elebrate St. Patrick's Day

Fun Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day From Home

Published: 03/03/2021

Commemorating the death date of the foremost patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is an annual event adored by millions of people. A beloved day that celebrates both Irish culture and heritage, the special occasion has firm roots in Christianity, making it a cultural and religious event that Ireland inhabitants and Irish diaspora alike observe across the world.

This year, St. Paddy's day is kicking off on Wednesday, March 17th but with current lockdown restrictions in place, it’s set to be rather different to previous years. With bars shutting their doors and large public gatherings banned in Ireland, the UK, and many other countries across the world, traditional St. Patrick's Day celebrations will need to be replaced with some home alternatives.

Indeed, the date of this time-honoured tradition would normally be flooded with public parades, festivals, and other large gatherings such as céilís designed to bring people together. However, at-home options can get you into the spirit of the day and be just as entertaining. From an over-18’s bar crawl that takes place in the comfort of your own home, to a shamrock scavenger hunt to amuse the little ones, there’s a suitable celebration for every St. Patrick’s Day reveller!

Stick on your shamrock and dress the part!

St. Patrick's Day dress up

Ensuring you’re dressed appropriately for the joyful occasion in some bright green clothes is the best way to channel your Irish roots or embrace this celebratory day from afar! Indeed, the traditional wearing of green garments is tied to Irish folklore that suggests donning the colour green can make you invisible to the mischievous supernatural being, the leprechaun!

This intriguing snippet of Irish folklore is also sure to enchant kids and encourage them to get dressed up, too. Alternatively, if your little ones would like to make a little more effort than simply throwing on a green t-shirt or any other kind of green clothes, there’s a huge array of St. Patrick's Day attire for kids (and even pooches!) that includes adorable leprechaun and shamrock-covered costumes.

Despite their appearance on the national flag of Ireland, colours to avoid when displaying your appreciation for St. Paddy’s Day are orange and white! So, if you want to show your support and adoration for this annual Irish celebration, we suggest breaking out the green shamrock-shaped pins, glasses and hats, and staying far away from clothing in any other colour.

Organise an at-home bar crawl

home bar crawl

A strictly over 18’s activity, an at-home bar crawl is the perfect way to celebrate this Irish event if you’re missing your local pub this St. Patrick’s Day. Depending on the mood of the rainy spring weather, you could even start out enjoying a cold and refreshing beverage in your garden before you move onto the cushioning comfort of your sofa, then into your kitchen where you can even select a salty snack to complement your drink at your home bar.

While this adults-only activity might seem a little lonely (especially if you live alone or you’re the only adult in your household), you could take advantage of technology and host a virtual bar crawl or beer-tasting session with your mates! Connecting over a video call, each participant could try out a selection of your favourite tipples (we’re talking cocktails, beers, and glasses of irresistible wine!) at the same time for a more realistic bar hopping experience.

Regardless of whether your beverage of choice is a pint of Guinness or you’ve taken to having a glass of whiskey on the rocks, this public bar crawl alternative is sure to leave your desire for a St. Patrick's Day libation fully satisfied. Best of all, you won’t have to pay for the taxi fare home and can even avoid the chaotic pub crowds! It’s a win-win!

Whip up a feast of Irish delights

irish food

For a taste of Ireland (whether you live there or not!), there’s no better solution than creating a selection of traditional Irish dishes. From their ever-popular soda bread and comforting Irish stew combinations to other tempting delicacies like colcannon, champ, and boxty, these culinary creations are the perfect way to make this St. Patrick’s Day one to remember from the comfort of your own home.

Regardless of whether you grew up eating this delicious Irish fare or you’d like to hone your cooking skills for this significant annual event, you’ll save money that you might have otherwise spent paying for a professionally-prepared Irish meal by attempting to make your own irresistible dishes. St. Patrick’s Day food can even be as simple as a gravy-filled pie or as opulent and tempting as a full leg of lamb roast - the choice is yours!

Plus, you needn’t stop the green theme running from your clothing to your food and drink either. Many professional bakeries and bars transform tasty treats and beverages with a dash of green food dye in honour of this annual event, so why not get into the kitchen and turn your attention to whipping up some glorious green delights to dutifully devour this St. Patrick’s Day? With national and regional recipe books galore, you won’t be short on inspiration either!

Amuse little ones with a shamrock scavenger hunt

Staint patricks day kids

Don’t forget about the weans! Just like a traditional Easter egg hunt, why not follow the same method with some well-hidden shamrocks or even a pot of gold coins (preferably, the chocolate kind) for this annual Irish event? A wonderful way to keep little hands busy and out of mischief, this entertaining activity makes a fantastic alternative to letting your children mingle and celebrate with their friends - and is the perfect opportunity to purchase an adorable leprechaun kid's costume!

If you’re keen to stick to a budget, printing out paper shamrocks or gold coins instead of opting for physical fabric creations can help save those pounds. Not to mention, if you’re a whizz in the kitchen, why not attempt to bake some shamrock-shaped cookies that can be decorated and hidden around your home? Just make sure there are no hungry pets also on the prowl for your delicious shamrocks!

More than an exciting search for the most shamrocks, this Ireland-inspired scavenger hunt also gives you an opportunity to educate your children and introduce them to the country’s incredible culture. This includes everything from listening to a handful of Irish bands and traditional music, to playing famous Irish movies that can give little ones an important insight into this rich culture.

Get creative with some St. Patrick’s Day crafts

St Patricks Day crafts

Another amusing activity for all the wee lads and lassies to explore is trying out some St. Patrick's Day crafts! Traditional (and relatively easy) St. Patrick’s Day crafts include rainbows, shamrocks, and even leprechaun hats that require nothing more than a few colourful pieces of cardstock, a set of pencils, pens or paint, and a dash of creative flair. 

Even if you’re not a particularly artistic adult, following online tutorials and utilising their resources can allow your kids to create eye-catching artwork in honour of this Irish celebration. Online, you can discover an abundance of free or affordable resources that guide you through making a plethora of Irish arts and crafts.

Ideal for letting your children (safely!) release their inner artist, we suggest stocking up your kid’s arts and craft supplies with non-toxic and washable glue and paint that makes clearing up after the fun effortless. Placing newspaper on top of your dining table or investing in a plastic covering can also make the tidying process a joy instead of a chore, allowing you and your kids to focus on enjoying these creative St. Patrick’s Day activities.

Remember to include everyone this St. Patrick’s Day!

st patrick dog

Now you’ve sorted out the adults-only St. Paddy’s Day celebrations and the Ireland-inspired activities for the little ones, remember to get every member of the family waving their shamrock! That’s right, make sure you get something special for your furry friends, too. There exists a huge range of St. Patrick’s Day pet costumes and toys for pets to wear and play with on the special day.

Equally adorable as they are smile-inducing, dressing your pooch or feline companion with a little Irish outfit or headpiece provides the perfect reason for the whole family to smile this St. Patrick’s Day. Alternatively, tasty green morsels of pet food (like Greenies’ concoctions) are sure to go down a treat and allows pet-lovers to incorporate their canine best mate into this momentous Irish occasion.