It's fair to say that age ain't nothing but a number when it comes to living our best sex life!

Fetishes and kinks like BDSM, Age Play and Group Sex are becoming increasingly popular among "golden oldies" according to our recent research, with over 60s willing to try something new in the bedroom and utilising lubricants and sex toys.

This got the OnBuy team thinking, is there a screen icon aged 60 plus to titillate the senses? To investigate, OnBuy looked at Google search volumes to see which over 60 screen icon Brits are most "interested" in. By inputting over 50 sexy screen icons aged 60+ in the keyword analytics section of online visibility and marketing tool SEMrush (collating every search that included keywords like "nude", "sexy" and "beautiful"), we identified the top 10 screen actors and actresses we can't get enough of.

From this, we sought to find out which "golden oldies" get our pulses racing the most by sending out a survey to 3,446 people, asking them to identify the sexiest icon of all.

The 10 Sexiest Screen Actresses Over 60

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The 10 Sexiest Screen Actresses Over 60

RankActress% of the vote
1Jane Seymour26%
2Susan Sarandon20%
3Jane Fonda13%
4Helen Mirren9%
5Sigourney Weaver9%
6Jamie Lee Curtis7%
7Rene Russo7%
8Dolly Parton4%
9Joanna Lumley4%
10Joan Collins2%

Is it any wonder ex-Bond girl Jane Seymour is the sexy actress in the number one spot, with a quarter (26%) of the vote? On average, 4,840 people Google suggestive searches are made every month involving Seymour - 2,630 of which include the keyword "nude".

Oscar winners Susan Sarandon (20%) and Jane Fonda (13%) rank in the top 3, with 4,470 and 3,890 searches per month centered on these stars, respectively.

After Helen Mirren told Vanity Fair "it's time to redefine sexy", it's only fair we salute this actress who lands in fourth place. In fact, of all the actresses analysed, Mirren holds the highest search rate - with over 15,000 people per month googling the sexy actress to find out (and see) more. Interestingly, over 7,000 searches concerning Helen Mirren are for "nudes", while a further 1,100 searches include the keyword "sex".

Of all the actresses, Mirren also holds the highest search count for the word "young" (23,020) as people clamber to find out if she has always looked this good.

Average Monthly Google Search Volumes
The 10 Sexiest Screen Actors Over 60

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The 10 Sexiest Screen Actors Over 60

RankActor% of the vote
1Jeff Goldblum25%
2Viggo Mortenson18%
3Harrison Ford12%
4Liam Neeson12%
5Tom Hanks9%
6Richard Gere7%
7Dolph Lundgren6%
8Sean Connery4%
9Sylvester Stallone4%
10Arnold Schwarzenegger3%

American actor and reformed style icon Jeff Goldblum leads the male list and lands in number one spot, with a quarter of the vote (25%). Indeed, it looks like many of us would be happy if Goldblum took his Jurassic Park character Ian Malcolm's classic quote "I'm always on the lookout for a future ex-Mrs. Malcolm" literally.

However, on average, just 390 people Google sexy searches involving Goldblum per month. This is 12 times less than the number of searches for the female number one, Jane Seymour!

While Lord of the Rings veteran Viggo Mortenson (18%) ranks in second place, Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson tie in third place. The stars each hold 12% of the vote and have 290 and 530 searches per month centred around these actors, respectively.

I'll be... your heartthrob? Amazingly none of these actors voted top 3 sexiest are the most searched according to our analysis of Google searches. That honor belongs to cinematic legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, who sits in a respectable tenth place on the table.

On average, over 1,000 people Google Schwarzenegger a month to find out more. Over 300 searches concerning Arnold Schwarzenegger are for "nudes", while a further 70 searches include the keyword "sex"!

Average Monthly Google Search Volumes

Have we titillated your senses? Why don't you watch a film featuring one of the UK's favourite film sex scenes for your next 'Netflix and chill' session? Who knows, maybe one of our golden oldies will feature on screen!