The summer holidays are in full swing and though the sunshine seems to have disappeared, there are still a few weeks to go before kids go back to school. With children now at home, for what can feel like a very long six weeks, the inevitable phrase of "I'm bored" is likely to be said a few times over. To avoid it becoming a reoccurring phrase, OnBuy has compiled a list of activities that will keep the kids entertained and stimulated throughout the summer.

Board Games

Board games

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Nowadays children are used to playing on the latest gaming consoles. Whilst undoubtedly fun, they tend to overconsume this form of entertainment. This often leads to them being less responsive and attentive to what's going on around them. A classic alternative to the more modern video games are board games. Board games are not only more stimulating but have an educational value. Boards games such as scrabble and monopoly, allow players to enhance their literacy and numeracy skills. Additionally, board games are also highly effective for bonding sessions between different generations of families (grandparents and grandchildren).



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The weather is not always ideal for going to the park but when the sun does decide to make its occasional appearance, the park can be a fantastic environment for children to have fun and get the equipment to come out. Considering parks have free outdoor facilities for the public to enjoy such as gym equipment, tennis and basketball courts. There are a range of things kids can do to keep them occupied, all you need to bring is some outdoor equipment, such as this Kickmaster ball. The park also provides children with much needed fresh air and greenery, away from the hypnotic lure of television programmes and video games.

Museums and Galleries

Museums and galleries

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A lot of museums and galleries provide free entry to the general public. Those that do charge, still provide free entry for children under a certain age (usually 16 and under). So, it's an opportunity to fully take advantage of. Museums and galleries provide huge educational value. The opportunity to explore a range of historical as well as culturally significant artefacts is very intriguing and provides them with a platform to further learn about them in their own time at home. Overall, it can be insightful and interactive day for all involved, especially kids with museums holding regular daytime events and activities to keep the children occupied.

General Activities

Painting can be an activity which allows children to escape boredom and get creative. Sewing could also be another valuable activity for children to engage in and learn from a young age. Another very fun activity, could be cooking. It can be a fantastic way for children to learn about healthy eating and the nutritional value of different food items. Also, get them into the habit of thinking about what they eat and importance of appropriate portion sizes. Cleaning might not be the most appealing proposition for children but getting them to wipe the dishes or wiping surfaces, provides good discipline and routine.