Sexy care package

How To Make A Sexy Self-Care Package

Published: 18/02/2021

Like any self-care routine or bundle of well-being goodies, your sexual health should also be looked after and given plenty of attention. Instead of stocking up on detoxifying face masks and comfy dressing gowns, our guide to sexy self-care is bursting with intimate ideas, scintillating sex toys, sexy lingerie and other arousing additions fit for pampering yourself, not your lover.

Directly linked to how we feel and see ourselves, looking after your sexual well-being can make you feel more confident, safe, and positive about your sexual experiences. From discovering what makes you tick in (and out of!) the bedroom to learning how to make your surroundings as romantic as possible, making yourself feel good has never felt better than with a sexy self-care package.

Seductively set the scene

Seductively set the scene

Before you start experimenting with your new stimulating sex toy, washing away the strains and stresses of your day and transforming your home or boudoir into a relaxing and seductive space is essential. Try opting for the romantic scene-setting staples such as candles, a relaxing bubble bath concoction for a steamy soak, aromatic incense sticks, or even delicate rose petals if you really want to treat yourself.

However, if a sexually enticing setting isn’t enough to stop you fretting about that big work presentation or upcoming dentist appointment, then why not try some magnificent mental stimulation? With erotic novels galore from a variety of world-recognised writers, you can switch off from the real world and dive into some juicy sexual fantasies through the incredibly descriptive medium of literary work.

For the more visually-stimulated among us, collections of erotic novels filled with photography like Naked Fashion Girls snapped by photographer Mike Dowson provides some captivating imagery that’s sure to get your motor running. However you decide to relax and ramp up the raciness, setting aside some time to dim the lights and create a sexy atmosphere for yourself is just as important as making the same effort for a lover.

Remember to get dressed up for the occasion

Remember to get dressed up for the occasion

Once you’ve adopted the right mindset to enter your sexy scenario, you’ll need to ensure you’re dressed appropriately. After all, old undies and bean-stained pyjamas really aren't the correct attire if you’re looking to seriously pamper yourself! In the same way that you might want to impress your sexual partner by donning an irresistible outfit in the bedroom, we suggest emulating that exact feeling when you’re alone too - with some super sexy lingerie!

Regardless of whether this means spoiling yourself with some particularly revealing and expensive luxury lingerie from the likes of Dolce & Gabbana or throwing on a pair of heavenly silk pyjamas, you should never underestimate the power of the perfect boudoir ensemble. So, take off that restrictive blouse and channel your inner sex goddess by dressing the part for a spot of solo play.

For the those with a certain passion for PVC, lace, and other arousing bedroom outfits, you’re sure to find something sumptuously suitable in our erotic clothing section. Filled with sexy ensembles for both men and women, slipping on a bodysuit that emphasises your curves in all the right places or feeling ultra-desirable while wearing a snug-fitting jockstrap is a form of sexy self-care that you have to try!

Indulge and explore your inner desires

Indulge and explore your inner desires

Too nervous or self-conscious to explore your ultimate sexual desires with your partner? Regardless of how weird and wonderful your bedroom activities might be, allowing yourself the freedom to explore them is paramount to the development of your sexual life. While some find ‘vanilla’ sex perfectly satisfying, others are turned on by the sound of a cracked whip or the prospect of dominating power play.

If this sounds like you, then delving into the depths of BDSM and other sexual kinks could be the secret to unlocking your full sexual potential. From gags and handcuffs to nipple clamps and paddles, a wide range of scintillating sex toys exist to help you reach your next level of sexual exploration and even develop a new fetish. To help you smoothly transition into the racy realm of BDMS, we suggest opting for a bondage set like this 5pc Bondage Restraint Intro Kit.

Complete with a pair of ultra-comfy handcuffs, an eye mask, some bondage rope, a whip, and even a butt plug, this affordable bondage set is the perfect introduction into this kinky world. If you’ve ever wanted to indulge a sexual urge, now’s the time to do some research and find the perfect sex toy, outfit, or fetish to take your bedroom antics from pleasant to yes, please!

Don’t forget the essentials!

Don’t forget the essentials!

Now you’re fully clued up on how to satiate your sexual desires, you’ll need to ensure that any solo self-care sessions taking place in the bedroom are safe and comfortable. For more enjoyable and satisfying sex, it’s worth topping up your bedside table with plenty of sexual lube. Available as both water-based and oil-based concoctions, lubricants and lotions come in handy for combating vaginal dryness and increasing sexual pleasure for both men and women.

Struggling to reach that O-so incredible orgasm? Lubricants such as this So Divine Orgasm Gel are specially designed to heighten sensitivity in your intimate area, adding plenty of arousal and satisfaction to your solo sexual exploits. Should you require a helping hand in the form of a sex toy to edge you towards that ultimate climax, knowing how to keep it in prime condition is just as important.

We recommend cleaning your sex toy both before and during use to prevent the build-up of bacteria. Using either soap and warm water, a dedicated sex toy cleaner, or following the manufacturer’s specific care instructions, you should be able to maintain the pristine condition of your favourite bedroom buddy with ease. Ensure it’s completely dry after washing, take out any batteries (if applicable) and keep it stored in a cool, dry area to enjoy convenient and easy stimulation whenever the mood strikes.

Dedicate time to your new racy routine

Dedicate time to your new racy routine

When it comes to taking some dedicated time out to treat yourself, everyone’s self-care scale, even the sexy one, requires different volumes of attention to fulfill. Those with a higher sex drive might desire a repeat of this routine every weekend, while some people may prefer treating themselves to a sexy self-care package every other month. Whatever you’re after, the key is to ensure you carry on pampering yourself when you need it!

As it’s often easy to slip back into old routines, it’s important to make a conscious effort to stick to your sexual session. Regardless of whether it becomes a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly ritual, purchasing a planner or diary to make sure you follow through with these sexy arrangements can help to keep you (and your intimate area!) satisfied. More than just a reminder to work up a sweat under the covers and give your toys a once over with some sex toy cleaner, this sensual slot of time encourages you to give your body the time and attention it deserves. Go on, treat yourself!

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