As technologies supporting the everyday running of businesses become more sophisticated, requirements and expectations on tech have also shifted. No longer is it enough for software to simply provide a framework to aid staff in completing repetitive or admin-heavy tasks. Digital inputs must now free up time so your team can reinvest attention on more pressing matters, namely establishing and building a robust online brand.

For small or micro businesses selling their goods on marketplaces, eCommerce success lies almost exclusively with the small teams of one to five individuals that run daily operations from top to bottom. Often in these cases, the difference between a good and a bad month comes down to efficiency of workload, and the following key question:

What proportion of time do key stakeholders have to invest in growing their business versus time spent completing administrative tasks, shipping sold goods and post-sale support?

Increasing time for the former while minimising impact of the latter may sound obvious, but many small businesses struggle to intelligently leverage their tech to strike this balance to their benefit while those that do gain a real advantage over competitors. For an eCommerce business, having an ordered item delivered (and if necessary, returned) quickly and easily is the minimum today's eCommerce customer expects. Therefore, the importance of providing your customers with a hassle-free shipping experience cannot be overstated and should stand alongside and complement your greater communications strategy.

Not only are customers who have a positive overall experience with your company more likely to transact again, they are also more likely to become offline advocates of your brand, recommending your products to friends, family and co-workers.

For your business, this makes finding a parcel courier that's both affordable and reliable - while providing your customer with a quality experience - all the more critical. Parcel2Go is a parcel delivery comparison website geared towards the delivery requirements of small and micro online businesses, as well as everyday senders.

Parcel2Go negotiates preferential rates with couriers to deliver the widest range of services at some of the best prices in the UK. They also provide a number of free tools and on-site functionality for sellers to make the process of selling online much easier.

Benefits of using Parcel2Go for SMEs:

  • Extensive Parcel Tracking, from collection to delivery
  • Flexible delivery times and service types, from economy to premium
  • Over 25,000 drop-shop locations UK-wide
  • Marketplace Integrations with Smart Send
  • Bulk letter sending with Whistl
  • 24/7 customer service
Introducing Smart Send

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Introducing Smart Send

Parcel2Go's bulk-sending solution, Smart Send, is a completely free way for businesses selling on marketplaces to claw back some precious time and manage their shipping centrally and efficiently. A new user simply integrates their eCommerce platform(s) with Smart Send and the tool then facilitates a streamlined process for bulk delivery and order management.

For an SME marketplace seller - for whom efficiency is crucial to the bottom line - Smart Send imports sold item details and delivery addresses straight from the selling platform, negating any previous need for manual data entry. Within the dashboard, rules and sending preferences can easily be set or changed and repeat deliveries automated with the Auto Send functionality.

For sellers used to spending entire days of the week handling the admin surrounding sold item shipping, a time-saving tool like Smart Send could be a game changer. Sellers can also use Smart Send to monitor and manage their deliveries on the go with the Parcel2Go app.

Available now on iOS and Android, the Parcel2Go App is designed to simplify and expedite the parcel delivery process for users, allowing sellers to easily compare prices, book couriers and track their domestic and international deliveries wherever they are. It also enables sellers to quickly identify nearby drop-off points and track deliveries every step of the way.

Smart Send Video


Smart Send Video

For any small business looking to increase productivity, gain an edge on the competition and free up time to grow their bottom line, it's worth considering Parcel2Go as their primary shipping solution.

Click here to download the app and start using Smart Send. Find out how much you could save with Parcel2Go today!


This post was written by Parcel2Go, a trusted partner of OnBuy.

Parcel2Go is a parcel comparison company offering a hassle-free, cost-effective solution to parcel delivery. Their headline price is the cheapest in the UK - £1.89 plus VAT - and they have 25,000 drop-off locations throughout the country. Their free-to-use eCommerce shipping solution, Smart Send, allows marketplace sellers the freedom to quickly and easily manage all their deliveries in one place. Users can import sold items and buyer details in seconds, bulk-order deliveries with a single click and even automate common tasks using auto-send.

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