Anyone that works in an office knows that ‘Secret Santa' is an integral part of working life.

Every year, it's the same old ritual of picking a name out of a hat and wishing you'll get your work best friend or lunch buddy. But, in reality it never is, and instead you're left struggling to find Secret Santa gifts for colleagues at work that you rarely speak to... a real-life Nightmare Before Christmas. Sound familiar?

We all feel the pressure to find an impressive gift for our Secret Santa, however let's be honest the aim is to spend as little money as possible - finding a cheap Secret Santa gift without looking like you've scraped the shelves of Poundland at the last minute. If you're restricted by a budget and a strict timescale, finding gifts for your Secret Santa under £5 can be extremely difficult. Despite the fact people will not know whose present is whose, the last thing you want is to gift a present that looks like you've put no thought into it.

Not to mention Secret Santa is fast becoming the preferred present method of choice for large families and friendship groups too, it's never been more important to up your Secret Santa game. As a result, here at OnBuy we have devised a round-up of some of the very best Secret Santa gifts under £5, for both men and women, read on to find some great ideas for a cheap Secret Santa gift!


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The Perfect Gifts For Colleagues At Work

If you work in a relatively small office you should be able to tell apart Tom, Dick and Harry in order to pick out just the right gift that suits them. So, whether they're a fan of hilarious Secret Santa gifts, something quirky or a bit more personal, we've got good Secret Santa gifts for colleagues at work.

However, if you work in a particularly big office, not only is it difficult to remember names but it is also unlikely you know much about other people in different departments to yours. As a result, you might struggle to find gifts for colleagues at work. It might be worth suggesting splitting Secret Santa into teams of around five or six people - a small enough group to get to know someone, whilst also having the chance to ask your other colleagues to help if you're having trouble.

Although, if you don't know anything about your Secret Santa, it is the perfect opportunity to find out more about the people you spend 5 days a week with. Get your Sherlock Holmes hat on and subtly dig for information, such as asking them about their weekend plans and hobbies. Do they cook? Are they an avid reader? Are they a travel enthusiast? If you are worried you will get rumbled, you can always turn to social media for some investigative work to find the best gifts for colleagues at work. The answers will, most likely, be found in a tweet, post or Instagram story - you just have to keep your eyes peeled!


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What To Buy For Secret Santa? Here Are OnBuy's Top Cheap Secret Santa Gift Picks:

Browse through our Secret Santa ideas under £5, to find the perfect Christmas gift for your work colleague.

1. For The Stationery Fanatic

Every office has at least one stationery fanatic, obsessed with organisation and a tidy desk space. Thankfully, this makes it crystal clear what to purchase for your colleague's Christmas Secret Santa gift: this A5 "Organised Chaos" softback diary, priced at just £2.95 - a great cheap Secret Santa gift!


2. For The Tea And Coffee Lover

Let's be honest, the vast majority of people in the office love a cup of tea or a mug of coffee multiple times throughout the working day. So, why don't you think about purchasing cheap novelty gifts under £5, such as this Lionel Richie mug which is bound to get your Secret Santa laughing - priced at £4.99.


3. For The Travel Enthusiast

Does your Secret Santa love to travel? This "Rough Guide First-Time Asia" is a fun way to excite your Secret Santa's travel bug. The book, found on our site, tells you everything you need to know before you go to Asia, from visas and vaccinations to budgets and packing.


4. For The Baker Of The Office

Who's the baker of the office, bringing in treats in the form of cookies and cake? Find out what kind of baking they like, to decipher what type of baking Secret Santa present ideas to look into. Consider a recipe book or kitchen utensils, such as these alphabet cutters (£3.99) - a great addition to any baker's collection.

Cookie cutters

5. For The Interior Design Obsessed

Whether their desk is beautifully decorated, or they have an eye for design, there's always someone interior-obsessed in every office. Everyone loves a sign - especially if it includes cheese (everyone's favourite food), like this one - priced at just £2.50!


6. For The Movie Lover

Who calls themselves a movie lover and doesn't love Lord of the Rings? This ‘The Making of' book is a behind the scenes guide, including pictures of the cast, sets and locations, and an overview of the film trilogy - a really good Secret Santa present idea.

Lord of the Rings

7. For The Joker Of The Pack

Let's face it, there's always at least one joker in the office cracking jokes or pranking other colleagues on a daily basis - it can get annoying. Buying your Secret Santa gift is the perfect opportunity to get your own back… Why don't you consider buying these fake scratch cards? They won't be laughing when they realise they haven't won the jackpot.


8. For The Book Lover

Whether your Secret Santa is a literature enthusiast or simply loves having a book in hand, think about purchasing a book they might like. Whether it be a biography or based around a specific hobby, there is something for everyone. This "Little Book of Happiness" is a great addition to keep positivity up on a daily basis!


9. For A Personalised Gift

Sometimes, a personalised gift goes a long way as it shows you've put thought into your ideas for Secret Santa gifts. It doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg or be extravagant; something simple will suffice. For example, a bar of chocolate (with the name of your Secret Santa on the front) is a great Secret Santa present, and what's more, it costs just £2.99!


10. For The Fan Of Novelty Gifts

Last but not least in our list of cheap Secret Santa gifts are novelty Christmas presents - even if they say they aren't a fan, we all know everyone loves a good joke present! These novelty bendable hand shaped pens are a great idea for gifts for Secret Santa at work as they are fun and bring joy to the recipient all year round and be propped up on desks for all to see - even adding a bit of joy in meetings! What's more, it's a cheap Christmas gift under £5.