapping it and causing you to kick off the suffocating sheets. One of the most popular kinds of cotton is Egyptian cotton. Known for being light, airy, and breathable, this fabric may be more expensive than standard cotton, but it’s also moisture wicking to help prevent unpleasant, sweaty slumbers.

You should also consider decluttering your bed by removing extra pillows, throws, and blankets that trap heat and can make your sleeping session more stifling than serene. While they may be visually appealing, this summer bedding setup won’t do you any favours when you’re trying to cool off. If you require extra help cooling your sweltering bedroom, then why not carry on reading to discover cooling pads and pillows that actively defend against heat-related bedtime discomfort?

Embrace cooling pads and pillows

cooling pad pillow

Cooling pads and pillows are sadly often forgotten about or overlooked during the summer season, but they can provide instant cooling when you need it the most! Instead of having a bedroom floor fan noisily running all night and raising your energy expenditure, a cooling pillow uses gel to absorb excess heat as you sleep. Unlike standard pillows, a cooling pillow helps to lower the temperature around your head, neck, and shoulders to improve your quality of sleep during the summer months. 

Not only will this process promote a deeper sleep, but it’ll also help you drift off to sleep faster, ensuring you're well rested when you wake up. While it might be tempting to use a cooling pillow without a pillowcase, it’s best to slip on a pillowcase as this can wick away moisture and sweat to keep you comfortable, simultaneously ensuring the cooling pillow remains in prime condition. 

Plus, summer isn’t the only time that cooling pillows and pads come in handy! They’re also a fantastic tool for controlling your temperature when you have the flu or are trying to fight off a cold, making them incredibly useful in the autumn and winter months, too. So, whether you’re experiencing a heatwave or dealing with a blocked nose and a soaring temperature, why not switch out your standard pillow for something a little more comfortable with a cooling pillow?

Fend off fatigue with a fan

lady in front of fan

A fan might be one of the most obvious options when it comes to keeping you cool, but do you know which fan is right for your home and where to position it for optimum cooling? We do! Regardless of whether you have your eye on a floor fan, pedestal fan, or desk fan, positioning your source of cool air in the corner simply because it's conveniently close to a power outlet may mean you’re missing out on a whole lot of cooling. 

For the best results, you should position your fan to face the opposite wall of where the most activity takes place. So, if you often work in your home office with your desk against one wall and a window on the opposite side, you should position your fan to face the wall with the window. This section of wall will force the cool air upwards where it’ll be reflected and spread throughout the space for maximum cooling.

Alongside strategic fan placement, it’s also worth choosing the right fan to suit your cooling requirements. After all, investing in a hand fan isn’t ideal if your hands are going to be busy typing away most of the day. With desk fans, floor fans, and even travel and storage-friendly folding fans to explore, it’s best to select the right fan based on the layout and requirements of the room where you want to use it the most.

Home offices, for example, are typically smaller than most of the rooms in your home which can transform them into stuffy, over-heated spaces. To combat this and ensure a productive working environment, we recommend snapping up an affordable desk fan and using the bowl of ice trick (placing a healthy bowl of ice in front of a fan) to circulate fresh, cool air instead of simply moving warm air from one area of the room to another.

Need a hand controlling the humidity?

hand held fan

If the idea of a practical folding fan has you welcoming the warmer weather, then why not take a look at portable air conditioners that can even come with dehumidifying functions? Indeed, warm summer weather doesn’t always mean pure sunshine, it can also bring with it hot and sticky conditions that can make relaxing indoors (or outside for that matter!) unbearable. While they may use more energy than a standard fan, models that come with a dehumidifying option can make your indoor summer activities much more enjoyable. 

This is because humid conditions are caused by high moisture content in the air which ultimately slows down the sweat evaporation process, often leaving you feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. The dehumidifying function on air conditioners therefore works by reducing the moisture content of the air, allowing you to naturally sweat and feel cooler as a result. 

Plus, by purchasing an air conditioner that doubles as a dehumidifier, you’ll also benefit from waves of cool air in an instant. They’re also typically much quieter than the whirring of a fan all night long, so they’re perfect for using in the bedroom as you’ll be able to get a better night's sleep, too! What’s not to love?

Block out sunlight with blackout blinds

grey blackout blinds

Does your typically blissful bedroom frequently become too hot to handle in the summer? Fend off the sun’s sweltering rays with a helping hand from some blackout blinds or curtains. Designed to stop sunlight from spoiling your peaceful slumber, these blackout creations can prevent rising summer temperatures as well as bright sunlight from messing with your circadian cycle - both during the night and the day!

Once the sun’s up and at its hottest, it’s a good idea to shut any blackout blinds and curtains in the bedroom as this can reduce the amount of heat transfer from your windows by as much as 24%! This staggering figure shows just how much heat is being absorbed while you’re out and about, and can help to prevent your bedroom from becoming uninvitingly hot at the end of a warm day. 

If you’re going out for the day or working in the office, we recommend closing the curtains or shutting the blinds before you leave the house for the best results. Not to mention, you won’t have to leave your windows open either! By not leaving your windows open, you’ll also be able to cool your home without wasting energy, ensuring any cool air created by your fan or portable air conditioner remains where it should - inside your home.

And as always... Stay hydrated!

lady drinking water

Even when you’re not out and about, ensuring your water bottle is topped up throughout the day is key to keeping yourself cool. As drinking water is your body’s main way of combating the summer heat, we had to let you in on a few top tips that make upping your daily water intake and drinking that much water each day (a recommended 6 to 8 glasses) far easier. 

For visual learners, we recommend investing in a labelled water bottle that keeps you updated on how much you’ve been drinking. Alternatively, try setting water-consuming goal posts at specific times to keep you motivated as the day goes on. By setting achievable goals and seeing your progress, you’re much more likely to be motivated to reach your water intake goals. 

If you struggle to drink lots of water, try adding plenty of ice cubes into flavoured, water-based drinks. This will bulk up the amount of fluid, but dilute it to make your refreshing beverage much more exciting than plain water. However, avoid using this tip with alcohol as this adult beverage will have the opposite effect of hydration if you decide to over-indulge!

Now you know how to beat the heat with our hand-picked hacks, it’s time to put them into practice! Regardless of whether you’re tempted to try the refreshing powers of a cooling pillow or you’ve been convinced by a pair of blackout blinds, there’s no need to sweat it this summer!

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