Father's Day 2018 always seems to come around quicker than we can blink

This Sunday 17th June, millions of children, no matter your age will be honouring their father; the figure who provides them endless love, support and encouragement throughout various stages of their life. To effectively show your appreciation and affection for your dad this Father’s Day, OnBuy has complied some easy and guaranteed ways you will make Father’s Day memorable as well as fun.


As the saying goes, the best way to a man's heart is through good food. On the morning of the big day, wake your father up to an exciting breakfast that doesn't involve their everyday staple of cereal and toast. Consider making pancakes, waffles or even a full fry up. If you’re planning on going out for a big lunch, or dinner, consider what your dad will like, perhaps booking his favourite restaurant – but be warned that a lot of restaurants are likely to be pre-booked in advance and offer set menus for the day. One thing many don't consider or don't know is that some restaurants offer certain deals or surprise incentives. If you are not keen on going to a restaurant, why not have a bbq for him in your own garden? Take out the barbeque utensils, start the fire, and bond over the sizzling steak.


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Make sure to order your present for Father's Day in advance and not the day before. If you're on a budget, fear not! It is possible to get a Father's Day present for under £20!

If you are struggling for ideas, a lot of retailers have dedicated gifts especially created for Father’s Day. Gifts tend to relate to 'dad' hobbies such as gardening (you can't have too many gardening supplies), woodworking, fishing, automotive and alcohol brewing. If you don’t fancy getting the usual gifts, then consider ‘experience’ days. These experiences could range from a stadium tour of the football team they support to driving their favourite car for a few hours. If you are unsure about any of the gift ideas mentioned above, one thing that everybody loves is music. Spoil your dad with a vinyl of his favourite band, and watch him relax and enjoy the music. If all else fails and you cannot settle on an idea, then there are always gift vouchers – which will enable your father to buy what they like.

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Whilst the day is about spoiling your father, you ideally want to spend quality time with them. To achieve this, play some board games such as monopoly or scrabble. These board games will get everyone engaged and in a lively mood. Moreover, go to the park for a walk or go for a bicycle ride. If your dad likes cycling, he might enjoy receiving cycling equipment or accessories. Even better, after you both enjoy a ride, have a picnic if the weather is sunny. Even though a lot of men don’t like to shop, for some it could be therapeutic. So, if your dad loves heading out to the shops for some retail therapy, treat him to a few new shirts, and quirky ties for that important Monday morning meeting.


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There is nothing like nostalgia to get the emotions running. Sit down together as a family and get the photo albums out. This will be a great time for your dad to reminisce key happy moments – such as his wedding day, kid's birthdays, family functions and family holidays. Your father may also appreciate a short video made from a collection of old clips which include the whole family doing activities together from past trips. Lastly, since it is a day dedicated to them, let them have control over the little things in the house – from the TV remote to what dinner they want.

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